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Vocabulary Word

Word: entity

Definition: real being

Sentences Containing 'entity'

A civil parish is a subnational entity, forming the lowest unit of local government in England.
A mutant is a biological entity which has undergone a change in its genetic structure.
AGICOA is the sole entity of its kind in this market working at international level.
Alpha 66 continues to be an organized entity.
An identity is assumed to be the only property of an entity that is always present and immutable.
Any qualified entity can apply to become an Employment Network.
As a result, the museum became a public entity.
As of 2009, CQ ceased to exist as a separate entity.
At this time the board decided to integrate the school and the new entity became known as MGSM.
By the end of 1968, the Beatles' status as a group entity was in limbo.
Cosmic consciousness is symbolized by water, where all particles merge into a single, transcendental entity.
Cost synergies are realized by eliminating positions that are viewed as duplicate within the merged entity.
Currently, it is part of the Bolivar Corporate Group and it is the third entity of its type in the country.
Dario reveals to her that he is no longer Dario but a different entity.
Each battalion is a distinct operational entity in the Canadian Forces' order of battle.
Edward became a public, tax-supported entity in 1959.
Forest school is both a pedagogy and a physical entity, with the use often being interchanged.
From 1966 onwards Kerang itself was managed by a separate entity, the Borough of Kerang.
In 1861 the Reservation was disbanded as a legal entity.
It is also the "de jure" capital of another entity, Republika Srpska.
It is also the capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, Republic of Srpska entity as well as the center of the Sarajevo Canton.
Justifying affirmative action by a government entity.
No well-established term for this entity exists in English-language histories.
Osiris is soon after contacted by the Entity, who tells him to free Isis.
Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia
Sarir was first documented as a political entity in the 5th century AD.
SDFI was created on January 1, 1985 as a separate juridical entity managed by Statoil.
Set supposedly is the Dark Lord behind the Hebrew entity Satan.
Since the period of Oba Obinogbe, Okpella has been administered as one entity.
Some issuers issued notes for more than one entity.
The Colony remained a distinct political entity; the Protectorate was governed from it.
The company has grown from 8 employees to over 600 since becoming an independent entity in 2010.
The entity embodies order and balance in the universe and is the opposing force to "brother" entity Lord Chaos.
The Entity then speaks to Osiris telling him that his mission has been accomplished and his life has been restored.
The First Cause, by thinking of itself, "overflows" and the incorporeal entity of the second intellect "emanates" from it.
The Green Lantern Corps purged Carol of the entity, saving her life in the process.
The IBA would use proceeds from the entity to finance its line of Shariah-compliant loans.
The idea of a common political entity of all South Slavs, known as Yugoslavia, emerged.
The megacorporation is the largest entity in the country, with well expanded business presence in abroad.
The modeling takes place in Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD).
The name of the entity should be accompanied by a brief description of their role in the attack and how they interact with each other.
The new company had declared itself a separate entity the previous month.
The south edge of the city of Overland Park is within this township geographically but is a separate entity.
The southwest edge of the city of Chicago is within this township geographically but is a separate entity.
The symbols resemble those used in Entity-Relationship modeling, with a couple of extensions.
The two principal rules for the relational model are known as entity integrity and referential integrity.
The Vice-Curator is as such the "first and most senior living entity" in the college's hierarchy.
There he is attacked by people and helped by an unknown entity who uses a dead goat to build a body for itself.
This essentially ended the Portal being considered a single entity.
You can form a “legal entity” for $50 – an LLC – and you are good to go.

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