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Vocabulary Word

Word: enlist

Definition: (cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)

Sentences Containing 'enlist'

"Some ten days after the French ships sailed, the whale-boat arrived, and the captain was forced to enlist some of the more civilized Tahitians, who had been somewhat used to the sea.
A body of trustees was established and they went to Augusta, and proceeded to enlist the services of attorneys, Samuel Titcomb, W.S. Choate and Mr. Boardman, editor of the Maine Farmer.
At age 44, he tried to enlist in the Canadian military once World War I broke out, but was turned down as being medically unfit.
At the New York Bulletin newspaper, its owner, Robert Drexel Gow, receives a teletype story that the newspaper’s thirty-nine-year-old editor, Max Wharton, is resigning to enlist in the army.
At the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, he was Avocat général of Lyon but resigned to enlist as a volunteer.
Charka uses the opportunity to seize the "Celestra" for himself, trapping Starbuck and Apollo on board. The mutineers attempt to enlist Starbuck and Apollo to join them, then discover that it is Charka, not Kronus, who is responsible for the abysmal working conditions aboard the "Celestra".
Daniel tells Max (whom he doesn't recognise) of his woes and asks to enlist in the army.
For Kovel, capitalism is "happy to enlist" the Green movement for "convenience", "control over popular dissent" and "rationalization".
Gaius Marius, as part of the Marian Reforms of 105 BC, allowed these non-land-owning Romans to enlist in the Roman legions.
Given his relatively high station, Arao acted as the representative of the plotters to some extent, hoping to enlist the aid of Minister of War Korechika Anami.
He increased the regular US army by 22,714 men and called for 42,034 more volunteers to enlist for three years.
He was the first man to enlist as a volunteer private soldier in Stephenson County, Illinois upon the outbreak of the Civil War.
Her father, Jarlo Wandoon, tried to enlist for World War 1, but was rejected due to being an aborigine.
His father, Jarlo Wandoon, tried to enlist for World War I, but was rejected due to being an Aboriginal. When he attempted to enlist under his whitefella name, James Wandin, he was accepted into the army and served in France and is listed under that name on the honour roll in the Healesville RSL.
His worried parents sent him to enlist in the PLA.
How little the fear of misfortune is then capable of balancing the hope of good luck, appears still more evidently in the readiness of the common people to enlist as soldiers, or to go to sea, than in the eagerness of those of better fashion to enter into what are called the liberal professions.
In 1779, British General Sir Henry Clinton issued the Philipsburg Proclamation, which freed slaves owned by Patriots throughout the rebel states, even if they did not enlist in the British Army.
In 1945, a rural tract was purchased by a cooperative of young couples from New York City, who were able to enlist Frank Lloyd Wright to build his Broadacre City concept.
In his inaugural address as Cornell's third president on November 11, 1892, Schurman announced his intention to enlist the financial support of the state.
It relates the plight of the Saite Pharaoh Psammetichus I (Psamtik) (c. 664-610) of the Twenty-sixth dynasty of Egypt overthrown and in desperation, seeking the advice of the Oracle of Leto at Buto who cryptically advises him to enlist the aid of "brazen men" who would "come from the sea."
It took Bosson considerable time to convince the Texas PUC and to enlist help from a lawyer in interpreting.
It was used to identify and enlist allies around the world for the tobacco industry, to perform studies and research whose results would be helpful, and to rebut data and allegations from anti-smoking forces.
Joe even has to enlist in the Army, but after driving his drill sergeant to the point of despair and even to degradation, he deserts and lands himself in prison when in his impatience he takes matters (literally) into his own hands.
Many of these Tonkinese auxiliaries were men who had fought with Vlavianos in the autumn battles, who managed to re-enlist in French service after the Yellow Flag battalion was disbanded.
Mortimer had to enlist help to break open the locked door and found Crosby and Josephine's bodies.
Nor, in quite other aspects, does Nature in her least palpable but not the less malicious agencies, fail to enlist among her forces this crowning attribute of the terrible.
Only the defeated and deserters go to the wars, cowards that run away and enlist.
Over 21 is a 1945 comedy film about a wife who supports her husband's decision to enlist in the army for World War II over the objections of his boss.
Owned by the brother of Colonel Aaron Burr, who was also named Seymour, he was known only as Seymour (sometimes spelled Seymore) until he escaped and used the surname Burr to enlist in the British Army in the early days of the American Revolution.
Personnel enlisting in the United States Army could also choose to enlist as Regular Army, which would entail a greater service obligation.
Selected civilian applicants offered admission to NAPS enlist in the Navy as E-1's without the ability to advance.
Sergeant Fricke chose not to re-enlist because of the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy and received an Honorable Discharge in 2005.
Sing is compelled by the idea of promoting kung fu through soccer and agrees to enlist his former Shaolin brothers to form a team under Fung's management.
The army persuaded him to enlist in the Indian Scouts.
The brothers tell him that her name is Madeline Bray, the penniless daughter of a debtor, Walter Bray, and enlist his help in obtaining small sums of money for her by commissioning her artwork, the only way they can help her due to her tyrannical father.
The model for the child was to have been her granddaughter but she was too shy, and the artist had to enlist the aid of the little girl next door, Alice Emma Nichols.
The prisoners were shipped back to Machias, and Eddy sent some of his men to Cocagne in a largely fruitless effort to enlist Mi'kmaqs in the cause.
The twins attended Traverse City public schools, but dropped out of Traverse City Central High School during World War I to enlist in the United States Army on April 18, 1918, at Columbus Barracks, Ohio.
They enlist Douglas' aid to track them down, but Douglas waits until morning.
They would also enlist a full-time keyboardist in Herbrand Larsen (who helped engineer the record), bringing the band personnel from four to five.
They would enlist the help of Daniel Melero, Andrea Álvarez, and Tweety González (all very important figures in the Argentine rock scene of the time.
To accomplish the mission, the Vault Hunters enlist the aid of former Vault Hunter Mordecai, and of Tiny Tina, a psychotic explosives-obsessed thirteen-year-old.
Together they deceive an entire rummage sale, enlist the Scarlet Wimpernel to play a role, find the man in green satin, locate the left leg, and solve the murder.
U.S. Army officials said that Loughner had attempted to enlist in 2008, but his application had been rejected as "unqualified" for service.
Upon landing, Godley goes to a hat shop owned by Fu Yuen, alias Charlie Chan, to enlist the sleuth's help in unmasking the deadly spy known only as Reiner.
When a news reporter interviews him, he insists his son will enlist. Bob categorically denies this, causing Peggy to break off their engagement.
When he attempted to enlist under his "whitefella" name, James Wandin, he was accepted into the army and served overseas and is listed under that name on the honour roll in the Healesville RSL.
While women were able to enlist, they were prohibited from direct combat roles or assignments.
With little prospects, some "pardos" and "llaneros" began to join the rebellions that were breaking out against Spanish rule in the broad plains of southern Venezuela. In the meantime, Bolívar chose to sail to Jamaica to enlist British aid, which was refused.
Without regarding the danger, however, young volunteers never enlist so readily as at the beginning of a new war; and though they have scarce any chance of preferment, they figure to themselves, in their youthful fancies, a thousand occasions of acquiring honour and distinction which never occur.

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