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Vocabulary Word

Word: execute

Definition: put into effect; carry out; kill as a lawful punishment; N. execution

Sentences Containing 'execute'

"But as the junior mates were hurrying to execute the order, a pale man, with a bandaged head, arrested them--Radney the chief mate.
"Shooting," or rushing for the legs in order to execute a takedown, is a universal action that is an example of linear footwork's application.
After Royd is defeated by Yamamoto, Yhwach arrives and to execute Royd, before taunting Yamamoto to release his Bankai and steal it.
But if a Bond, or any other description of security, would be preferred, I should be happy to execute any such instrument.
CIA provides SAVAK with lists of Communists who the Savak would either imprison or execute.
Clipbars are user-defined buttons that appear on a toolbar, for example to execute custom scripts and wizards.
Contrary to its actual path, forecasters predicted the hurricane to execute an eastward swerve toward Florida.
Despite the many rumours flying around, the Japanese did not torture or execute any of their prisoners in the compound.
Do you find the means, I will execute it, provided it is not to kill the man, for Mercedes has declared she will kill herself if Dantes is killed.''
Entreat her that she be pleased to show thee how thou canst execute the command she gives thee, for she will, such is her goodness.
For an example, to make the terminal font color red, execute
For example, for the attacker to be able to execute an Integer Overflow attack, they must have access to the vulnerable application.
Full read/write/execute permission bits are supported.
Give your orders, and we will execute them.''
Graffiti 2, however, required the user to execute two strokes in order to create many commonly used characters.
He was also the first plant pathologist to successfully execute Koch’s Postulates.
He wishes to execute large numbers of political prisoners, but cannot without the King's signature.
However, Lesnar overestimated the distance he could jump to execute the move.
Humans are widely considered to be the most difficult thing to execute in animation.
If the parties are able to agree on the amount of the cost adjustment, they can execute a contract modification.
In 1966, Majeed would execute a heroic operation against the militants of British colonization, of which his role would remain a secret until 1969.
In a parallel region, the processors execute a single program on different data.
In SPMD, multiple autonomous processors simultaneously execute the same program at independent points, rather than in the lockstep that SIMD imposes on different data.
In the manufactures carried on by slaves, therefore, more labour must generally have been employed to execute the same quantity of work, than in those carried on by freemen.
Instead, dancers keep their upper body still, poised and relaxed while the feet execute endless intricacies.
It provided that "no member of either house shall have or execute any office or command...", etc. in the armed forces.
Like all attack transports, the purpose of the "Heywood" class ships was to transport troops and their equipment to hostile shores in order to execute amphibious invasions.
Sancho undertook to execute the task according to the instructions, and to bring back an answer as good as the one he brought back before.
Some processors can execute Java bytecode natively.
Starting with ME 7.1, the ARC processor can also execute signed Java applets.
Support for no-execute control is in the segment registers, leading to granularity.
The cast dresses in stylized western garb, which makes it all the more difficult to execute many of the moves.
The command "Jibe-ho" is given to execute the turn.
The controls are still the same from the PlayStation version but changed how to execute them.
The court were allowed to judge her, but not to execute her without approval from the higher court.
The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it.
The hour was come, when Saint Antoine was to execute his horrible idea of hoisting up men for lamps to show what he could be and do.
The most prominent issue involved was the number of stylus strokes required to execute a character.
Their ultimate purpose was to execute an operation that would cause a broad international response that would be a warning to anyone who might consider trying to harm Jews again, as the Nazis had.
Then, turning to Ali, she directed him to bring coffee and pipes, and when he had left the room to execute the orders of his young mistress she beckoned Albert to approach nearer to her.
These administrations execute their authority over the whole state, i.e., the "ADD Trier" oversees all schools.
They could maintain order, and execute the law, within their respective demesnes, because each of them could there turn the whole force of all the inhabitants against the injustice of anyone.
Think what a figure you will make when you are asked,`How do they execute at Rome?'
To execute a program, the little man performs these steps: Commands.
Under such different management, the same purpose must require very different degrees of expense to execute it.
Upon hearing this, Saladin swore an oath to personally execute Raynald.
When work resumed, the chapter hired New York architecture firm Frohman, Robb and Little to execute the building.
Winterhalter would execute more than thirty commissions for him.
With a full EX meter, the player would then be able to execute special moves with any of the other three buttons.
You will have the goodness to furnish me with the address of both Fernand and Danglars, in order that I may execute Edmond's last wishes.''

More Vocab Words

::: irrepressible - unable to be restrained or held back; impossible to hold back
::: abrasive - rubbing away; tending to grind down
::: collected - composed; calm; self-possessed
::: meddlesome - interfering; V. meddle: interfere
::: travail - strenuous work; toil; painful labor; labor of childbirth
::: commandeer - take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment; draft for military purposes
::: shrewd - clever; astute
::: plenitude - abundance; plenty; great amount; completeness; fullness; CF. plenary, plenty
::: barrister - counselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
::: bureaucracy - overregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic