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Vocabulary Word

Word: elated

Definition: filled with excited joy and pride; overjoyed; in high spirits; joyful and proud; Ex. elated crowd; V. elate; N. elation

Sentences Containing 'elated'

After seeing your face, my heart us elated.
And we’re elated that #stopKony is a trending topic on Twitter – if anyone deserves global notoriety it’s Kony."
Arthur was elated by this news, as was the New York Agricultural Experiment Station where he was granted increased freedom to study rusts.
For, though elated by his rank, it did not render him supercilious; on the contrary, he was all attention to everybody.
Hoping for $200.00 worth of orders, she was elated when he returned with over $5,000 worth of business for her.
I was greatly elated by these orders; but my heart smote me for my selfishness, when I witnessed their effect on Mr. Dick, who was so low-spirited at the prospect of our separation, and played so ill in consequence, that my aunt, after giving him several admonitory raps on the knuckles with her dice-box, shut up the board, and declined to play with him any more.
In November 1893, the "Philadelphia Inquirer" reported:"Princetonians are greatly elated over the return Frank Morse, half-back on last year's team.
Indeed, many are the Nantucket ships in which you will see the skipper parading his quarter-deck with an elated grandeur not surpassed in any military navy; nay, extorting almost as much outward homage as if he wore the imperial purple, and not the shabbiest of pilot-cloth.
Later, the reservation turns out to have been for Cameron and Mitchell, so that relieved and elated Jay and furious Gloria have to leave again.
Mason was elated, as they had been in boarding school together, and never really spent much time apart.
My heart is elated after visiting Bhesan.
Now, with elated step, they pace the planks in twos and threes, and humorously discourse of parlors, sofas, carpets, and fine cambrics; propose to mat the deck; think of having hanging to the top; object not to taking tea by moonlight on the piazza of the forecastle.
The Christians who were to row were ready and in hiding in different places round about, all waiting for me, anxious and elated, and eager to attack the vessel they had before their eyes; for they did not know the renegade's plan, but expected that they were to gain their liberty by force of arms and by killing the Moors who were on board the vessel.
The heart breaks when, after having been elated by flattering hopes, it sees all its illusions destroyed.
Whereas if Caesar were to adopt you, your haughty looks would be intolerable; will you not be elated at knowing that you are the son of God?
``So that he is quite elated about it?''

More Vocab Words

::: homily - sermon; tedious moralizing lecture; serious warning; ADJ. homiletic
::: exhale - breathe out; OP. inhale
::: peripheral - of a periphery; marginal; outer; of minor importance; not central; Ex. peripheral nerve/interest
::: nexus - connection
::: recondite - abstruse; not easily understood; profound; secret
::: vivacious - lively or animated; sprightly
::: capacity - mental or physical ability; role; position or duty; ability to accommodate; Ex. in my capacity as president
::: congruent - in agreement; harmonious; corresponding; coinciding exactly; CF. congruous
::: propinquity - nearness (in space or relationship); proximity; kinship
::: scoff - laugh (at); mock; ridicule; Ex. scoff at their threats