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Vocabulary Word

Word: epilogue

Definition: short speech at conclusion of dramatic work

Sentences Containing 'epilogue'

(Literary Magazine), Emmanuel College Radio, Epilogue (Yearbook), and The Hub (Newspaper).
An epilogue explains that many of the rock samples returned from the previous Apollo missions were either stolen or are now missing.
An optional 50-meter-long epilogue, "Supplément "Voyage à travers l'impossible"" (advertised in the US as "Supplementary Section of the "Impossible Voyage""), was sold separately.
Another epilogue by John Keats, written for the same occasion, but unspoken, appears in his poems.
Besides an epilogue, "Nativity", in late 2007, the remaining plot threads would be taken up in a spin-off series, "Absalom", beginning in 2011, and followed characters that had previously appeared in minor supporting roles in "Caballistics, Inc".
Die Herzogin von Chicago ("The Duchess of Chicago") is an operetta in two acts, a prologue, and an epilogue.
During the epilogue, Tsujikaze's past is further delved into, revealing how he came to adopt his macabre outlook on life and the events leading up to his encounter with Musashi in the first arc. This arc follows the upbringing of his arch-rival, Sasaki Kojirō.
During the season of 1767–8 she gave a series of farewell performances, her last appearance taking place on 24 April 1768 as Lady Macbeth, when she spoke an epilogue by Garrick.
During the series' epilogue in the "Tournament Edition" issue, he's finally captured by Sonya and Jax and sent into custody.
He completes the third part of his trilogy with a brief Epilogue.
He leaves in the second epilogue because he thinks he is endangering the Flock by distracting Max from her role as leader.
Hialas is present at the end of the play but has no lines, (unless he was intended to voice the epilogue.)
In ', Total muses about leaving the Flock to marry Akila. In the first epilogue of "" she and Total are married, with the Flock in attendance.
In its staging and design, the film is symmetrical with Méliès's "A Trip to the Moon": while the astronomers' progress toward the moon in that film is consistently depicted as left-to-right motion, the Institute of Incoherent Geography's progress toward the sun in "The Impossible Voyage" is consistently right-to-left. A print of the film (though not the supplemental epilogue) was deposited for American copyright at the Library of Congress on October 12, 1904, and the film was sold in French, American, and British catalogs by the Star Film Company.
In the "Special Act" epilogue, Luna is the only one of the Senshi who is still able to transform without outside assistance.
In the book's epilogue, Farmer playfully alludes to the notion that Phileas Fogg is still alive, and may in fact be the actual author of the story (Farmer notes that they both share the same initials, suggesting that Philip Farmer is actually an alias for Phileas Fogg).
In the epilogue of "Blackest Night", Carol wants to talk to Hal about their relationship, but Sinestro comes along and interrupts their talk to serve his own goals.
In the epilogue, Angel returns his attention to the Fell Brethren case, and shocks Gunn by agreeing to represent the demons rather than the pregnant woman, having apparently taken Illyria's advice about power.
In the epilogue, several of the staff share thoughts about Michael in private interviews.
In the epilogue, T-Rick is recovered alive following the explosion, Thomas is convicted for disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and inciting a riot, and Costa and J.B. are acquitted; Costa because of his expensive lawyer and J.B. because his parents convince the court that he is mentally incapable and unfit to stand trial. Costa, however, is currently waiting for the results of three paternity tests.
Inspector General Michael R. Bromwich stated, in the epilogue, that the key issue causing the scheduled release to be deferred was the apparently lenient treatment given to a Nicaraguan, accused of drug dealing by the "San Jose Mercury News".
It consists of nine short stories plus an epilogue.
Krak!" contains nine stories as well as an epilogue.
LOA #165: Published October 19, 2006, ISBN 978-1-931082-96-9, 900 pages Volume 4: Zuckerman Bound: A Trilogy Epilogue 1979–1985.
Mentioned by Fang in the epilogue of ' and later clarified by Jeb and Dr. Hans in ', Gen-77 have powers either given to them by laboratories or developed naturally.
On the reverse side of the monument, facing away from the traffic, is a relief carved into the marble representing the epilogue of the war and depicting the Spirit of Compassion as a winged spirit of womanhood bearing aloft a stricken youth.
Rowling announced in an interview that once Voldemort had died, the jinx he placed on the office was lifted and a permanent professor had been teaching the subject between the end of "Deathly Hallows" and the epilogue, set nineteen years afterwards.
The chapters are organized into five sections and an epilogue.
The design—effectively a frame for two scenes depicted through Rayner Hoff's marble reliefs and bronze statues—shows the prelude and the epilogue to war, depicting both the willingness of youth to answer the call of duty and the extent of the sacrifices which they made.
The epilogue begins in Crazyloff's study, where he is criticized by the Institute of Incoherent Geography for losing so much transportation equipment during the voyage.
The epilogue is a first hand account of the assassination attempt on him on 13 May 1981.
The epilogue to "Deathly Hallows" explains that he later replaces Professor Sprout as the Herbology teacher.
The epilogue's unnamed narrator recognizes the similarity between herself and her mother as well as her female ancestors.
The Epilogue, "Women like Us", suggests that these women have a relationship with one another.
The last 25th volume (which is an epilogue of the story) published in September 2013 in Japan.
The portrait is at the same time epilogue to the confrontation between the two essential models of the moment, Marie-Thérèse and Dora Maar.
The sixth (and possibly last) book takes place after the events of "The Crippled God" and serves as an epilogue to the series.
These two aspects represent the prologue and the epilogue of war.
To assure audiences that Chaney was not an amputee, the original release of the film reportedly included a short epilogue clip showing Chaney out of character.
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