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Vocabulary Word

Word: engulf

Definition: surround and swallow up

Sentences Containing 'engulf'

And fasting strengthens the neutrophils phagocytic capacity to engulf bacteria.
As the high watery walls came rolling in, and, at their highest, tumbled into surf, they looked as if the least would engulf the town.
In 1973 Sanchez et al. found that the neutrophil phagocytic capacity to engulf bacteria is affected when simple sugars are digested.
In 2007 researchers at the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research found that even amongst just a selection of sugars, neutrophils can again be picky and engulf preferred sugars.
Meanwhile, The High watches a burning New York City engulf by the sea from on top of the Statue of Liberty.
Microsoft, the PC King, Wants to Reign Over the Internet", in which writer John Markoff said, "Rather than merely embrace and extend the Internet, the company's critics now fear, Microsoft intends to engulf it."
Neutrophils have a preference to engulf refined carbohydrate (glucose, fructose, sucrose, honey and orange juice) over bacteria.
One follows the mast and its rigging and leads the viewer's eye towards an approaching wave that threatens to engulf the raft, while the second, composed of reaching figures, leads to the distant silhouette of the "Argus", the ship that eventually rescued the survivors.
Rob and his friends board a boat, where they are trapped inside while Walt and his crew engulf the boat in flames.
The 'trials' included dropping the Hilux from a crane, setting the vehicle on fire, crashing it into a tree, driving it through a big shed (with a sign which said 'Top Gear Production Office'), leaving it in the Bristol Channel tethered to the jetty at Burnham on Sea and waiting for the tide to engulf it, dropping a caravan on it, slamming it with a wrecking ball, and finally having it hoisted to the roof of a tower-block that was subsequently demolished with explosives.
The wind blows seeds in tiny cracks in the structures, from which plants and trees will grow that will eventually engulf the building.
The worst fear envisaged a civil war which would engulf not just Northern Ireland, but also the Republic of Ireland and Scotland, both of which had major links with either or both communities.
There are also examples of macrophagus hoplonemerteans that engulf the entire prey after paralyzing it with a blow by the stylet.
This donation comes about because some keratinocytes may engulf the end of the melanocyte pseudopodia, which contain many melanosomes.
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