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Vocabulary Word

Word: ethnology

Definition: study of humankind; study of the different races of human beings; CF. anthropology

Sentences Containing 'ethnology'

As an academic field, it spans the disciplines of art history, archeology, cultural anthropology, ethnology and religious studies, but it possesses an object of study and a methodology of its own.
Cyrus Thomas, working for the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology, conducted a mound survey at the Chota-Tanasi site in the late 1880s.
Ethnologist. Latham was more interested, however, in ethnology and philology.
From a different angle, the early Lacan argued that 'any "concrete psychology" must be augmented by a reference to ethnology, history and law'; and later drew on 'Lévi-Strauss's structural anthropology... what will be termed the Symbolic'.
He was employed as statistician by many organizations and did research in ethnology and kindred subjects.
He was employed at the United States National Museum as an assistant (1886–94), as assistant curator of ethnology (1896–1910), and as curator after 1910.
He wrote widely on issues of cultural identity, mixing ideas from anthropology, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, ethnology, sociology, and political science.
Her linguistic abilities and her intimate knowledge of traditional and Christianized Sioux culture, together with her deep commitment both to American Indian cultures and to scholarship, allowed Deloria to carry out important, often ground-breaking work in anthropology and ethnology, as well as to produce translations into English of historical and scholarly texts in Sioux (such as the Lakota texts of George Bushotter and the Santee texts of Gideon and Samuel Pond).
Latham was a follower of James Cowles Prichard, and like Prichard took ethnology to be, in the main, the part of historical philology that traced the origin of races through the genealogical relationships of languages.
She was Professor at Osaka University and the National Museum of Ethnology and Visiting Professor at Cornell University in 1975-1980.
The ethnology collection at the Royal BC Museum contains over 14 000 indigenous artifacts.
The petroglyphs were first reported by W.H. Holmes of the Bureau of American Ethnology, who visited there in 1889.
The work is a study of the ethnology, history, geography, and everyday life in such famous ancient capital cities as Thebes, Jerusalem, Nineveh, Tyre, Babylon, Memphis, Athens, Syracuse, Alexandria, Anuradhapura, Rome, Pataliputra, and Constantinople.
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