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Vocabulary Word

Word: epitaph

Definition: inscription in memory of a dead person (as on a tombstone)

Sentences Containing 'epitaph'

A collected edition of Patmore's poems appeared in two volumes in 1886, with a characteristic preface which might serve as the author's epitaph.
A second album on Theologian followed in 1998 before the group was picked up by Epitaph Records.
According to his epitaph he travelled in Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and France; was conversant with twelve languages; and at one period gave public lectures on the Hebrew language at Geneva.
According to Waad's epitaph he had 20 children by his two wives, 14 of whom predeceased him.
Allmusic gave the album four stars, calling it "a fine epitaph".
At his request his grave marker bears a quote from Shelley's poem "Epitaph".
Broken Wing is an EP by American punk rock band Alkaline Trio, released on April 2, 2013 on Epitaph and Heart Skull.
Having probably heard of the murder through rumors, in 1642 he wrote a book on the crime: "Triumph Cron Marter Vnd Grabschrift des Heilig Unschuldigen Kindts" (translated roughly as ""Martyrdoms Triumph Crown and Epitaph of the Holy Innocent Child"").
He is the founder of Dobama's Night Kitchen and co-founder of Guerrilla Theater Company and Bad Epitaph Theater Company, and is a recipient of a 2010 Creative Workforce Fellowship from the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture.
He was buried in the churchyard of Bayford in Hertfordshire, with his chosen epitaph "He was the survivor of twelve brothers and sisters, who, with their father and mother, are all placed close to this spot" together with William Wordsworth's lines "first and last, The earliest summon'd and the longest spared — Are here deposited."
He was buried with his wife in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the chapel he had built. His epitaph was engraved on the tomb and gave his title as ""doctor lathomorum"" ("teacher of masons" or "Doctor of Masons" ).
Her epitaph is the opening line of her most famous song: "Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful."
His monument in the ruined cathedral bears an epitaph written by himself.
It ends with the epitaph to the right: 40th Anniversary edition (2009).
It was NOFX's last album released through Epitaph.
It was released on July 19, 1994 through Epitaph Records.
It was released on June 13, 2000 through Epitaph Records.
It was released on June 25, 2013 under Epitaph Records.
Jules Davids's epitaph reads: "Greatly loved, a man of gentle wisdom."
Lara Hoerwick, a fan of the famous online poem Epitaph of Twilight by Emma Wielant, while visiting her uncle Harald Hoerwick starts playing a game on the computer while he is away when suddenly she finds herself in the world of the Epitaph of Twilight as one of the main characters Saya.
Late in 1997, Epitaph opted against renewing the band's contract. This resulted in heavy band debt and the departure of Brent Belke and longtime drummer Dave Rees; the remaining members, however, kept the band active as a four-piece for the first time in its career while seeking a new recording contract. This era ultimately terminated after the departure of longtime bassist Rob Johnson and a resultant hiatus in 2001.
Michael's Church, with the epitaph written by Johnson.
Radke announced that the album would be released in 2011 by Epitaph Records, Radke's former label with Escape the Fate.
That's weird. We gave it to Epitaph for Punk O Rama 5."
The epitaph to Jack Cornwell on his grave monument reads, "It is not wealth or ancestry but honourable conduct and a noble disposition that maketh men great."
The first words written on the parchment found in the leaden box were these: THE ACADEMICIANS OF ARGAMASILLA, A VILLAGE OF LA MANCHA, ON THE LIFE AND DEATH OF DON QUIXOTE OF LA MANCHA, HOC SCRIPSERUNT MONICONGO, ACADEMICIAN OF ARGAMASILLA, ON THE TOMB OF DON QUIXOTE EPITAPH The scatterbrain that gave La Mancha more Rich spoils than Jason's; who a point so keen Had to his wit, and happier far had been If his wit's weathercock a blunter bore; The arm renowned far as Gaeta's shore, Cathay, and all the lands that lie between; The muse discreet and terrible in mien As ever wrote on brass in days of yore; He who surpassed the Amadises all, And who as naught the Galaors accounted, Supported by his love and gallantry: Who made the Belianises sing small, And sought renown on Rocinante mounted; Here, underneath this cold stone, doth he lie.
The tour was successful, and the reinvigorated band properly reformed, and were signed to Epitaph Records in 1993.
Their five years of activity with Epitaph resulted in three studio albums and the greatest industry prominence in the band's career: they enjoyed six-digit record sales and toured alongside successful punk rock acts like Green Day and Bad Religion.
They closed the grave with a heavy stone until a slab was ready which Ambrosio said he meant to have prepared, with an epitaph which was to be to this effect: Beneath the stone before your eyes The body of a lover lies; In life he was a shepherd swain, In death a victim to disdain.
They released two albums on Epitaph before breaking up in September 2002, shortly after the release of their fourth full-length, "After the Fall".
They were formerly named Undeclinable Ambuscade, under which they released 3 full length albums worldwide (under Epitaph Records for worldwide release), and two prior records available only in Europe.
This was in a little collection of verses by different hands on the death of Isabel de Valois, second queen of Philip II, published by the professor in 1569, to which Cervantes contributed four pieces, including an elegy, and an epitaph in the form of a sonnet.

More Vocab Words

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::: smattering - slight knowledge; small scattered number or amount; Ex. smattering of German
::: mandatory - obligatory; compulsory; of a mandate
::: paltry - insignificant; petty; trifling; contemptible; Ex. paltry sum; CF. trash
::: impair - injure; hurt; damage
::: incessant - uninterrupted; unceasing
::: authoritarian - subordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will; Ex. authoritarian regime/father
::: trifle - something of little importance or value; small amount; Ex. a trifle; V: treat without seriousness; flirt
::: relapse - return to a former state (esp. after improvement); N.
::: prosper - become successful (esp. financially); thrive; grow well; Ex. children prospering under his care