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Vocabulary Word

Word: enmity

Definition: ill will; hatred; hostility

Sentences Containing 'enmity'

"The New York Times" wrote that the film's harsh view of life in communist Vietnam was not unexpected, given the PRC government's enmity to the Vietnamese.
'Takfir' also occurs in the enmity between some pro-Saudi Salafis and the Jihadis, with some Jihadis making takfir of the Salafis.
After being accosted by Fanny again, Nicholas bluntly tells her he does not return her affections and wishes to be free of the horrible atmosphere of Dotheboys Hall, earning her enmity.
Among his more controversial pronouncements was his alleged statement that opium is halal, provided it is produced and used for medical purposes Enmity with Pir Saifur Rahman.
And it specially annoyed the nuncio, Giovanni Battista Rinuccini, who charged him with having sown the seeds of enmity between the Confederate generals Thomas Preston and Owen Roe O'Neill.
At the same time, fleets from the newly proclaimed Letherii Empire are scouring the globe for worthy champions to face their immortal emperor in battle, in the process earning the enmity of elements of the Malazan Empire.
Between him and the previous Caliph, al-Mustakfi, bitter enmity existed, which led him to retire into hiding.
Both Shiv Sena and MNS in particular have been baying for his blood for his stand on North Indians with the MNS taking its enmity further when its legislators assaulted him in the Vidhan Sabha for taking oath in Hindi.
But between us personally no enmity arose; we were often together; he was a man of letters, had seen much of the world, and was very entertaining and pleasing in conversation.
But beyond such poor revenge, he was powerless for any open enmity.
But if we mind and fancy those things only, as good and bad, which wholly depend of our own wills, there is no more occasion why we should either murmur against the Gods, or be at enmity with any man.
During the process of European unification, Germany and France forged a strong relationship, ending the long-standing French-German enmity, which had peaked during and after the First World War.
Grievances between them had led to enmity and this was part of a larger trade war between Genoa and the Venetians.
Having aroused the enmity of the Sultan, he was proscribed and put to death by treachery in 1822, at the age of eighty.
He told himself that it was the enmity of man, and not the vengeance of heaven, that had thus plunged him into the deepest misery.
He was visited by Colonel Arturo Bray, with whom he maintained an enmity over 30 years.
His worship of Krishna causes enmity with the king Sisupala. As requested by his wife Suseela, Kuchela decides to visit his old friend.
I have no enmity against M. Franz, and promise you the punishment shall not fall on him.''
In one early adventure he rescued a maiden, Medb (named after the Irish mythological queen Medb) from being sacrificed in a Wicker Man, only to earn her enmity – she was a devotee of Crom Cruach, the god to whom she was to be sacrificed, and was looking forward to the experience.
Kovel adds that Stalin "would win the gold medal for enmity to nature", and that, in the face of massive environmental degradation, the inflexible Soviet bureaucracy became increasingly inefficient and unable to emulate capitalist accumulation, leading to a "vicious cycle" that led to its collapse.
Let thy thoughts ever run upon them, who once for some one thing or other, were moved with extraordinary indignation; who were once in the highest pitch of either honour, or calamity; or mutual hatred and enmity; or of any other fortune or condition whatsoever.
Mahmud Shah repaid Fatteh Khan's services by having him assassinated in 1818, thus incurring the enmity of his tribe.
Meanwhile, while Liu Wenjing and Pei Ji were initially friends, by this point they had developed an enmity, as Liu believed that he had greater contributions to Tang's establishment, and yet was not as trusted or honored as Pei.
Pocklington used non-union labour, primarily from Quebec, to keep the plant operating despite the picket lines, a decision that earned him the enmity of Canada's labour movement.
She was the widow of the Marquise de Castellane when she married de Ganges, and having the misfortune to excite the enmity of her new brothers in law, was forced by them to take poison; and they finished her off with pistol and dagger.
Takfiris, on the other hand, exist in every Muslim sect, large or small, and often their fingers point not only to those who supposedly belong to a rival sect, but also to those within their own; one example of this is the clear enmity between the Sufis and Salafi.
The blockhouse served both as a fort and as a general store and office for the land-speculating “Onion River Company” and was built as a matter of security against the Yorkers and Indians, who at that time were held in equal enmity.
The enmity between Elizabeth and Lettice is also emphasised, and the plot deviates from established history by showing that Elizabeth eventually did meet with Lettice before her death, albeit briefly and without exchanging words.
The enmity between Peter and Simon is clearly shown.
The Open Door Policy towards China was in conflict with Japanese aspirations on the Asian mainland, and its immigration policies were perceived as an indication of American racial enmity towards the Japanese.
The worldwide depression after the end of the First World War had led to a strike in South Africa, which had been defused through a combination of military force and negotiation with the outgunned unions, earning Smuts the enmity of the labour vote.
They met in the playoffs 6 times from 1993–2000, fueling a rivalry epitomized by the enmity between Miller and prominent Knick fan Spike Lee.
This lord, in conjunction with Flimnap the high-treasurer, whose enmity against you is notorious on account of his lady, Limtoc the general, Lalcon the chamberlain, and Balmuff the grand justiciary, have prepared articles of impeachment against you, for treason and other capital crimes.” This preface made me so impatient, being conscious of my own merits and innocence, that I was going to interrupt him; when he entreated me to be silent, and thus proceeded:— “Out of gratitude for the favours you have done me, I procured information of the whole proceedings, and a copy of the articles; wherein I venture my head for your service.
Young Joe Hardstaff was the son of Joe Hardstaff of Notts and England and was a noted stylist "all ease and elegance" He had toured Australia in 1936–37, but failed to make a century and his Test career was stunted by the enmity of Gubby Allen.
Yuwen Shiji wanted her back as his wife, but she refused, stating to him, "My clan and yours have great enmity.

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::: cessation - stoppage
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