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Vocabulary Word

Word: encroachment

Definition: gradual intrusion; Ex. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time; V. encroach: take another's possessions or right gradually or stealthily; intrude; Ex. encroach on/upon

Sentences Containing 'encroachment'

(193) Abbey further comments on social issues such as white America’s encroachment on Native American territory: “The population of the Navajo tribe, to take the most startling example, has increased from approximately 9500 in 1865 to 90,000 a century later – a multiplication almost tenfold in only three generations...
A 73,000 square kilometre tract of land was established in the north west of South Australia for the Pitjantjatjara in 1921 after they lost much land due to hostile encroachment by hunters and ranchers.
As a culturally conservative group of Native Mesoamericans, the Lacandon have maintained characteristics unique to themselves, including certain religious customs, despite the encroachment and influence of the outside world since the early 16th century.
Cheondoism originated from the Donghak ("Eastern Learning"), a Confucian movement that arose in the 19th century as a reaction to Western encroachment.
Encroachment of the Mississippi River caused many individuals to be reinterred.
Every such encroachment, every violation of that natural distribution, which the most perfect liberty would establish, must, according to this system, necessarily degrade, more or less, from one year to another, the value and sum total of the annual produce, and must necessarily occasion a gradual declension in the real wealth and revenue of the society; a declension, of which the progress must be quicker or slower, according to the degree of this encroachment, according as that natural distribution, which the most perfect liberty would establish, is more or less violated.
Further alteration to the savanna has incurred though the encroachment of shrubs now that grassland fires are carefully controlled.
He said that the Constitution of the United States protects the church from encroachment by government, not government from being influenced by Bible believers.
His duty to enforce Indian treaties was to protect the western Indian lands from encroachment, which was opposed by the rush of settlers looking to open new lands for settlements.
However, encroachment of scrub such as blackthorne, rose, juniper, and ash has greatly increased at many places on the mountain despite the presence of herds belonging to two sheep farms (northern side: approx.
In Blocks III and IV, the encroachment is severe as chena cultivation and burning, to provide grazing in the dry season, collide with the boundary.
In its review of her book, "Kirkus Reviews" pointed out a paradox regarding one of Grossman's proposed solutions to issues of encroachment upon Internet freedoms.
It is a manifest encroachment upon the just liberty, both of the workman, and of those who might be disposed to employ him.
It is also known from rural gardens close to forest. The northern glider is Critically Endangered because its occurrence is less than 100 km2, all individuals are located within a single area, and a continuing decline of its habitat quality due to deforestation and human encroachment.
Louis Browns of baseball's American League wanted to move to Baltimore, the nearby Washington Senators, led by Clark Griffith, objected to the potential encroachment on their market.
Not only have we encroached on the Native American peoples, but we have spread that encroachment to nature itself.
Núi Chúa National Park is now an "island" of natural forest surrounded by agricultural land to the north and west, and sea to the south and east. The main threats to biodiversity conservation are subsistence hunting and forest produce harvesting and agricultural encroachment into forest area, as well as historic land clearing.
One of the disjunct populations is located in the Talladega National Forest, which results in it being protected from human encroachment.
One of the earliest references to the names "Montague" and "Capulet" is from Dante's "Divine Comedy", who mentions the Montecchi ("Montagues") and the Cappelletti ("Capulets") in canto six of Purgatorio: However, the reference is part of a polemic against the moral decay of Florence, Lombardy and the Italian Peninsula as a whole; Dante, through his characters, chastises the Roman-German King Albert I for neglecting his responsibilities towards Italy ("you who are negligent"), and successive Popes for their encroachment from purely spiritual affairs, thus leading to a climate of incessant bickering and warfare between rival political parties in Lombardy.
Poaching, gem mining, logging, encroachment by agriculture, and free-roaming domestic livestock entering are the main threats to the park.
The encroachment of commercial and residential uses on industrial land makes banks very cautious about lending money to marine and industrial companies in areas where non-compatible uses are developed in the surrounding areas.
This habitat is not endangered by human encroachment other than by fires because of the extreme inaccessibility.
This was the traditional territory of the Cherokee, who resented encroachment by the colonists.
Those unproductive hands who should be maintained by a part only of the spare revenue of the people, may consume so great a share of their whole revenue, and thereby oblige so great a number to encroach upon their capitals, upon the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour, that all the frugality and good conduct of individuals may not be able to compensate the waste and degradation of produce occasioned by this violent and forced encroachment.
Twenty-seven years later it was abandoned, due to unsafe conditions and the encroachment of the surrounding business district. A new church was erected at Washington Square (Seventh and Locust Streets).
Until the mid-20th century, much of the interior of this parish was pasture and agricultural lands (central and western section), with denser forest in the northeast and northwest. The encroachment of urban housing, especially after the Carnation Revolution resulted in a transformation of this area into an ancillary bedroom community of Funchal. Santa Maria Maior has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasium, a church and a square ("praça").
USALSA Report, Environmental Law Division Note, “Encroachment: Putting the ‘Squeeze’ on the Department of Defense (DoD),” December 2001, "Army Lawyer".
Vercingetorix, the Gaulish chieftain who tried to unite the various Gallic tribes of the land against Roman encroachment but was ultimately vanquished by Julius Caesar, is often revered as a "first national hero".

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