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Vocabulary Word

Word: epoch

Definition: period of time

Sentences Containing 'epoch'

"Epoch" appears in September, January, and May, with issues generally running 128 to 160 pages.
"Epoch" is just consistently excellent."
"Epoch" is staffed by faculty and graduate students from the English Department creative writing program, and edited by Michael Koch.
"The Epoch Times" featured the application as its "iPhone App of the Week" and called the movies "usually funny, if somewhat corny, and always engaging".
About 380,000 years later the Universe had cooled sufficiently to allow protons and electrons to combine and form hydrogen—the so-called recombination epoch.
According to the "Cornell Chronicle", Shannon Ravenel, editor of the anthology "New Stories from the South: The Year's Best", said of "Epoch", "It's the best. [...]
Alternatively this epoch within North America is known as the Encinitas Tradition.
At a period long antecedent to the Cambrian epoch, continents may have existed where oceans are now spread out, and clear and open oceans may have existed where our continents now stand.
Between the prospect of the life and love that waits at home and the harsh realities of war which marks the pivotal epoch in his life, he discovers that the loss of hope can be worse than the loss of life.
Consider the prodigious vicissitudes of climate during the pleistocene period, which includes the whole glacial epoch, and note how little the specific forms of the inhabitants of the sea have been affected.
Creizenach is typical of the era of transition, following the epoch of Moses Mendelssohn.
Epoch is a triannual American literary magazine founded in 1947 and published by Cornell University.
First origins goes up to the Pliocene epoch.
Flamingos and their relatives are well attested in the fossil record, with the first unequivocal member of the Phoenicopteridae, "Elornis" known from the late Eocene epoch.
Fossilized porbeagle remains are known from Late Miocene epoch ("c." 7.2 Ma) deposits in Belgium and the Netherlands, Pliocene epoch (5.3–2.6 Ma) deposits in Belgium, Spain, and Chile, and Pleistocene epoch (2.6 Ma to 12,000 BP) deposits in the Netherlands.
His work has also been said to contain ideas associated with the new epoch in art called 'Metamodernism'.
His works were considered among the best examples of printing in his epoch.
However a similar type of preservation has been found in fossils from the Late Riphean period, about , but in no known fossils between the end of that epoch and the start of the Cambrian.
Human migration to the Australian continent first occurred during the closing stages of the Pleistocene epoch, when sea levels were typically lower than they are today.
Impact. Flaccius' life was eventful in a turbulent epoch.
Instead, eco-socialists focus on imbuing socialism with ecology while keeping the emancipatory goals of "first-epoch" socialism.
It includes a number of smaller units and is modified by pit chains and grooves formed at a later epoch.
It is believed that glacial periods have occurred repeatedly during the geological history of the earth, but the term is generally applied to the close of the Tertiary epoch, when nearly the whole of Europe was subjected to an arctic climate.
It is from this epoch that the original British discoveries were made, so that among ichthyosaurs their names are the ones most familiar to the general public.
It lies in the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province and last erupted during the Pleistocene epoch.
Necrosuchus is an extinct genus of caiman from the Paleocene epoch (Selandian age, about 60 million years ago).
Not many of the strictly littoral animals, or of those which lived on naked submarine rocks, would be embedded; and those embedded in gravel or sand would not endure to a distant epoch.
Periods of glaciation occurred from the Pleistocene Epoch (1.8 million - 70,000 years ago) to the Holocene Epoch (fewer than 11,000 years ago).
Qinornis is a prehistoric bird genus from the early-mid Paleocene epoch (late Danian age), about 61 mya.
Released in 1955, late in the epoch of this style of historical adventure there are some playful subtleties, a touching opportunity to see the 69 year old McLaglen in a competent action role.
Some stories from "Epoch" that have been reprinted in anthologies had been picked out of the slush pile by MFA students.
Struthionidae is a family of flightless ratite birds which first appeared during the Eocene epoch.
The area was settled during the prehistoric epoch: the Cynetes, influenced by the Celts and Tartessos lived during the Algarve for many centuries.
The boundary for this and other constellations was drawn up by Belgian astronomer Eugène Delporte along arcs of right ascension and declination for epoch 1875.
The epoch ends with the Younger Dryas when there were small ice sheets in Scotland and Scandinavia.
The Lancefield Swamp is a rich fossil deposit from the Pleistocene epoch was discovered in the 19th century near Lancefield, Victoria, Australia.
The Pleistocene epoch lasted from 2.6 million years ago until 12,000 years ago.
The thick sediments, which were recovered in these cores and contain pollen characteristic of full glacial conditions could have accumulated within these Carolina bays only if they had existed prior to end of the last glacial epoch.
These layers, where the ocher had been found, are mixed with more tardy ones which evidences that ocher was known even in Mousterian epoch.
They existed from the Eocene to the Miocene epoch.
They found a stratigraphically consistent series of pollen zones, which increased in age consistently with depth from Holocene interglacial epoch to the Wisconsinan glacial epoch, back into oxygen isotope stage 5, 75,000 to 134,000 years BP.
They would likewise be fatal, if the above Foraminifera, for instance, could be proved to have first come into existence during the Laurentian epoch, or the above Brachiopods during the Cambrian formation; for in this case, there would not have been time sufficient for the development of these organisms up to the standard which they had then reached.
This epoch marks not a departure from post-modernism, but rather an oscillation between modernism and post-modernism.
This might be a result of the in general poor fossil record of this epoch.
This novel ("Myagkaya posadka", 1995) describes life of an ordinary man, Sergei, in the epoch of great crises, finally leading to the death of the Humankind.
This was in the epoch of the Emperor Yung-Cheng and of his son, Qianlong.
Until recently, the Balcones Fault has remained inactive for nearly 15 million years, with the last activity being during the Miocene epoch.
Watson) from their somewhat northern character, in comparison with the latitude, I suspected that these islands had been partly stocked by ice-borne seeds during the Glacial epoch.
We will suppose the letters A to L to represent allied genera existing during the Silurian epoch, and descended from some still earlier form.
Were the beautiful volute and cone shells of the Eocene epoch, and the gracefully sculptured ammonites of the Secondary period, created that man might ages afterwards admire them in his cabinet?

More Vocab Words

::: imperturbable - unshakably calm; placid
::: metaphor - implied comparison; CF. simile
::: captious - faultfinding; too critical
::: pauper - very poor person
::: glimmer - shine erratically; twinkle; N: dim or unsteady light; faint indication; Ex. glimmer of hope
::: coroner - public official who investigates any death thought to be of other than natural causes
::: parallelism - state of being parallel; similarity; analogy
::: querulous - given to complaining; complaining; fretful; whining
::: gratuitous - given freely; unwarranted; uncalled for; done without good reason; Ex. gratuitous comment
::: recast - reconstruct (a sentence, story, statue, etc.); fashion again