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Vocabulary Word

Word: engaged

Definition: employed; busy; betrothed; involved in conflict

Sentences Containing 'engaged'

He had asked the prisoner, aboard the Calais packet, if he wanted a handy fellow, and the prisoner had engaged him.
When it was yet light enough to work and read, she had neither engaged herself in her usual work, nor had she read to him.
Mr. Lorry readily engaged for that, and the conference was ended.
``I was much engaged that day, and could not complete my letter that night.
You are engaged at threeo'clock; you are going to see the batch of to day executed.
``I,''said madame,``am equally engaged at the same place.
Your sisters are engaged, and there is not another woman in the room whom it would not be a punishment to me to stand up with.''
She did at last extort from her father an acknowledgment that the horses were engaged.
She had fully proposed being engaged by Mr. Wickham for those very dances; and to have Mr. Collins instead!
But perhaps you have been too pleasantly engaged to think of any third person; in which case you may be sure of my pardon.''
He was well, but so much engaged with Mr. Darcy that they scarcely ever saw him.
We accordingly went and there I readily engaged in the office of pointing out to my friend the certain evils of such a choice.
The look and behavior of everybody they had seen were discussed, except of the person who had mostly engaged their attention.
But her mind was so busily engaged, that she did not always know when she was silent.
Mrs. Bennet invited him to dine with them; but, with many expressions of concern, he confessed himself engaged elsewhere.
``Tell me once for all, are you engaged to him?''
He still loves me, and we are engaged.''
And from them on to the figures engaged in lowering a corpse from its tomb.
``Then you were aware of Dantes being engaged in a conspiracy?''
They were thus engaged when the Count of Monte Cristo entered.
Danglars was engaged at that moment, presiding over a railroad committee.
As to my father, you will not see him; he is officially engaged, and dines with the chief referendary.
Your misfortunes engaged his sympathies, so you see you must have been interesting.
Deeply engaged with a sort of inward contemplation, Valentine had ceased for a moment to join in the conversation.
Unfortunately, No. 3 was engaged by a young man who was traveling with his sister.
``My father is not engaged in this fearful plot, is he, sir?''
I will say''``Do you think you are engaged with a pygmy like yourself?''
Of this, indeed, they had no monopoly; but as long as they carried it on, no other British subjects appear to have engaged in it.
The understandings of those who are engaged in such employments, can seldom grow torpid for want of exercise.
This is the struggle in which your Master and Teacher, were he worthy of the name, should be engaged.
O fool, seek you a nobler administration that that in which he is engaged?
The ablest teachers were engaged for him, and he was trained in the strict doctrine of the Stoic philosophy, which was his great delight.
Nor is it to be supposed from this that they are to omit commending themselves to God, for there will be time and opportunity for doing so while they are engaged in their task."
While he was engaged in conversation with me, they brought him word that in company with me was one of the handsomest and most graceful youths that could be imagined.
I was still engaged in peering about, when Mr. Mell came back, and asked me what I did up there?
"This is the Dundas separation case, and, as it happens, I was engaged in clearing up some small points in connection with it.
I was engaged for a moment, but you'll excuse my being busy.
With him we drove to the Hereford Arms where a room had already been engaged for us.
All day I was engaged in my professional work, and it was late in the evening before I returned to Baker Street.
To me at least there was a strange contrast between the sweet promise of the spring and this sinister quest upon which we were engaged.
She is engaged to be married to a most worthy and deserving man in her own station of life.
I love my love with an E, because she's enticing; I hate her with an E, because she's engaged.
I met her several times, became engaged to her, and have now married her."
I walked about, wondering what my feelings of happiness would be, if I could ever become engaged to this dear wonder.
I am at present, my dear Copperfield, engaged in the sale of corn upon commission.
MY AUNT ASTONISHES ME I wrote to Agnes as soon as Dora and I were engaged.
Consequently, I am not so much engaged as you--in that sense.'
Certainly, your having a profession, and being actually engaged in studying it, makes a difference.
'No,' said Agnes, quietly pursuing the work on which she was engaged.
Her nature was represented to us, when we engaged her, as being feebly expressed in her name.
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::: buttress - support; prop up; N. stationary structure to support wall; Ex. flying buttress
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::: loiter - hang about/around; stand idly about; linger
::: temporize - gain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself
::: optimist - person who looks on the bright side; N. optimism
::: pliant - flexible; easily influenced
::: crevice - crack; fissure
::: irretrievable - impossible to recover or regain; CF. retrieve
::: singular - being only one; individual; unique; extraordinary; odd; Ex. singular beauty/behavior