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Vocabulary Word

Word: erudite

Definition: (of a person or book) learned; full of learning; scholarly; N. erudition

Sentences Containing 'erudite'

"Jawarro" - One of Xelpherpolis's evil minions who is erudite in the field of magic science.
"Pragmatic and erudite, but at the same time humble", he received a constant stream of guitarists who visited his home in Alicante seeking his advice.
(Some researchers have come to the conclusion that he was born during 1165 A.D. the corresponding Tamil year being ‘Partipa’.)Varadaguru was well-trained by his erudite father in all faculties, and the father decided to teach Sri Bhashyam ( Ramanuja's magnum-opus on the theo-philosophy of Vedanta ) to his son.
As regarded her attainments, the only fault to be found with them was the same that a fastidious connoisseur might have found with her beauty, that they were somewhat too erudite and masculine for so young a person.
Despite his erudite scholarship, deep learning of Sanskrit and Tamil and extraordinary poetic skills, Kamban remains a humble, unassuming, deeply pious man, and a loyal subject of the King.
Did erudite Stubb, mounted upon your capstan, deliver lectures on the anatomy of the Cetacea; and by help of the windlass, hold up a specimen rib for exhibition?
For as the secrets of the currents in the seas have never yet been divulged, even to the most erudite research; so the hidden ways of the Sperm Whale when beneath the surface remain, in great part, unaccountable to his pursuers; and from time to time have originated the most curious and contradictory speculations regarding them, especially concerning the mystic modes whereby, after sounding to a great depth, he transports himself with such vast swiftness to the most widely distant points.
He won the 2006 Ig Nobel Prize in Literature for his paper "Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Problems with using long words needlessly" which argues that simple writing makes authors appear more intelligent than complex writing.
Hermano Saraiva was born in Leiria, the third of the six sons of José Leonardo Venâncio Saraiva (born 1 April 1881, erudite and well known professor, Mayor of Leiria and Head Master of Liceu Passos Manuel in Lisbon) and wife Maria da Ressurreição Baptista Saraiva.
His main writings were long tracts arguing mainly against the erudite Italian clerics and historians, Girolamo Tiraboschi and Saverio Bettinelli, who attributed any decline in Italian literature to corruption by Spanish influences.
In Italy, he became involved in erudite, yet in retrospect petty, arguments about whether Spanish literature was decadent or a cause of decadence in Italy.
Mann's vast composition is erudite, subtle, ambitious, but, most of all, ambiguous; since its original publication it has been subject to a variety of critical assessments.
The center has four halls named after Slovene artists: Gallus Hall (named after the Baroque composer Jacobus Gallus), Linhart Hall (named after Enlightenment erudite and playwright Anton Tomaž Linhart), Kosovel Hall (named after the modernist poet Srečko Kosovel), and Štih Hall (named after literary critic Bojan Štih).
The erudite Augustinian Onofrio Panvinio or Onuphrius Panvinius (23 February 1529 — 7 April 1568) was an Italian historian and antiquary, who was librarian to Cardinal Alessandro Farnese.
They are erudite and seem to display the author's learning merely for its own sake, resulting in several obscure passages.
Thiago Arancam started his studies in São Paulo at the “Municipal School of Music” and continued at the Musical University “Carlos Gomes”, where he graduated in “Erudite Chant” in 2003.
Though, they are mainly renown in Buddhist history for the deeds of their son named Kumārajīva who, largely under Jīvaka's guidance, went on to become an erudite Buddhist scholar and translator.
True to his name, Educated Rapper cultivated an educated, erudite image, humorously contrasting with that of his cohorts [http://www.jayquan.com/mmiceint.htm].
You expect the bleach-blond Californian kid and what you got was an incredibly erudite, brought-up-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks Philadelphia actor.

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