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Vocabulary Word

Word: entourage

Definition: group of attendants; retinue; CF. surround

Sentences Containing 'entourage'

A red ribbon, held by Winchester Mayor Frank Pearson and former Councillor George Beckett, was breasted by Dani and her entourage.
A story go that when King Solomon passed by this place with an entourage of men and elephants.
Apart from several veteran actors, Chow stated in an interview with "Premiere" magazine that he cast several people in his entourage who had no prior acting experience before "Shaolin Soccer".
As the Desert entourage travels home, accompanied by Hollis, who is slowly recovering, a valley filled with dragons is discovered.
Chen’s music has also been widely used on many television shows including "Bones", "Entourage", "Dancelife", "One Tree Hill", "Ugly Betty", "Smallville", "ER" and "Grey’s Anatomy".
Famous Names folded in 1981, many of the band and crew moving on to other musical projects, most notably Willie Williams, who went on to become an integral part of the U2 entourage.
For Gleizes and those of his entourage 1912 signified a climax in the debates centering around modernism and classicism – Bergson and Nietzsche – Euclid and Riemann – nationalism and regionalism – Poincaré and four-dimensional space.
He and Marron hide in Miyon's entourage as the Prince travels to Stronghold on business before the "Rialla", while Mireva becomes a servant of Miyon's illegitimate daughter, Meiglan.
He bought Mad Men (previously at the BBC), Entourage (previously at ITV) as well as Blue Bloods and The Borgias.
He has done choreography for movies like "Get Smart", "Killers" and the cult classic "Big Trouble In Little China", as well as television shows such as "National Geographic's Fight Science", "The Crow" and "Entourage".
He met with a refusal from Prussia and from the imperial entourage.
He presents Guiraut with a tricky question: Folquet, along with fellow troubadours Dalfinet and Cerverí de Girona, was in Spain in 1269 in the entourage of "infante" Peter.
He said that de Gaulle's entourage included former "Cagoulards", extreme right wing terrorists who had tried to destabilize the 3rd Republic in the 1930s.
He worked at Hearst News Service in San Francisco from 1900 to 1903, then joined Roosevelt's press entourage on a train trip.
His death was credited in a dedication for the season two finale of "Entourage", in which had guest starred.
However, more sympathetic historians, such as Pierre de Nolhac and the marquis de Ségur, agree that most of the problems originated with her entourage and that she was certainly no worse than many of the aristocrats or favourites who had preceded her at Versailles.
Jesus's entourage may have been at least as many as seventy (the Seventy Disciples), so it is not improbable according to proponents that at least one or two of them might have been willing to undertake such a plot.
Joshua Matthew LeBar (born September 27, 1977) is an American actor whose television credits include "Entourage", "Castle", "Pushing Daisies", "", "The Man", "Boston Public", "7th Heaven", and "Tell Me You Love Me".
Keena also had guest roles on series such as "Law Order", ', ', "Feds", and "Entourage".
Later in 1941, she and her entourage went to the French colonies in North Africa; the stated reason was Baker's health (since she really was recovering from another case of pneumonia) but the real reason was to continue helping the Resistance.
LeBar is best known for his work on HBO's "Entourage" as Ari Gold's nemesis "Josh Weinstein".
Like many African rumba and soukous musicians before him, Kanda Bongo Man also had an entourage of musicians.
Merlo was driving a friend's truck, after spotting the Argentines, he tried to lose his entourage of followers by driving into the town of Cuatula. A few minutes later, Merlo claims he was stopped, surrounded, and shot several times until he put his hands out the truck's destroyed window.
Miranda brings to Sealey Head an entourage of friends from the city, as well as a strange assistant.
Niger was part of Thomas Becket's entourage during the latter's exile in France in the early 1160s and played an important role in connecting the exiled archbishop with Pope Alexander III's German ally Conrad of Mainz.
On 27 July 1309, the vanguard of the Castilian army reached the walls of Algeciras, followed three days later on 30 July by the king and his entourage.
On the day of theru habba, the utsava moorthi (procession idol) of Sri Veerabhadraswamy along with his entourage is taken on a procession in a big wooden chariot (theru) in the "raja beedhi" of the town.
One of the highlights of her tenure took place in December 1964 when she hosted Martin Luther King and his entourage, as King was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
Only four years later, a duplicate structure was built only 86 meters to the east. While the West Pavilion was reserved for the prince and his entourage, the East Pavilion served his wife.
Previously was seen as a recurring character on Entourage for five consecutive seasons.
She has appeared on such TV series as "The O.C.", "Gilmore Girls", "Entourage", "Invasion", "How I Met Your Mother", and has a recurring role on the Oxygen series, "Campus Ladies".
She was, however, resented by other members of the royal entourage, particularly the queen's confessor and her chief political adviser, the Austrian ambassador.
Standing near the doorways guarding the Buddha and his entourage are often pairs of dvarapala or the four Heavenly Kings ("lokapala").
The "Bhagavata Purana" et al. texts tell that Ila's entire entourage as well as his horse also changed their genders.
The "missi" were at first chosen from Charlemagne's personal, most trusted entourage, of whatever social degree.
The head of the clergy of Bhutan with his entourage of monks spend the winter in this dzong.
The incident began when an Italian soldier confronted Count John Taafe, who was travelling with Shelley, Trelawny, Byron, and Byron's entourage.
The last Song emperor died with his entourage, held in the arms of his councilor.
The procession itself is a treat to watch with utsava moorthi (procession idol) of Sri Veerabhadraswamy along with his entourage which includes his consort Sri Bhadrakalammanavaru being carried on vaahana (vehicle), represented by different animal statues (elephant, ox, peacock, serpent, lion, horse, etc. made out of brass).
The song was also heard playing in the background in a club scene on the HBO hit, "Entourage".
The song was used in the season premiere of the second season of "Entourage" in the episode titled "The Boys Are Back in Town".
Their cover version of "Hotel California" was an example of fast flamenco guitar leads and rhythmic strumming, The number was featured in the Coen Brothers' movie "The Big Lebowski," as well as on the HBO series "Entourage".
They initially spent much time together because the rest of Byron's entourage suffered from seasickness and were unable to participate in their activities.
To top it off, Torsillo is revealed to be no stranger to the authorities, and he and his entourage get arrested immediately.
Vasco and his entourage arrive for the wedding of Ticátame and Coyuva.
Walken, along with casting partner Sheila Jaffe of Walken/Jaffe, has been the casting director for more than 80 television shows and movies since 1990, including "The Sopranos" and "Entourage".
While meeting Vukmir, Miloš passes a bald man and his entourage, regarding them warily.
Wilkinson has made several cameos on different programs such as "Las Vegas" and "Entourage".
With his entourage came his niece, the Lady Belesa, and her handmaiden, Tina, among other soldiers and retainers.
Zia and his entourage stayed overnight at the Chittagong Circuit House, a rest house.
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