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Vocabulary Word

Word: enact

Definition: make (a bill) into law

Sentences Containing 'enact'

"Ius" was the law in its broadest sense or its ideal state, above and unaffected by the contingent decrees that the state happened to enact—hence the distinction between the English terms justice and legislation.
A bill (S4856, 2007) to enact the swap was introduced in the New York State Senate on April 23 and passed by both the Senate and the New York State Assembly on June 20.
After ten years of unsuccessful efforts to pass such a bill, the proposal passed in the legislature and was signed into law by Governor Gray Davis, making California the first state in the Western United States to enact such a law.
As a freshman on the Banking and Insurance Committee, he led the effort to enact a Patient Bill of Rights.
Count Raymond became less enthusiastic for the repression, but Bishop Raymond persuaded him to enact anti-heresy legislation in 1234.
For the human being to become conscious of the objective reality of these processes and beings, it is necessary to creatively enact and reenact, within, their creative activity.
For this reason, CRFB launched "Go Big" in an effort to urge the Super Committee to exceed its savings mandate of $1.5 trillion and enact a bipartisan, comprehensive fiscal reform plan.
He is a renowned expert at the craft known as Magic Circles, which draws its power from the art of elaborate circles that enact various enchantments.
He released a statement on the campaign trail that expressed his belief that Bush was right to enact the sanctions.
He voted to require restitution to victims of crime, to provide police with access to juvenile criminal records, and to enact stiff penalties for those engaging in child pornography.
Hewett and others helped enact the Federal Antiquities Act of 1906, the first U.S. law to protect relics; it was, in effect, a direct consequence of Wetherill's controversial activities at Chaco. The Act also authorized the President to found national monuments: on March 11, 1907, Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Chaco Canyon National Monument.
In 1938, with the assistance of British Columbia's Chief Forester, Ernest Callaway Manning, Gray began to enact legislation creating provincial parks.
In 2008, the group circulated an inititiave petition for a ballot measure to enact these changes, but failed to submit signatures to the Secretary of State.
In addition, in a section of the Anguttara Nikaya known as the "Snap of the Fingers Section" (AN 1.16.6, ""), the Buddha is recorded as stating that, if a monk were to enact one of the four right exertions for the snap of the fingers (or, "only for one moment") then "he abides in jhana, has done his duties by the Teacher, and eats the country's alms food without a debt."
In addition, the President must ratify all death sentences before they are carried out, and is the only person in the country with the authority to enact a stay of execution.
In fact, it would not be until 1857, that Congress would enact into law that legal currency be coin of United States Mint origin.
In its later decades the CJC launched campaigns to pressure the Soviet Union to allow Jewish emigration, to pressure the Canadian government to prosecute Nazi war criminals who had settled in Canada, and to enact and use hate crimes legislation against anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers such as Ernst Zündel.
In return the recipients of this entertainment give the performers food and drink, (usually fruit and cordial) and enact the “nau te”, an unceremonious tradition of sprinkling performers (in all Rotuman social environments) with perfume or talcum powder.
In that same year, a failed kidnapping attempt of the Soviet Consul in Buenos Aires, led the USSR to enact a formal protest, threatening to take the matters to international organizations.
It allowed players to re-enact crucial World War II battles in Western Europe and North Africa.
It will also make it easier for the Federal Parliament to amend the provisions which will then be reflected in the laws of the states and territories without the parliaments of each jurisdiction needing to debate and enact the amendments separately, although the states and territories reserve the right not to implement any amendments within their own jurisdiction.
Kermit decides to enact Fozzie's original production number and addresses the audience, ensuring that the Muppets will continue to perform because that what Jim Henson would've wanted.
Krishna raised the mount Goverdhan and as if to re-enact the Govardhan Leela the dancing damsel of Braj raises the 50 Kilo Charkula on her head while performing the Charkula dance.
Often, the role of the network is to bring together investors and those representing opportunities; however, the amount of due diligence investor networks enact in the assessment of deals varies.
People with fantasy prone personalities are more likely to have had parents, or close family members that made their inanimate toys as children seem real. They also encourage the child who believes they have imaginary companions, read fairytales all through childhood and re-enact the things they have read.
Pursuant to the Australian Constitution the Commonwealth may not enact a law establishing or prohibiting the free exercise of religion.
Recent Korean governments have prioritized the issue on its agenda, promising to enact social reforms that will encourage women to have children.
Stewart noted that in dealing with Indian tribes that the federal government was able to enact "legislation that might otherwise be constitutionally offensive", citing "Morton v. Mancari", . While states do not have the same relationship with Indian tribes, Chapter 36 was enacted in specific response to a federal law that was designed to change the jurisdiction over the tribes.
Taft had co-authored the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947, legislation which significantly restricted the use of the strike, outlawed the closed shop, imposed a new class of unfair labor practices (ULPs) on unions, and gave states the right to enact right-to-work laws.
Telling Uryū that he was only impure Quincy who survived the effects of Auswählen, having a power that surpasses his own, Yhwach makes the young Quincy his heir before returning to the Soul Society to enact the final phase of his plan.
The central bank may enact quantitative easing by purchasing a predetermined quantity of bonds or other assets from financial institutions without reference to the interest rate.
The Council functions to set policy, approve the annual budget and enact local laws, resolutions ordinances.
The immediate inspection of all corporations, and of the bye-laws which they might think proper to enact for their own government, belonged to the town-corporate in which they were established; and whatever discipline was exercised over them, proceeded commonly, not from the king, but from that greater incorporation of which those subordinate ones were only parts or members.
The majority of a corporation can enact a bye-law, with proper penalties, which will limit the competition more effectually and more durably than any voluntary combination whatever.
The passion for passing laws was ridiculed: "Enact, say our modern philosophers, enact. Pass statute after statute.
The reforms were not radical—they had been brewing for years and Gladstone seized the moment to enact them The goal was to centralize the power of the War Office, abolish purchase of officers' commissions, and to create reserve forces stationed in Britain by establishing short terms of service for enlisted men.
The respective year's Finance Act is the mechanism to enact the changes.
These ballot measures, depending on the state in question, can either amend a state's constitution or enact a change in a state statute.
They both hear the funeral march for Robert as he is led to the Tower, and Nottingham leaves to enact his revenge on Robert.
They return to Valoret the same night, but Javan soon learns that Regents are about to enact a series of brutal anti-Deryni laws.
Thus, to abdicate the sovereign had first formally to resign (through a proper, signed, written instrument of abdication, that of course was witnessed; and in person); then, parliament had to enact legislation which recognised, approved of, and ratified the abdication.
To abate reverse domain name hijacking practices, some legal professionals believe Congress should enact laws that are specifically designed to facilitate litigation against reverse cybersquatters.
Torres became one of the more left-leaning officers in the Bolivian military, urging Ovando to enact more far-reaching reforms and to stand up to the more conservative officers.
With the American Rabbit out of the picture, Vultor and the Jackals begin to enact their laws upon the city.
Yet before they could enact their plans, they had to eliminate the two who could oppose them: Shao Kahn and Liu Kang.
You, who pretend to understand everything, even the hidden sources of knowledge, and who enact the part of a guardian angel upon earth, and could not even find an antidote to a poison administered to a young girl!

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