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Vocabulary Word

Word: equilibrium

Definition: balance of opposing forces; balance of the mind; equanimity

Sentences Containing 'equilibrium'

Alec Nove and Janos Kornai held similar positions regarding economic equilibrium.
As an approach to studying economic activity, economic reproduction contrasts with equilibrium economics, because economic reproduction is concerned not with statics or with how economic development gravitates towards an equilibrium, but rather with "dynamics"—that is, the motion of an economy.
As the temperature of the cells increases, the blackbody radiation also increases, until an equilibrium is reached.
At a "Radner equilibrium" like the Arrow-Debreu equilibrium under uncertainty, perfect consensual foresight is used.
But a considerable equilibrium time was necessary to move from 1.1 to 20%.
But, ultimately, different personal and musical misunderstandings began to compromise that equilibrium.
Consider a thermodynamic system in the framework of classical equilibrium thermodynamics.
Cournot is also credited to be one of the sources of inspiration for Léon Walras and his equilibrium theory.
Economic reproduction, economic equilibrium, and economic crises.
Equality of chemical potential defines chemical equilibrium.
Equilibrium constants can be expressed in terms of the rate constants for elementary reactions.
Equilibrium is attained when the sum of chemical potentials of the species on the left-hand side of the equilibrium expression is equal to the sum of chemical potentials of the species on the right-hand side.
Equilibrium strategies of simple double auction.
For the equilibrium state of assembly, the total gain in free energy is smaller for smaller particles.
He helped to establish the "Equilibrium" foundation, which promotes research about the condition.
His book "Mathematical problems of radiative equilibrium" first appeared in 1934 and was reprinted in 1964.
If "E" changes, "P(t)" reacts: the polarization "relaxes" towards a new equilibrium.
If the starting magnetization is and the magnetization in equilibrium is , the magnetization after a time is If is a natural remanent magnetization (NRM) acquired in the Earth's field at one time, and is the equilibrium magnetization in a different field at some later time, the change in remanence is the VRM.
In general equilibrium theory setting the price of one good to be 1 has the problem that this presumes (unwarrantedly) that this good will not be a free good in equilibrium.
In most sexual species the males and females have different equilibrium strategies, due to a difference in relative investment in producing offspring.
In the physical sciences, relaxation usually means the return of a perturbed system into equilibrium.
In these kinds of fields an unstable equilibrium condition exists.
It consists of three stories, "The Jealous Lover", "Mademoiselle", and "Equilibrium".
It is also the equilibrium that brings the highest expected gains for the players than any other Bayesian Nash equilibrium
Kepler-10c's equilibrium temperature is estimated at 485 K, almost four times hotter than Jupiter.
Micrometer- size colloids, on the other hand, may be confined in a non-equilibrium state.
Now, the equilibrium constant for the reaction is defined as It follows that the equilibrium constant is numerically equal to the quotient of the rate constants.
Observed was the tendency; a "balance between the pursuit of the transient and the mania for the eternal. But the result would be an unstable equilibrium.
One expects the geometric properties of the equilibrium manifold to be related to the macroscopic physical properties.
Other constants for dynamic equilibrium involving phase changes include partition coefficient and solubility product. Raoult's law defines the equilibrium vapor pressure of an ideal solution.
Otherwise the data is temperature of liquid/vapor equilibrium.
Punctuated equilibrium is such a theory.
Radner equilibrium is an economic concept defined by economist Roy Radner in the context of general equilibrium.
Relationship between equilibrium and rate constants.
Self-assembly is an equilibrium process where the assembled components are in equilibrium with the individual components.
Since the concentrations do not change thereafter, they are, by definition, equilibrium concentrations.
Since the underlying microscopic processes are active even in the absence of external perturbations, one can also study "relaxation "in" equilibrium" instead of the usual "relaxation "into" equilibrium" (see fluctuation-dissipation theorem).
Such an "equilibrium" centrifugation can allow extensive purification of a given particle.
That is there is an equilibrium when both players' bids are some linear functions of their valuations.
The "(s)" notation indicates temperature of solid/vapor equilibrium.
The activation energy for defect formation increases this equilibrium defect density.
The material may settle into equilibrium ("i.e." become critical again) at an elevated temperature/power level or destroy itself, by which equilibrium is reached.
The only thing that saved Knightley was his knowledge of the recently begun "Tenth Age of Magic," a tumultuous change in the world's mystical equilibrium.
The policy of Italian equilibrium, which a century later developed into that of European equilibrium, was clearly foreseen by him.
The screenplays were written by John Collier ("The Jealous Lover", "Equilibrium"), Jan Lustig ("Equilibrium", "Mademoiselle"), and George Froeschel ("Equilibrium", "Mademoiselle").
The states of thermodynamic equilibrium are considered as points of an abstract equilibrium space in which a Riemannian metric can be introduced in several ways.
The swing of the heads towards the right is balanced and the eye brought back to equilibrium by the strongly insisted upon staff of St. Nicholas on the right.
The worlds are kept on their courses by such opposing forces, the perfect equilibrium never being found, and so the vitalising movement is kept up.
There is usually an equilibrium defect density indicated at the minimum free energy.
This concentration equilibrium is extremely delicate and is usually found in millimolar amounts extracellularly.

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