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Vocabulary Word

Word: executioner

Definition: person administering capital punishment

Sentences Containing 'executioner'

"Time" journalist Nate Rawlings drew allusions from Dale's attack to the episode title, commenting that "when the lone zombie we see in this episode tears open Dale's stomach, spilling the contents of his body onto the cold ground, we're reminded that the walkers are the judges, they're the jury, and this particular one was a most brutal executioner."
According to Abbott, "mazzatello" constituted "one of the most brutal methods of execution ever devised, requiring minimal skill on the part of the executioner and superhuman acquiescence by the victim".
Already has it been related how the great leviathan is afar off descried from the mast-head; how he is chased over the watery moors, and slaughtered in the valleys of the deep; how he is then towed alongside and beheaded; and how (on the principle which entitled the headsman of old to the garments in which the beheaded was killed) his great padded surtout becomes the property of his executioner; how, in due time, he is condemned to the pots, and, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, his spermaceti, oil, and bone pass unscathed through the fire;--but now it remains to conclude the last chapter of this part of the description by rehearsing--singing, if I may--the romantic proceeding of decanting off his oil into the casks and striking them down into the hold, where once again leviathan returns to his native profundities, sliding along beneath the surface as before; but, alas!
And if they call me to account for it, I'll clear myself by saying I served God in killing a bad doctor--a general executioner.
As the grinning little man held out the pipe he was smoking, to explain how he timed the executioner, Carton was so sensible of a rising desire to strike the life out of him, that he turned away.
Athammaus, who appears in Smith's "The Testament of Athammaus", was the headsman, or executioner, of Commoriom before its fall.
Because Fangfeng was a giant (of nearly 10 meters/33 feet), the executioner had to build a big dike in order to reach his head.
Behind the executioner came, in the order in which they were to die, first Peppino and then Andrea.
During this time the executioner had raised his mace, and signed to them to get out of the way; the criminal strove to rise, but, ere he had time, the mace fell on his left temple.
Edward I was a notoriously ruthless soldier and executioner, but he was widely respected by the Lords of Parliament for his honesty and good sense.
Finally, Cromwell is dragged off to the Tower after being accused of being a traitor by the King's Council and, despite writing a letter begging his master's forgiveness, is gruesomely beheaded by a drunken executioner.
Having posted 43 saves during the regular season, Rivera appeared to be the executioner.
He succeeds and is later described by a Scotland Yard detective as "the most cold blooded executioner the movement has seen since Collins and his murder squad".
His mind runs along a certain train of ideas: The refusal of the soldiers to consent to his escape; the action of the executioner; the separation of the head and body; bleeding, convulsive motions, and death.
I am on the earth to punish, madame,''he added, with a flaming glance;``any other woman, were it the queen herself, I would send to the executioner; but to you I shall be merciful.
In the episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner", Dale puts his issues with Shane aside when it comes to dealing with the fate of an outsider.
Jabber the Executioner is a shy and simple character.
John James Vincent Martorano also known as "Vincent Joseph Rancourt," "Richard Aucoin", "Nick," "The Cook", "The Executioner", "The Basin Street Butcher" (born December 13, 1940), is a former hitman for the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, Massachusetts who has admitted to 20 mob-related killings.
Later in the show, when Sideshow Bob reveals his true identity, he exclaims he is now "able to sing all the Gilbert Sullivan damn well please[s," followed by him pulling a Japanese fan out of the glove box and singing the opening notes of "Behold The Lord High Executioner," another number from "The Mikado," to Bart's horror.
Panzram was hanged on September 5, 1930, and when they put the noose around his neck, he allegedly spat in his executioner's face and declared, "I wish the entire human race had one neck, and I had my hands around it!"
She also experienced traumatic flashback when watching the film "Mine Own Executioner", in which the hero is shot-down by anti-aircraft fire while flying a Spitfire.
She is conducted to the Tower of London and her four 'supposed lovers', one of whom is her own brother, are executed followed eventually by her own - delayed by some hours as a result of the French executioner's late arrival from Calais.
Since writer Robert Kirkman felt that Dale epitomized a character of morality and humanity, much of "Judge, Jury, Executioner" explores themes related to the declining morality of individuals during a catastrophic event.
That farewell struck Madame de Villefort like the executioner's knife.
The beheadings were done by executioner Samson Isberg, which were his last two commissions, and was attended by a crowd of about 5,000 spectators.
The condemned would be led to a scaffold in a public square of Rome, accompanied by a priest (the confessor of the condemned); the platform also contained a coffin and the masked executioner, dressed in black.
The executioner Håkan put her through the ordeal by water together with two other women, whose names are unknown.
The executioner let fall his mace, drew his knife, and with one stroke opened his throat, and mounting on his stomach, stamped violently on it with his feet.
The executioner made a sign, and his two assistants leaped from the scaffold and seized him.
The executioner, Simms, arrives the same day.
The most detestable of all employments, that of public executioner, is, in proportion to the quantity of work done, better paid than any common trade whatever.
The public beheading at Etterstad, which were executioner Samson Isberg's last commissions, were attended by about 5,000 spectators.
The reason for this is considered to be the executioner Håkan, who was the official executioner of Jönköping between 1588 and 1638; he claimed to be an expert on this subject. It seems that he was educated abroad, learning about the ordeals by water, the devil's mark and the torture used in witch trials in other countries.
The role of the executioner was fulfilled in the past by the People's Armed Police.
This episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner" addresses the death of Dale, who is attacked and ripped open by a walker.
Upon my word, you killed him ere the executioner had laid his hand upon him.''
Volstagg defeated the Executioner and the Enchantress, and battled the Destroyer and Loki.
Well, I tell you I will not drag my daughter before a tribunal, and give her up to the executioner!
When asked by the executioner if he had any last words, Panzram barked, "Yes, hurry it up, you Hoosier bastard! I could hang a dozen men while you're screwing around!"
With such strong loyalty and prestige behind his character, Monk becomes both a spiritual guide for King Gregor and a supporter of Prince Adam's quest. Monk has been shown to have a Machiavellian side to him as well, as he is not above manipulating Jabber the Executioner when it suits his purposes.
``But,''said Franz to the count,``with this theory, which renders you at once judge and executioner of your own cause, it would be difficult to adopt a course that would forever prevent your falling under the power of the law.
``For a very serious matter, which bids fair to make work for the executioner.''

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