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Vocabulary Word

Word: entrance

Definition: put under a spell(condition caused by magical power); carry away(fill with strong feeling) with emotion; put into a trance; fill with delight

Sentences Containing 'entrance'

It opened from a stinking little black courtyard, and was the general public entrance to a great pile of houses, inhabited by a great number of people.
The entrance of the Judge, and a consequent great stir and settling down in the court, stopped the dialogue.
Mrs. Bennet was prevented replying by the entrance of the footman with a note for Miss Bennet; it came from Netherfield, and the servant waited for an answer.
Charlotte's reply was spared by the entrance of Jane and Elizabeth.
She had never heard of him before his entrance into the shire Militia, in which he had engaged at the persuasion of the young man who, on meeting him accidentally in town, had there renewed a slight acquaintance.
She looked forward to their entrance as the point on which all her chance of pleasure for the evening must depend.
Elizabeth had mentioned her name to her mother on her ladyship's entrance, though no request of introduction had been made.
The ray is always bent toward the thick portion of the lens, both at its entrance into the lens and its emergence from the lens.
The valve opens outward from the body, and hence will allow of the exit of air but not of the entrance of water.
The pores of the wood are thus closed to the entrance of air and moisture, and decay is avoided.
The dull crackling noise noticed in the ear when one swallows is due to the entrance and exit of air in the tube.
The house is still but a sort of porch at the entrance of a burrow.
Every harbor on the sea coast, also, has its bar at its entrance.
Also there is a bar across the entrance of our every cove, or particular inclination; each is our harbor for a season, in which we are detained and partially land locked.
I never beheld a scene so utterly desolate as this entrance of the Mississippi.
Here the flat was towed alongside the gin house where there were fifteen head standing in water; and yet, as they stood on scaffolds, their heads were above the top of the entrance.
Renee was, with all the rest of the company, anxiously awaiting him, and his entrance was followed by a general exclamation.
The young man sprang to the entrance, darted through it, carefully drawing the stone over the opening, and hurried to his cell.
He moved his bed, drew up the stone, rushed into the passage, and reached the opposite extremity; the secret entrance was open.
He extinguished the lamp, carefully concealed it, and then went away, closing as well as he could the entrance to the secret passage by the large stone as he descended.
The point was, then, to discover the hidden entrance.
This creek was sufficiently wide at its mouth, and deep in the center, to admit of the entrance of a small vessel of the lugger class, which would be perfectly concealed from observation.
It also boasted of what in Languedoc is styled a garden, consisting of a small plot of ground, on the side opposite to the main entrance reserved for the reception of guests.
``Ah, yes, I understand,''replied the patron,``to find the entrance to the enchanted apartment.
This house, isolated from the rest, had, besides the main entrance, another in the Rue Ponthieu.
For this purpose I applied all the strength I possessed to force an entrance from the cramped spot in which I lay to the adjoining room.
The count turned round as he heard the entrance of Danglars into the room.
Ali descended to the street, and marked a straight line on the pavement immediately at the entrance of the house, and then pointed out the line he had traced to the count, who was watching him.
He was superintending the grooming of his horse, and smoking his cigar at the entrance of the garden, when the count's carriage stopped at the gate.
Julie, suitably dressed, and her hair arranged -LRB- she had accomplished this feat in less than ten minutes -RRB-, received the count on his entrance.
Monte Cristo looked for the entrance to the enclosure, and was not long in finding a little wooden gate, working on willow hinges, and fastened with a nail and string.
At precisely sixo'clock the clatter of horses'hoofs was heard at the entrance door; it was our captain of Spahis, who had arrived on Medeah.
On the entrance of the new comers, their eyes glanced from father to son, and then, naturally enough, rested on the latter, whom they began criticising.
``Yes, madame,''said Monte Cristo;``but I preferred having an entrance which would allow me to see the Bois de Boulogne over my gate.''
Her large eyes were dilated with surprise and expectation, for it was the first time that any man, except Monte Cristo, had been accorded an entrance into her presence.
Soon a figure appeared in the gray twilight at the entrance of the cave, formed by the reflection of the few rays of daylight which had found their way into this gloomy retreat.
asked Albert, who, being a constant visitor there, did not understand this opposition to his entrance.
The old servant introduced Morrel by a private entrance, closed the door of the study, and soon the rustling of a dress announced the arrival of Valentine.
The usher who had introduced me was waiting for me at the door, and he conducted me through the corridors to a private entrance opening into the Rue de Vaugirard.
The appearance of the third gendarme settled the matter, for a crowd of curious loungers was extended before him, effectually blocking the entrance to the hotel.
The young man, having dismissed the boy and horse, knocked at the door of the hotel, which was opened, and again closed after his entrance.
He lifted up the drapery over the entrance to Edward's room, and his eye reaching as far as Madame de Villefort's apartment, he beheld her extended lifeless on the floor.
Five minutes after the door had been closed on Morrel's entrance, it was again opened for the count.
Julie was at the entrance of the garden, where she was attentively watching Penelon, who, entering with zeal into his profession of gardener, was very busy grafting some Bengal roses.
At the entrance of the room which led to her boudoir, Madame de Villefort was standing erect, pale, her features contracted, and her eyes glaring horribly.
``He carried off the corpse, which he placed in his own bed with its face to the wall; then he entered the empty dungeon, closed the entrance, and slipped into the sack which had contained the dead body.
``Follow me, sir;''and without ascending the stairs the guide conducted him by a subterraneous passage to another entrance.
But his niece was saved the trouble by the entrance of the three.
'Why, I want to ask, aunt, as this seems, from what I understand, to be a limited profession, whether my entrance into it would not be very expensive?'
The cabin entrance was locked within; the hatches were all on, and lumbered with coils of rigging.

More Vocab Words

::: hone - sharpen (a tool); N: whetstone for sharpening a tool
::: incubus - burden; very worriying problem; mental care; nightmare; male devil; CF. succubus
::: unscathed - unharmed; Ex. escape the accident unscathed
::: gusty - windy
::: withhold - refuse to give; hold back; Ex. withholding tax
::: precedent - preceding (in time, rank, etc.)
::: brandish - wave around (a weapon); flourish
::: rousing - lively; inducing excitement; stirring; V. rouse: waken; arouse from sleep or depression; excite; stir up
::: inscrutable - difficult to understand; impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious
::: malleable - (of a metal) capable of being shaped by pounding(beating); pliable; (of someone) impressionable(easily influenced); easily controlled; tractable