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Vocabulary Word

Word: engaging

Definition: charming; attractive

Sentences Containing 'engaging'

"CNN-IBN" wrote that Selvaraghavan had "succeeded in presenting a sensitive and engaging movie".
... love so realistically with a sense of whimsy ... makes [the film engaging."
A professional case of great gravity was engaging my own attention at the time, and the whole of next day I was busy at the bedside of the sufferer.
A scientist, in a broad sense, is one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge.
After fighting for his life and engaging the soldiers in a gunfight, Akintola was shot dead by Nwobosi's men.
Article 34 of the Malaysian Constitution forbids the Raja Permaisuri Agong from holding any appointment carrying any remuneration or actively engaging in any commercial enterprise.
As the keeper of the wine shop entered at the door, the spy saluted him by touching his hat, and saying, with an engaging smile,``Good day, Jacques!''
Assault is a suit that adapts to the needs of the team; it can be used for scouting, engaging, cover fire and much more.
Before engaging in corporate business, he held academic appointments at Cornell University, the University of Illinois, the Australian National University and UNSW.
Before mating, there is a courtship ritual which consists of the male standing in front of the female and often engaging in a neck wrestle.
Besides, there was something engaging in his countrified simplicity and his beaming good nature.
Both Martin families were farmers and ranchers, engaging in the business of freight transport.
But the crowning unreality of his long unreal ride, was, their all at once rising to receive him, with every refinement of manner known to the time, and with all the engaging graces and courtesies of life.
Engaging and entertaining at once, it is undoubtedly one of the finest films to have come out in Malayalam in recent times.
Grouchy believed that he was engaging the rearguard of a still-retreating Prussian force.
Hamlin introduced an engaging cast of characters, and his storylines entertained with a combination of adventure, fantasy and humor.
He was captured after engaging in aerial combat with Hermann Göring, commander of Jasta 27.
He was going away at the end of the half-year, if not sooner, and was more spirited and independent than before in my eyes, and therefore more engaging than before; but beyond this I remember nothing.
Her father did not return his wife's affections; instead, he lived as a libertine, engaging in numerous love affairs with members of both sexes.
However, Colón was included in an angle where he provoked Quick, engaging in a public fight.
However, the policy was widely seen as an abandonment of urban neighborhoods (particularly black ones), as Moynihan's statements and writings appeared to encourage, for instance, fire departments engaging in triage to avoid engaging in a supposedly futile war against arson.
I am perfectly satisfied, from what his manners now are, that he never had any design of engaging my affection.
I represented to her that Mr. Peggotty could not be called, for one in his condition, poor; and that the idea of her engaging in this search, while depending on her own resources, shocked us both.
I thought all this very pretty and engaging, and Steerforth seemed to think so too, as we looked after them fading away in the light of a young moon.
In a nutshell, it is the attempt to create an engaging dialogue with target consumers and stimulate their engagement with the brand.
In its early days, Mark Storey had a vision of BFC engaging in "guerrilla pranksterism" such as hopping out of a van or showing up spontaneously in an urban environment and engaging in guerilla gardening.
In order to lengthen the connective tissue, the practitioner holds an asana, engaging in static stretching.
In this view, the younger males "become men" by engaging in violence on behalf of their fathers, or in the case of the servants, their masters.
Is your profession really so engaging and interesting as to absorb your whole attention?
It was capable of engaging targets between 250 m and 2 km.
It was formed in 2005 to apply communication research to combating terrorism, promoting national security, and engaging in public diplomacy worldwide.
Kapoor had acted alone (as if he were a managing director) in engaging the architects, without proper authority.
most engaging element [... is the Scott personality, which is dignified, yet relaxed, and versatile."
No one wanted to appoint a man with a background of engaging in a New Testament translation, who would invite criticism from all conservative quarters.
Organisms focus their eyes on stimuli that are particularly stimulating or engaging; the more attention a stimulus garners, the more frequent the eye will be directed towards that stimulus.
People with Smith–Magenis syndrome have engaging personalities, but most also have behavioral problems.
Sann was very popular with his quiet, humble demeanor and engaging personality.
She has the most agreeable of faces,--not absolutely beautiful, but extraordinarily pleasant,--and is one of the most genial, unaffected, frank, engaging creatures I have ever seen.
She is the prettiest and most engaging little fairy in the world.
Sherlock Holmes and I had no difficulty in engaging a bedroom and sitting-room at the Crown Inn.
Some also believe that he was wounded engaging the French in Java in August 1811.
Special advisers have sometimes been criticised for engaging in advocacy while still on the government payroll or switching directly between lobbying roles and the special adviser role.
Tabor also continued prospecting while also engaging in business and politics.
The bridge held, and the rest of the American armored force crossed the bridge, engaging Iraqi troops on the other side in vicious close quarters fighting.
The episode has been cited as one of Diana Rigg's finest. The members of the Hellfire Club have been described as engaging in "uninhibited debauchery".
The Florida Department of Transportation is currently engaging private contractors in a competitive bidding process.
The mission would conclude with the "Rotarran" engaging and destroying a Jem'Hadar vessel and rescuing thirty-five crewmen from a disabled Klingon ship.
The opportunities for engaging Anshan's consumers have been documented by the ethnographer Michael B. Griffiths.
To lead an army against the Pindaris in the hope of engaging them in a regular battle was not possible.
``The lady was young, engaging, and handsome, but not marked for long life.
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