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Vocabulary Word

Word: espionage

Definition: spying

Sentences Containing 'espionage'

"Booklist" highlighted the novel's themes of "Washington political intrigue" and "corporate espionage."
A bishop of Ivanovo was alleged to run a military espionage network composed of young girls who formed his church choir.
Abraham Woodhull, 355's recruiter, praised her espionage work, saying that she was "one who hath been ever serviceable to this correspondence."
According to the criminal complaint, Nozette told his espionage contact that his parents were Jewish, and therefore claimed a right to return under Israel's Law of Return.
After Levy reveals this to Pearlman, she uses Levy's espionage to blackmail him into agreeing to a plea bargain for his defendants.
After the Tories started to suspect him when he kept "escaping" from the Americans, Crosby's superiors moved him to Albany, New York, where he resumed his undercover espionage.
Charges of espionage were commonly used against religious believers in order to arrest them.
Clayton John took the whimsical joke seriously and had ABA headquarters swept for bugs by experts in counter surveillance and corporate espionage.
Despite international condemnation of the abduction, Dr. Linse was executed in Moscow for “espionage” in 1953.
Elphinstone was fully aware of these developments thanks to the espionage work of Balaji Pant Natu and Ghorpade.
Guilford (Philip Casnoff) on suspicion of espionage.
He continued his espionage by secretly supplying small samples of the isotopes Uranium-233 and 235.
He denied the charges related to espionage.
He embarked on his espionage mission into British-held New York as a volunteer, impelled by a strong sense of patriotism and duty.
He is also a convicted felon for attempted espionage, and fraud, against the United States.
He joined Belgium's espionage service and smuggled documents by bike into the neutral Netherlands.
He said, "The fundamental task in law enforcement and espionage and counterespionage is to determine the truth.
He was later involved in espionage and tried to stir up insurrections against the Federal government in selected Northern locales.
His arrest and sentence in 1946 first showed publicly that the Soviet Union had obtained atomic secrets by espionage.
However, the patent in question was registered in 1991, three years before the alleged espionage event.
In 1929 the Soviet press claimed that an espionage organization serving the Polish intelligence service was uncovered in the Baptist community.
In 1937 he may have been executed after accusations of organizing young people for espionage and terrorism.
In 1989 members of the ISI (an espionage intelligence agency) were exposed in a sting operation as wanting to overthrow the government of Benazir Bhutto.
In February 1949 (a short while before the end of the war), its responsibilities were extended to counter-espionage.
In the foreign field, officers are usually disguised with diplomatic immunity in Argentine embassies and consulates around the world (practice common to the world of espionage).
In the opinion of some, almost every American military and diplomatic agency of any importance was compromised to some extent by Soviet espionage.
Later, according to Elizabeth Bentley, he rose to the leadership he coveted in her espionage group.
Later, he practiced law in Frankfort, Kentucky, until his death in 1898, keeping many of the secrets of Confederate espionage from public knowledge.
Meanwhile, Sasha is stripped and searched for possible espionage evidence.
On 14 January 2010 Kamm was indicted for severe espionage.
On November 7, 1775, the death penalty was added for espionage to the Articles of War, but the clause was not applied retroactively, and Dr. Church escaped execution.
On these acts Kamm was later on convicted of espionage and providing confidential information without authorization.
Rivington's greatest espionage achievement was acquiring the Royal Navy's signal book in 1781.
She confirmed her sexual involvement with the Conservative cabinet ministers but denied participating in espionage.
She crossed the border between East and West Germany on several occasions, and as a result was reportedly arrested for espionage by the American border police in 1949.
Some espionage historians have questioned the credibility of the best-known story of Darragh's espionage: that she supposedly overheard British commanders planning a surprise night attack against Washington's army at Whitemarsh on December 4, 1777.
Soviet espionage succeeded most in collecting scientific and technologic intelligence about advances in jet propulsion, radar, and encryption, which impressed Moscow, but stealing atomic secrets was the capstone of NKVD espionage against Anglo–American science and technology.
Spies recruited that way were classified as "confidents", they received a monthly pay while their abilities to carry out espionage activities were being tested.
The are a group that perform covert operations on behalf of Shinra, including espionage, kidnappings and assassinations.
The decrypts show the U.S. and other nations were targeted in major espionage campaigns by the Soviet Union as early as 1942.
The FBI arrested him October 19, 2009, charging him with attempted espionage, after a sting operation which Nozette's lawyer claims amounted to entrapment.
The jurisdiction also includes oversight of government encryption policies and encryption export licensing and oversight of espionage laws and their enforcement.
The network was allegedly trying to subvert collective farms and factories, destroy transportation, collect secret information for espionage and to create terrorist bands.
The other 10 men who participated in the operation were charged with espionage in a kangaroo court and subsequently executed.
The United Nations espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. uncovered this, but the U.S. president did not take action, believing that relationship was relatively good and that they could simply negotiate.
They also sang backup on Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart", from his album "The River", and contributed backing vocals to the debut album from British new wave band Espionage titled Espionage produced by Roy Thomas Baker released in 1983 by A records.
They were charged with revising the Articles of War in regard to espionage directed against the American forces.
Venona and other recent information has shown, while the content of Julius' atomic espionage was not as vital as alleged at the time of his espionage activities, in other fields it was extensive.
Venona has added information—some unequivocal, some ambiguous—to several espionage cases.
With the first break into the code, Venona revealed the existence of Soviet espionage at Los Alamos National Laboratories.
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