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Vocabulary Word

Word: embark

Definition: commence; go on board a boat; begin a journey

Sentences Containing 'embark'

"J. Franklin Bell" returned to the Western Pacific, putting into Manus, Admiralty Islands on 3 October to embark 1,600 assault troops for the invasion of the Philippines.
After a brief stop at Sattahip (also in Thailand) to embark an Army signal company, she reached Saigon on 11 April, unloaded the steel, and then continued on via Naha, Okinawa to Japan.
As most young candidates for the pains and penalties of whaling stop at this same New Bedford, thence to embark on their voyage, it may as well be related that I, for one, had no idea of so doing.
As the arrival of the Russian troops that would eventually take part in the expedition was delayed, it was decided to wait no longer, but to embark Abercromby's division of about 12,000 men on August 13.
By now the main body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, formed for service overseas, were ready to embark from Wellington on a convoy for the Middle East. "Philomel" escorted the convoy as far as Western Australia.
Delightful inducements to embark, fine chance for promotion, it seems--aye, a stove boat will make me an immortal by brevet.
Desperate to get his life and the restaurant business back on track, Chef Huang decided to help Xiao K. Huang seeks help from a mysterious hawker stall lady (Adibah Noor), who summons him to embark on an extraordinary journey of his life.
Despite the show receiving a poor critical reception, Cirque insisted on continuing to showcase Banana Shpeel around the country, announcing that it would embark on a national tour later that year, starting in Toronto.
Every year around 1,500 new students embark on training to become registered occupational therapists.
From the Middle Ages, physicians such as Cuningham were required to embark on formal university training to gain a degree in medicine before they could practice.
He and Katherine embark on the royal Passage to the North to forgive the former rebels, accompanied by the Princess Mary who is popular with the King's northern subjects.
He persuaded Shujinko to embark on a quest to unite the Kamidogu from the six realms, claiming he was carrying out the will of the Elder Gods.
He won critical acclaim for his performances in the 1991 Stephen Poliakoff film "Close My Eyes" – in which he has a full frontal nude scene – about a brother and sister who embark on an incestuous love affair.
Howard suggest that he complete a Masters degree in non-toxic printmaking He relocated to Rochester, New York to embark on a Master of Fine Arts degree, at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).
In January 2013, he was the first Korean solo Artist to embark 4 dome tour in Japan (When before replace the 3 dome tour in March) and the 1st Solo World Tour.
In late April 2012, Titan Gaming announced that it would be rebranded as Playsino to embark in a complete makeover, with Pierce as the new CEO and $1.5 million of new funding.
It read, in part, "You are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which we have striven these many months."
It would not be until after the latter concluded that the CC churches would embark on anything like a major church extension program; this was the case, of course, with most U.S. denominations during this period, as their churches often struggled to merely stay open, with little or nothing left over for mission work.
Kevin, who is lonely as his wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) is in Scarborough, decides to take a chance and he and Natalie embark on an affair.
Now having a night, a day, and still another night following before me in New Bedford, ere I could embark for my destined port, it became a matter of concernment where I was to eat and sleep meanwhile.
On 19 December "Peto" received orders to return to Tulagi to embark Marines, and she landed them on Boang Island, Solomons, before sailing to Brisbane on 7 January.
On April 29, 1943, Salmon, along with other important participants in the planning process prepared to embark for a key planning meeting in Cairo, Egypt.
On April 8, both the official Rush website and PR Newswire announced that the band would embark on the Rush Time Machine Tour, confirming Lifeson's earlier predictions from March.
Reclassified APA-16 February 1, 1943, she continued rehearsals until sailing to San Francisco 16 April to embark troops and their equipment.
She departed on the 22nd, carrying 862 casualties to Saipan before proceeding to Espiritu Santo and Nouméa to embark homebound casualties.
She is found by Finn and he takes her on his boat, the "Arabella", to embark on the adventure she had hoped for.
She remained at Taku from 30 September to 6 October and then sailed to the Philippines to embark a marine air group which she delivered at Taku on 14 November.
She then sailed to Eniwetok, loaded more cargo and headed "via" Saipan to embark Marines for the assault on nearby Tinian.
Shortly after she tied up in Yokohama, the destroyer escort received orders to Manila Bay and thence to Guiuan, Samar, to embark five officers and 58 men of the Philippine Army and two Japanese prisoners of war.
Soon, Shujinko encounters Damashi, who claims to be an emissary of the Elder Gods and tells Shujinko to embark on a quest searching for a Kamidogu from each of six realms.
Strassman was the first person in the United States after twenty years of intermission to embark on human research with psychedelic, hallucinogenic, or entheogenic substances.
Subsequently she attended the University of London and the University of Sussex to embark on a career in education and international development.
The aircraft was scheduled to embark from Hendon Airfield in north London, landing in Portreath and from there making the way around occupied Europe to attend the meeting.
The Amman Stock Exchange will embark on a number of key projects that will ensure maintaining the lead that the ASE has amongst Arab and regional stock exchanges.
The band will also embark on their first headline tour in 2011 with The Menzingers, Touche Amore, Dead End Path and Shook Ones.
The band will embark on their first trip across the pond to America later in 2013.
The Board of Directors of the Oakwood Cemetery Association voted unanimously in 2010 to embark on a restoration project for the cemetery and the mausoleum.
The Porters reunite with Tarzan and his family and embark on their new life together.
The Rush website, newly redesigned on March 12 to support the new album, also announced that the band would embark on a tour to begin in the summer.
They announced on 17 June that they were to embark on a 3-day tour, visiting London, Manchester and Birmingham from 24–26 July.
They embark on a turbulent love affair whilst trying to hide their secrets - how one became full of fire and the other became made of ice.
They embark on a whirlwind romance, but he warns her that he has only a few hours before he has to go away.
They would then embark on a tour through New Zealand, Japan, and Australia where they became the first Tag Team Champions of the International Wrestling Alliance in June.
Thirdly, the Group will embark on the full capabilities in bringing foreign contents into China and exporting established home-grown contents to other Chinese speaking communities.
To Bedelia each marriage was a pleasure cruise and she an amiable passenger, always amused and amusing, always happy to share the fun, uninhibited by the fear that any relationship would grow too important, because she knew the cruise would soon be over, the relationship severed, and she would be free to embark on a new journey.
Together, the two men embark on a several day long odyssey through the North of Italy—by train and on foot—until they finally, in the midst of a snowbound forest, reach the Yugoslav border.
Two days later she started unloading around the clock, enabling her to finish the task, embark casualties, and head for home by 16 May.
Unlike Saga's sailings, people 21 and older may embark on a cruise with "Spirit of Adventure".
Upon this, I told him that whaling was my own design, and informed him of my intention to sail out of Nantucket, as being the most promising port for an adventurous whaleman to embark from.
We will embark for Algiers, for England, for America, or, if you prefer it, retire to the country and only return to Paris when our friends have reconciled your family.''

More Vocab Words

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::: surly - bad-tempered; rude; cross
::: coroner - public official who investigates any death thought to be of other than natural causes
::: spartan - without attention to comfort; lacking luxury and comfort; sternly disciplined; Ex. spartan living condition/life
::: artless - without guile; open and honest
::: euphemism - mild expression in place of an unpleasant one; ADJ. euphemistic
::: orifice - mouthlike opening; small opening (esp. to a cavern or passage of the body); CF. mouth
::: perversion - corruption; turning from right to wrong
::: depredation - plundering; destruction
::: profligate - wasteful (of money); dissipated; wildly immoral; dissolute; N: profligate person; N. profligacy