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Vocabulary Word

Word: elliptical

Definition: elliptic; oval; of an ellipse; containing an ellipsis; ambiguous either purposely or because key words have been left out

Sentences Containing 'elliptical'

A lenticular galaxy is a type of galaxy which is intermediate between an elliptical galaxy and a spiral galaxy in galaxy morphological classification schemes.
Apogee, or more formally apsis, is the point, in an elliptical Earth orbit, of greatest distance from the Earth.
As a result, they consist mainly of aging stars (like elliptical galaxies).
As the bulge component is usually spherical, elliptical galaxy classifications are also unsuitable.
Basidiospores are oval or elliptical in shape, smooth, hyaline, and thin-walled.
Because of their ill-defined spiral arms, if they are inclined face-on it is often difficult to distinguish between them and elliptical galaxies.
Carolina bays are elliptical depressions concentrated along the Atlantic seaboard within coastal Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and northcentral Florida (Prouty 1952, Kaczorowski 1977).
Deep yellow rod-like flowers appear in spring (June–December in Australia), widely scattered on spikes 4–7 cm long, followed by 7–10 cm long legumes in November–March, narrow, straight or slightly curved, releasing 5-10 elliptical seeds, 5-7.5 mm long.
Despite the morphological differences, lenticular and elliptical galaxies share common properties like spectral features, scaling relations and both can be considered early type galaxies which are passively evolving, at least in the local universe.
Determining the distinction between elliptical galaxies and lenticular galaxies often relies on the measurements of velocity dispersion (σ), rotational velocity (v), and ellipticity (ε).
Elliptical leaves, about 10-40 per plant, are scattered along the stems.
Grassy boulevards are features of Glenmawr Avenue and North Fourth Street; these elliptical islands are classified as parks with the Columbus Department of Recreation.
However, the bulge component of lenticulars is more closely related to elliptical galaxies in terms of morphological classification.
If the star has a planet, then the gravitational influence of the planet will cause the star itself to move in a tiny circular or elliptical orbit.
Improvements to stability and ride comfort were courtesy of an overhauled rear suspension type from a semi-elliptical leaf spring design to a four-link type with a Panhard rod.
It grows about 2 ft tall and wide, with a woody rootstock and sturdy appearance, with large (4 inches long) yellow-green elliptical shaped sticky leaves.
It was a low-wing monoplane with a graceful, elliptical wing, and fixed tailwheel undercarriage.
Leaves alternate, smooth edged, elliptical or oblong 4 to long.
Leaves are simple, opposite and subopposite, aovate to aovate-elliptical, entire margin, wavy, above they are dark and glossy, below they are glaucous, obtuse to emarginate apex, obtuse to slightly subcordate base, the leaves are about 4–11 cm long and 1,5–5 cm wide, petioles very pubescent about 5–10 mm long.
Lenticular galaxies are often considered to be a poorly understood transition state between spiral and elliptical galaxies, which results in their intermediate placement on the Hubble sequence.
Lenticular galaxies share kinematic properties with both spiral and elliptical galaxies.
Mercury, with its large elliptical orbit, was determined to be able to produce the greatest number of notes, while Venus was found to be capable of only a single note because its orbit is nearly a circle.
Renirie Rocks () is an elliptical rock outcrop 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) long at the west side of the terminus of Gressitt Glacier, 10 nautical miles (18 km) northwest of Morozumi Range.
She concludes that, reveling in the misdeeds of their pagan predecessors, the saga authors took skaldic poetry originally intended to make elliptical reference to defeat in battle (causing one's back to be scored by eagles, i.e. killing them and thus turning them into carrion) along with separate martyrdom tracts expressing the final tortures of worthy victims in terms reflective of the intended execution of Saint Sebastian (shot so full of arrows that their ribs and internal organs were exposed) and combined and elaborated them into a grandiose torture and death ritual that never was.
Since the bulge component tends to dominate the galaxy, lenticular galaxy samples are often indistinguishable from elliptical galaxy populations in terms of their overall surface brightness profiles.
Spores are elliptical with a rough surface texture, and measure 10–14 by 6–8 µm. Habitat and distribution.
The "Chicago Tribune" also gave a mixed review, recommending the book to "fans of James Ellroy's more elliptical writing" but writing that it took a while to get into the book's rhythm.
The bridge has undergone much repair and renovation work, including rebuilding of seven spans in the long arm and lowering of the roadway by changing the arches from an almost semi-circular to elliptical form (1848–1855), lowering of sidewalks and faces of the piers, spandrels, cornices and replacing crumbled corbels as closely to the originals as possible.
The bulge component is similar to elliptical galaxies in that it is pressure supported by a central velocity dispersion.
The Carolina bays in southern Mississippi and Alabama are elliptical to roughly circular in shape.
The eccentric anomaly "E" in terms of these coordinates is given by: The above equations can be established by drawing the auxiliary circle of radius "a" enclosing the elliptical path and the "minor auxiliary circle" of radius "b" inscribed within the path.
The fruit matures in the months of February to July, being a shiny black berry, elliptical in shape, 12 to 20 mm in length.
The ground brush, also known as a pound brush, was a round or elliptical brush bound by wire, cord or metal. They were generally heavy to use, and required considerable usage to break them in.
The leaf blades often have a dark-coloured blotch in the centre and are lanceolate or narrowly elliptical and have entire margins.
The leaves are opposite, oval, lanceolate or elliptical with acute apex which ends in a mucro up to 1 mm long.
The main tunnel is elliptical in cross-section, an unusual departure from the standard circular design.
The measurement of the long axes of 200 elliptical Grady / Citronelle ponds found a very distinct orientation tightly clustered about N25°W in southwestern Baldwin County, Alabama (Otvos 1976).
The motivation behind this criterion is that lenticular galaxies do have prominent bulge and disk components whereas elliptical galaxies have no disk structure.
The nasopraeorbital skull opening is elongated and elliptical with a length of four centimetres, 27,6% of the total skull length.
The opposite facade includes vestiges of stairs, while the right-facing lateral wall (facing the south) is comparable to the northern facade, with the addition of the sacristy, that includes two rectangular windows flanked by two elliptical oculae.
There are 7 supralabial scales, with the second being the smallest and the fourth usually the largest. The color pattern consists of a light brownish gray to blackish ground color overlaid with a series of 24-33 relatively large and usually elliptical dorsolateral blotches.
They are elliptical, smooth, hyaline, and notched at one end.
Thus kinematics are often used to distinguish lenticular galaxies from elliptical or spiral galaxies.
Thus, lenticulars have much larger v/σ ratios than ellipticals due to their non-negligible rotational velocities (due to the disk component) in addition to not having as prominent of a bulge component compared to elliptical galaxies.

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