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Vocabulary Word

Word: entail

Definition: make necessary; require; necessitate; involve; limit the inheritance of (property) to a specified succession of heirs; Ex. entail A on/upon B

Sentences Containing 'entail'

A "nontraditional service" does not automatically entail "limited service".
Adherents of Spiritual Naturalism are generally scientifically-oriented in most aspects, with their primary difference from other naturalists being their belief that the abandonment of superstition does not necessarily entail the abandonment of spirituality.
And what can he mean by apologising for being next in the entail?
Anya also avoids the truth by burying herself in wedding plans without thinking critically about what being married will entail; instead she considers Xander an accessory to her desired lifestyle.
Bol-Taans entail the formation of melodic sequences with the words of the song.
Defence would entail repeating the 1814 campaign in France but with much larger numbers of troops at his disposal. France's chief cities, Paris and Lyon, would be fortified and two great French armies, the larger before Paris and the smaller before Lyon, would protect them; "francs-tireurs" would be encouraged, giving the Coalition armies their own taste of guerrilla warfare.
Dhikr in a group for Sufi practitioners does not necessarily entail all of these forms however.
exclaimed Caderousse, who, by a last effort of intellect, had followed the reading of the letter, and instinctively comprehended all the misery which such a denunciation must entail.
For example, routes to germanium disulfide films could entail germanium chloride and hydrogen sulphide: Alternatively via plasma enhanced CVD there is the reaction GeH4/H2S.
Growth options are perhaps the most generic in this category – these entail the option to exercise only those projects that appear to be profitable at the time of initiation.
How anyone could have the conscience to entail away an estate from one's own daughters, I can not understand; and all for the sake of Mr. Collins too!
If it was not for the entail, I should not mind it.''
Important changes in the embryo or larva will probably entail changes in the mature animal.
In 1992, seeking to escape the challenges that entail his success, he travelled to New York City with Penelope Cruz and wrote his first instrumental piece “Un Mundo Separa por el Mismo iDos” (“A World Split by the Same God”).
In number theory, a branch of mathematics, a Mirimanoff's congruence is one of a collection of expressions in modular arithmetic which, if they hold, entail the truth of Fermat's Last Theorem.
In Scotland, more than one fifth, perhaps more than one third part of the whole lands in the country, are at present supposed to be under strict entail.
It is more common in soldiers, but also occurs in hikers, organists, and even those, like hospital doctors, whose duties entail much standing.
It was also indicated by this increased neural growth to entail antianxiety and antidepressant effects.
Its beneficial influence, however, has been much obstructed by entails; the heirs of entail being generally restrained from letting leases for any long term of years, frequently for more than one year.
Jane and Elizabeth tried to explain to her the nature of an entail.
Knight collected testimonies to prove that the child was not his, but on Mrs Knight’s death in 1842, an agreement was reached between the son and the next heir to the entail to sell the land and divide the proceeds . Knight thereupon left Barrells and settled at Chadshunt, near Gaydon.
Leonela said she would, but kept her word in such a way that she confirmed Camilla's apprehension of losing her reputation through her means; for this abandoned and bold Leonela, as soon as she perceived that her mistress's demeanour was not what it was wont to be, had the audacity to introduce her lover into the house, confident that even if her mistress saw him she would not dare to expose him; for the sins of mistresses entail this mischief among others; they make themselves the slaves of their own servants, and are obliged to hide their laxities and depravities; as was the case with Camilla, who though she perceived, not once but many times, that Leonela was with her lover in some room of the house, not only did not dare to chide her, but afforded her opportunities for concealing him and removed all difficulties, lest he should be seen by her husband.
Personnel enlisting in the United States Army could also choose to enlist as Regular Army, which would entail a greater service obligation.
Remember that flat fee programs always entail limited Realtor services.
Since ADHD drugs like amphetamine and methylphenidate tend to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, missed doses of clonidine while under ADHD stimulant therapy might entail increased risks of a more severe rebound hypertension.
Since this process will usually entail a delay of several years, the inevitable result of such a constitutionally imposed burden will be that the government will not put a claimant on the rolls initially until it has made an exhaustive investigation to determine his eligibility.
The cause of the original variability of these characters is not manifest; but we can see why they should not have been rendered as constant and uniform as others, for they are accumulated by sexual selection, which is less rigid in its action than ordinary selection, as it does not entail death, but only gives fewer offspring to the less favoured males.
The following quotes are from the memoir: "I had no idea what the sex part of the job would entail, but the promise of 'real money' made my blood sing."
The son was to join in cutting off the entail, as soon as he should be of age, and the widow and younger children would by that means be provided for.
They usually improve as the child grows older, but they also entail impairments that continue through adult life.
``I never can be thankful, Mr. Bennet, for anything about the entail.
``You allude, perhaps, to the entail of this estate.''

More Vocab Words

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::: atrophy - wasting away; V: weaken and lose flesh and muscle (through lack of blood or lack of use)
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::: noxious - harmful; CF. obnoxious
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::: astral - relating to the stars
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::: derelict - negligent; (of someone) neglectful of duty; (of something) deserted by an owner; abandoned; N: abandoned property; homeless or vagrant person