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Vocabulary Word

Word: embody

Definition: give a bodily form to; incorporate; include

Sentences Containing 'embody'

"Life is a constant object of prayer for the Huichol, it is, in the conception, hanging somewhere above them, and must be reached out for," explains Lumholtz, "thus all phases of their lives are prayer - the planting, harvesting, peyote pilgrimages - all art, weaving, bead work, face painting and yarn paintings, embody prayer within symbols.
According to GE, together these developments bring together three elements, which embody the essence of the Industrial Internet: INTELLIGENT MACHINES, ADVANCED ANALYTICS and PEOPLE AT WORK.
According to Hermes in Lucians’ "The Dialogues of the Dead", Leda and her daughter (Helen of Troy) are the only women worthy of the title “beauties of old.” Rubens’s depictions of Leda clearly embody the phrase.
After completing a master's degree in Agriculture at Agra University in 1967, he joined the Bhoodan-Gramdan mission of Vinoba Bhave. It was at that point that he began to embody his personal philosophies by changing his attire from machine-made linens to the Khadi promoted by Gandhi and devoting his life to the betterment of the underprivileged classes of India.
All of the images, sounds, written accounts, and a myriad more items of cultural documentation await researchers at the Archive of Folk Culture, where more than 4,000 collections, assembled over the years from "many workers" embody the very heart and soul of the national traditional life and the cultural life of communities from many regions of the world.
As a complement to the Vires, the Lymphae and the nymphs with whom they became so closely identified embody the urge to procreate, and thus these kinds of water deities are also associated with marriage and childbirth.
Cèzanne claimed: "Art is a personal apperception, which I embody in sensations and which I ask the understanding to organize into a painting."
CONTU decided that "computer programs, to the extent that they embody an author's original creation, are proper subject matter of copyright."
Each year, several members of the college are awarded the Ann Boynton Award for outstanding contribution to college, for those who embody the spirit of the college whilst maintaining outstanding academic excellence.
Folk music in general, especially flamenco, tends to embody an authenticity that comes from a people whose culture is enriched by diaspora and hardship; vox populi, the human condition of joys and sorrows.
His design for a symbol to embody the concept of recycling has been compared to iconic trademarks such as those for Coca-Cola and Nike.
His historical works embody the results of painstaking research and show analytical power.
His show continues to embody the type of radio that he created at CFNY in the 1970s and 1980s.
In a later stage of his life, he will embody the ideal of St.
In an ideogramme a word or group of words visually embody their content.
Of the works said to embody the Beethovenian "C minor mood", probably the canonical example is the Fifth Symphony.
Research suggests that when individuals are shown profiles of a benevolently sexist man and a man who endorses hostile sexism, they feel that it is very unlikely that one person can embody both forms of bias.
The band chose the song, as McKinnon stated, "we thought would embody what we are as a band by taking like, the poppiest thing ever and still making it hard enough to where kids fight at our shows over it."
The human actors speaking the children's lines during the opening automobile journey abandon the puppets in the latter portion of the play to fully embody the adult characters during lengthy monologues.
The line is meant to appeal to all ages and embody Lowe's personal style.
The use of the term has expanded beyond campaigns to reform current trading practices, and major institutions such as the World Trade Organization which embody them.
These preconceptions embody both hidden assumptions and elements that he describes as quasi-metaphysical; the interpretations of the paradigm may vary among individual scientists.
Upon the announcement of their participation, they stated that they embody "a new way of thinking, born by anger and the will to react what each individual carries in their ego".
While Classical philosophies rarely took upon a task of developing a specific theory of organizations, some had used implicit conceptions of general organization in construct views on politics and virtue; the Greek philosopher Plato, for example, wrote about the essence of leadership, emphasized the importance of specialization and discussed a primordial form of incentive structures in speculating how to get people to embody the goal of the just city in "The Republic".
Yogi and his friends encounter a variety of villains such as Captain Swashbuckle Swipe, Smokestack Smog, Lotta Litter, the Envy Brothers, Mr. Hothead, Dr. Bigot (and his henchmen Professor Haggling and Professor Bickering), the Gossipy Witch of the West, J. Wantum Vandal, the Sheik of Selfishness, Commadore Phineas P. Fibber, I.M. Sloppy, Peter D. Cheater, Mr. Waste, Hilarious P. Prankster, and the Greedy Genie, who act as their friends, hosts and/or guests, but embody some of the most common human faults and vices.

More Vocab Words

::: taunt - deride or provoke; challenge in derision; N.
::: bemoan - lament; moan for; express sorrow or disapproval of
::: elated - filled with excited joy and pride; overjoyed; in high spirits; joyful and proud; Ex. elated crowd; V. elate; N. elation
::: disconsolate - hopelessly sad (at the loss of something)
::: rescind - repeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement)
::: autocratic - having absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy
::: contiguous - adjacent to; touching upon
::: overthrow - topple; N.
::: contrived - unnatural and forced; artificial; not spontaneous; Ex. The ending was rather contrived.
::: metaphor - implied comparison; CF. simile