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Vocabulary Word

Word: executor

Definition: person designated to execute the terms of a will;

Sentences Containing 'executor'

"Queequeg," said I, "come along, you shall be my lawyer, executor, and legatee."
(2012) • “The Executor’s Dilemma.” "American Book Review."
After his death, remaining pieces of his work are handled by the Executor of his Estate, mentor and friend, Marcel [http://www.marcelarts.com/] who still has a studio at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria, VA.
Considered by Bolaño's literary executor Ignacio Echevarría to be the big bang of the Bolaño universe, the loose prose-poem novel was written when Bolaño was 27.
He is the head of “The Issues of Translation” scientific – research laboratory at BSU; and the author and executor of the series of “The Library of Philologist – 100”; “Turkology” and “The World Prose”.
He then became a clerk in chancery, and in 1286 vice-chancellor to the king, having occasional custody of the great seal. On the death of Robert Burnell on 25 October 1292, the great seal was delivered into the wardrobe under his seal, and until he set out as the bishop's executor with his corpse for the funeral at Wells he sealed writs.
Her eldest son Thomas Randolph acted as executor of the estate.
Hughes, who was more than 30 years younger than Cardus, became his literary executor after his death, and edited several collections of his cricketing and musical writings.
Occasionally the magazine would publish Lovecraftian pastiches presented as pieces of "lost" Lovecraft completed by his self-appointed literary executor August Derleth, who also wrote fiction for the magazine under his own name.
On May 19, 2005, the Court of Cassation confirmed the arrest warrant against Delfo Zorzi, a former member of the "Ordine Nuovo" neo-fascist group, who was also suspected of being the material executor of the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing.
Price's literary executor Paul Tabori and Peter Underwood have also defended Price against accusations of fraud.
Sobin, who died in 2005, designated Joron as his literary co-executor, along with American poet Andrew Zawacki.
Taking place after "Mass Effect 2", the plot follows Captain Armando-Owen Bailey during his investigation of Executor Venari Pallin and corruption within C-Sec.
Thereafter, Lafferty, Duke's butler and initial executor of her will, renovated the bedroom for his own use.
To the Rev. Thomas Kerrich of Magdalene College, Cambridge, his friend and executor, he bequeathed £5,000.
Tully learns that Fester, as the eldest brother, is the executor of the Addams estate and therefore technically owns the entire property.
When she died, her executor brought suit to have the conveyance voided.
While Brigadier Billa was assumed to be the ideologue of the group, the main executor was supposed to be Qari Saifullah.

More Vocab Words

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::: muggy - (of weather) warm and damp
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::: paroxysm - fit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst
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