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Vocabulary Word

Word: encompass

Definition: surround; include; Ex. His activities encompass publishing and computers.

Sentences Containing 'encompass'

"Nationalism and Sexuality: Middle-Class Morality and Sexual Norms in Modern Europe" extended these insight to encompass other excluded or persecuted groups: Jews, homosexuals, Romani people, and the mentally ill.
A herd's area can encompass 800 to , and spend an average of 54% of the day foraging for food..
After a recent visit to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the four friends discussed possibilities of organizing a similar festival that would encompass every possible form of art.
Algae encompass a diverse range of organisms, ranging from single floating cells to attached seaweeds.
As phone systems have grown and interconnected to encompass the world, telephone numbers have become longer.
As such, he has been successful in securing more funds for state parks and creating a stronger collaboration between legislators whose districts encompass state park lands and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Below is a list of common attacks used in Yoseikan, excluding strikes and kicks which encompass all of the basics from karate.
But, from the greater part of the broad valley interposed, a mist was rising like a sea, which, mingling with the darkness, made it seem as if the gathering waters would encompass them.
CARTES events encompass international and regional trade shows and conferences devoted to smart cards and secure technologies for payment, identification and mobility.
Existing business streams encompass a variety of telecom services, including; History.
Film scores encompass an enormous variety of styles of music, depending on the nature of the films they accompany.
Hale, Bowdon and Hale Barns together encompass some of the wealthiest parts of England.
He then describes the true significance behind this number, and his relief upon realizing that statistical averages are just useful abstractions, and do not encompass the full range of variation.
However the term is used more broadly to encompass woodland, moorland, sports grounds, and even—in part—buildings and roads.
In the British cultural legacy, most territorial entities begin with fairly expansive counties which encompass an appreciable large area and proceed down in size to smaller entities.
In the howling universe of passion and contention that seemed to encompass this grim old officer conspicuous in his gray coat and red decoration, there was but one quite steady figure, and that was a woman's.
It is classified in the botanical family Elaeocarpaceae, now known to encompass the family Tremandraceae, which the genus originally belonged to.
Members of the Military division may encompass the circlet with "two laurel branches issuant from an escrol azure inscribed "Ich dien"", as appears on the badge.
Official NRL statistics encompass all first grade competitions, namely the New South Wales Rugby League, Australian Rugby League, Super League, and the present day NRL.
Organizational studies encompass the study of organizations from multiple viewpoints, methods, and levels of analysis.
Presented by energetic hosts Ryley, Jayden and Mason, the episodes encompass crazy adventures and random comedy skits performed by the TR Kids, Grant, Jason and Umu.
Radial velocity method is especially necessary for Jupiter-sized or larger planets as objects of that size encompass not only planets, but also brown dwarfs and even small stars.
Rancho Guenoc encompassed essentially all of Coyote Valley including Guenoc, stretching from the range of low mountains just north of Middletown to what is now the southern end of Spruce Grove Road, and from the most westerly curve of Putah Creek eastward and dipping south to encompass what became the Guenoc winery and vineyards.
Recent studies have found that while official parameters encompass Arabs as part of the White American racial category, many Arab Americans from places other than the Levant feel they are not white and are not perceived as white by American society."
Rooted in West Coast surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute culture fashion.
SANRAL has plans for upgrading the Newcastle bypass which encompass bulking up of the various interchanges and partial realignment of the route.
Sherbrooke has parks and greenspaces that encompass a variety of recreational activities.
Since the early spam cases, courts have extended the electronic trespass to chattels theory even further to encompass screen-scraping and other data "harvesting."
students, including Martin Litchfield West. In his inaugural address as Regius Professor in 1961 he called for a reduction in the emphasis laid on composition taught to undergraduates and suggested that Honour Moderations might have to be reformed to encompass studies taken from ancient philosophy and history as well as the traditional literature and language.
Such a narrow circumscription of biosophy is in our opinion no obstacle to widen the definition to encompass all systematic thinking on biological issues."
Taking place over three weeks, the Orlando Cabaret Festival encompass more than 40 performances.
The 51-acre site grew to encompass a campus of nearly a dozen buildings and residences.
The Academy's responsibilities have grown to encompass the entire activity of the humanities field in the broad sense, including religion, law and social studies.
The course will differ from institution to institution and can be in either taught or researched format but in general, it will encompass some or all of the following modules; Students who wish to focus in a particular area of study may choose a sequence of courses from within the specialisations: The orientation of the programme very much depends on the chosen specialisation.
The district boundaries encompass the 100 block of Main Street and exclude properties that do not date from the historic period.
The film works big time due to director Ahmed’s well- written script which encompass friendship, romance and an emotional father-son angle which has been handled sensitively".
The grounds encompass an arboretum and nature trails.
The manhunt soon grew to encompass most local law enforcement.
The NGA has since grown to encompass the entire gamut of stakeholders and operators in the Nigerian gas industry – from gas producers, to transmitters, gas industry service providers, students, members of the academia and government.
The reference architecture presented above is designed to encompass generality in many dimensions including, for example different software development methodologies, incentive schemes, and competitive/collaborative approaches.
The riding was created in 1993 when the district of Fort McMurray shrank to encompass the northern Alberta city.
The terms marketers and advertisers encompass a vast number of fields and individuals.
These two magisteria do not overlap, nor do they encompass all inquiry."
This broader vision of horticulture embraces plants, including the multitude of products and activities (oxygen, food, medicine, clothing, shelter, celebration or remembrance) essential for human survival; and people, whose active and passive involvement with "the garden" brings about benefits to them as individuals and to the communities and cultures they encompass (Relf, 2002; Relf and Lohr, 2003 ).
This line will also be lengthened, to encompass the aforementioned Split International Airport, and continue on to the towns of Trogir and Seget Donji.
This more generalized version extends the aforementioned definition to encompass transfinite listings.
This role eventually grew to encompass a number of different global projects.
To a public well-versed in the particulars of the disaster, the scene would have been understood to encompass the aftermath of the crew's abandonment, focusing on the moment when all hope seemed lost—the "Argus" reappeared two hours later and rescued those who remained.
Verandahs, for example, are usually quite large and may encompass the entire façade as well as the sides of a structure.
You may advise me how to walk amid the dangers which encompass me."

More Vocab Words

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::: aberrant - abnormal or deviant
::: strew - spread randomly; sprinkle; scatter; Ex. flower girl strewing rose petals
::: staid - serious and sedate; sober; Ex. staid during the funeral ceremony
::: invective - abuse
::: avid - greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity
::: heterodox - (of beliefs) against accepted opinion; unorthodox; unconventional
::: forgo - (forego) give up; do without
::: nutrition - process of nourishing or being nourished; CF. malnutrition
::: progenitor - ancestor