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Vocabulary Word

Word: embargo

Definition: ban on commerce or other activity

Sentences Containing 'embargo'

"As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials have confirmed to (U.S. embassy economic officers) on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge," a November 3, 2008 U.S. cable stated.
According to a 2011 UNRWA report, Gaza unemployment rate is at 45% of the total working age population, and real wages have fallen more than 30% in 2010 since 2006, the year Israel imposed the embargo.
An embargo was placed on whale oil exports from New England in 1775, as a result of the American War of Independence.
At the behest of Somalia's federal authorities, the 15-member UN Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 2093 on March 6, 2013 to suspend the 21-year arms embargo on Somalia, the oldest such global weapons blockade.
C.W. Jick Myers aka Clarence Wallace Myers was the appointed energy czar of the state of Arizona during the Arab oil embargo of the early 1970s and was discussed among Republican party officials as a possible replacement candidate for Jack Williams.
Despite receiving payment, the order was destined never to be fulfilled as the Dutch government placed an embargo on the sale of military equipment to Spain.
Due to a lack of funding and human resources, an arms embargo that made it difficult to re-establish a national security force, and general indifference on the part of the international community, President Yusuf found himself obliged to deploy thousands of troops from Puntland to Mogadishu to sustain the battle against insurgent elements in the southern part of the country.
During and after the 1982 Falklands War () France (which supplied missiles) placed an arms embargo on Argentina, causing the Argentine Air Force, under the command of Ernesto Crespo, to develop its own medium-range missile in the "Condor II" program.
Fok reportedly made his first fortune gun-running into the mainland during the Korean War in the early 1950s, circumventing a United Nations arms embargo.
Further diplomatic initiatives by Genoa failed in 1443, and in 1447 the Genoese of Caffa advanced on Trebizond with their fleet, threatening to set up an embargo.
He did not graduate because the University would not allow him to pursue a doctorate in energy, as it was two years before the 1973 oil embargo, and energy was not yet considered an academic subject. Lovins resigned his Fellowship and moved to London to pursue his energy work.
His embargo politics against the cities of Basel, Strasbourg and Mulhouse prompted these to turn to Berne for help.
I had not yet seen it, and upon this notice of an intended invasion, I avoided appearing on that side of the coast, for fear of being discovered, by some of the enemy’s ships, who had received no intelligence of me; all intercourse between the two empires having been strictly forbidden during the war, upon pain of death, and an embargo laid by our emperor upon all vessels whatsoever.
In 1808, French troops commanded by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal as a retaliation for the Iberian country's refusal to participate in the trade embargo against the United Kingdom.
In August 1991 he worked in the Embargo Surveillance Centre as the head of the FCO section.
In television, the primary real-world identity of The Stig, a costumed and masked television test-driver used by BBC Television for "Top Gear", was an open secret until the unofficial embargo was broken by a newspaper in 2009.
It opened in 1930, when Cuba was a prime travel destination for Americans, long before the United States embargo against Cuba.
It was conceived in response to the tough economy of the early 70’s and an increased interest in self-sufficiency after the Arab oil embargo.
More importantly, he heard that "the United States was planning to prod a coup into action in Venezuela to head off any threat of embargo."
Myers was a temporary television news celebrity during the oil embargo.
Numerous gaming websites reported about the game when an embargo lifted, including EuroGamer and IGN.
One finally says that during the oil embargo and the Iranian hostage crisis, when the Europeans wavered, it was Israel that had stood by the United States.
Rodríguez Araque's warning led Chávez to declare that he would not join such an embargo, and to secretly hide several hundred troops in Miraflores' underground corridors, commanded by José Baduel.
She wanted to talk, but there seemed to be an embargo on every subject.
Shortly before 11 April, Alí Rodríguez Araque, a former guerilla and Chávez ally then serving in Vienna as the General Secretary of OPEC, heard of a potential oil embargo against the United States by Iraq and Libya, over US support for Israel.
The 1973 oil embargo and 1979 energy crisis caused a reorganization of energy policies around the world and brought renewed attention to developing solar technologies.
The bribes allegedly occurred one year before Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections and Israel imposed the economic embargo over Gaza.
The chairman of this foundation is Victorino Noval, Jr. His aim is to end the embargo on Cuba.
The explosives could be provided to Rwanda despite the arms embargo imposed on the country, with prior approval from the Committee of the Security Council established in Resolution 918.
The Kingdom led the oil embargo during the war.
The major exception to this occurred during the 1973 oil crisis when Saudi Arabia, with the other Arab oil states, used an embargo on oil supplies to pressurize the US to stop supporting Israel.
The official news did not arrive in the United Kingdom until 2 December, at which time the British declared an embargo on all Russian vessels in British ports.
While questioning the legality of the 1947 UN resolution establishing Israel, he argued for the legitimacy of Palestine as a state, noting that it is a member of the League of Arab States and of UNESCO and that “between 120 and 130 states have recognised the state of Palestine in some way or another.” Dugard was one of 52 international figures who signed a 2012 letter calling for a military embargo against Israel on the eve of the International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine.
Zürich did not accept the claims of Schwyz and Glarus, which were supported by the rest of the cantons, and in 1438 declared an embargo.
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