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Vocabulary Word

Word: embezzlement

Definition: taking for one's own use in violation of trust; stealing (of money placed in one's care)

Sentences Containing 'embezzlement'

(Since he learned of it legally and wasn't specifically bound by the agreement himself, he can reveal the embezzlement to anyone without the repercussions of breaching confidentiality.)
2001 criminal case on state funds embezzlement and tax evasion.
A 2001 criminal case on state funds embezzlement and tax evasion charges against Tymoshenko was reopened in Ukraine on 24 October 2011.
After he discovers the embezzlement, Darby threatens to reveal this to Daniel's own client unless he immediately settles the case on Jessica's terms; left without options and his own reputation at stake, Daniel is forced to advise the company to accept her settlement terms.
After his death, Zhang's political opponents quickly accused him and Feng Bao of several major charges, including corruption, embezzlement, and factionalism.
Alston was indicted in an Anne Arundel County courtroom with embezzlement on September 24, 2011; her charges, laid by the state prosecutor, include one count each of felony and misdemeanor theft, misappropriation by a fiduciary and two election law offenses.
An arrest warrant for Ann Pettway was issued by the North Carolina Department of Correction on January 21, 2011, for violating her probation from a conviction for attempted embezzlement.
Archbishop Jovan was sentenced for the second time, on charges for "Embezzlement", and as a second defendant was sentenced to a higher prison term of 2 years than the first defendant (who was sentenced 1 year and 3 months) in 2006.
Despite lacking evidence of Monica's complicity in the embezzlement, Jessica deems Monica a liability and demands her immediate resignation from the firm, which Louis Litt accepts from Monica on Jessica's behalf.
During the 1980s, "economic crimes" such as bribery, drug-trafficking, and embezzlement were added to the legal code.
He appointed William Walcot as lead architect, however, in 1899 Mamontov was unjustly arrested and put on trial for embezzlement connected with building of the Yaroslavl railway.
He crusaded against liquor, horse-racing and political corruption, even prosecuting members of his own administration for embezzlement.
He fought corruption and embezzlement with harsh penalties and with incentives for State's witnesses and whistle blowers.
He used his mandate to work closely with the IMF and the World Bank to reform the economy, end corruption and realise the country's potential. Ratsiraka was tried in his absence for embezzlement (he was charged with taking $8m of public money with him into exile) and sentenced to ten years hard labour.
His efforts to drain Jessica's resources and ruin what is left of her firm by having Monica file suit against Jessica are thwarted by Jessica's decision to merge with Darby's firm, giving her an insurmountable advantage in resources and (not including Darby learning of Daniel's prior embezzlement from to the due diligence required for merger negotiations, nullifying the confidentiality agreement's repercussions) . As he walks out and enters the elevator, he notices that his name has been removed from the wall.
In 1715, Vasily Yershov publicly accused Alexei Saltykov of embezzlement, causing the latter’s removal from the office.
In 2009, he was convicted for embezzlement and sentenced to 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment.
In a 1975 book, Victor T. Le Vine wrote that bribery, theft and embezzlement arose from reversion to a traditional winner-takes-all attitude in which power and family relationships prevailed over the rule of law.
It began with Pascal Chabi Kao being given a monopoly over selling official stationary to the Presidential Council and spread to claims of bribery and embezzlement.
It might, perhaps, be more proper to lighten than to aggravate the burden of those unfortunate countries, and to endeavour to draw a revenue from them, not by imposing new taxes, but by preventing the embezzlement and misapplication of the greater part of those which they already pay.
It was also revealed that Hatfield pleaded guilty to embezzlement in 1992.
Jessica could not reveal Daniel's prior embezzlement to anyone on her own without violating the confidentiality agreement she signed; as part of the due diligence of the merger negotiations, Darby is given access to the firm's financials, allowing him indirectly to learn of Daniel's past illicit actions while nullifying the confidentiality agreement's effects, which apply strictly to Jessica and her use of the information.
Jung has also been charged with fraud and embezzlement of church funds.
Leopold Kroner (Fritz Leiber, Sr.), formerly of Colby Enterprises, is released after five years in prison for embezzlement.
line was that the organization's motivation for doing so is stopping the continual fragmentation of the Serbian political scene which "leads to voter confusion and enables the strengthening of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS)", the accusations of embezzlement from certain former members persisted.
Ocaña revealed then that the president might have requested her to avoid taking actions against Juan José Zanola, a CGT unionist trialed for embezzlement with health plans.
On January 12, 2011, DS agents located and helped return California fugitive John Pope from Mexico. Pope, formerly of San Francisco, was taken into custody by Mexican authorities in La Paz, Mexico on January 12 and returned to the United States on January 18, 2011 to face trial. Pope has been wanted by the San Francisco District Attorney's Office since October 20, 1998, in connection with allegations of fraud concerning embezzlement of $1,000,000 from the estate of a deceased San Francisco businessman.
Regan has a friend impersonate one of Colby's associates on the phone to deceive him into providing information about the embezzlement, unknowing that this associate is already long dead.
Regan investigates further, getting information about Kroner's embezzlement case from a reporter and Colby's secretary, Noel (Ella Raines).
Removal from an office, which can be enjoyed only for the term of three years, and of which the lawful emoluments, even during that term, are so very small, seems to be the utmost punishment to which any committee-man is liable, for any fault, except direct malversation, or embezzlement, either of the public money, or of that of the company; and the fear of the punishment can never be a motive of sufficient weight to force a continual and careful attention to a business to which he has no other interest to attend.
She had to resign in April 1989, following an embezzlement case in her near family.
State officials often sought their own gain, corruption and embezzlement were widespread; the office was often perceived only as a side business.
Taylor had broken out of a jail in the United States, where he was awaiting extradition to Liberia on charges of embezzlement.
The AMF offered settlements to 900 investors, but denied the rest. According to the AMF, investors are not protected from fraud in embezzlement made by an administrator of equity funds and thus don't receive a settlement, unlike fraud by a stockbroker, where an investor can receive as much as $200,000 in settlement.140 other investors later launched a class action accusing the regulator of abusing its power.
The organization has been widely referred to by the media as a cult. Following accusations against him by South Korean police of rape, fraud and embezzlement, Jung fled the country in 1999 and lived as a fugitive in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China before being arrested by Chinese police in May 2007.
This change, combined with the previous curtailing of other student freedoms and rumors of embezzlement and financial mismanagement on the part of the administration (called by then-principal Geoff Fisher "unwise and untruthful allegations"), culminated on Thursday, March 11, with a day-long strike and protest. Dressed in black, students from grades 9-12 assembled at the gate to Highclerc Campus at the start of the school day, chanting variously "we want change" and "resign now" (addressed towards then-dean Sam Balachander and financial director Ganga Christus).
Throughout this time, she is conducting a clandestine affair with the firm's managing partner; during Harvey's investigation of Daniel Hardman's embezzlement, Rachel mentions to Donna that Monica is absent every Tuesday for pilates, coincidentally at the same time when Hardman is absent from the office weekly for lunches at the Harvard Club, which he claims (later found out to be falsely so) to Jessica is in reality taking his wife to chemotherapy.

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