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Vocabulary Word

Word: elastic

Definition: able to spring back into shape; quick to recover (as from disappointment); able to adapt to change; Ex. elastic plans; N: elastic material

Sentences Containing 'elastic'

A few months later, Elastic Rights bought the rights to distribute the show in Italy, Portugal and Spain.
A pollinium, when highly developed, consists of a mass of pollen-grains, affixed to an elastic foot-stalk or caudicle, and this to a little mass of extremely viscid matter.
Although the outer layers of the tube are also stretched the degree of internal pressure applied during the process is such that they are not stretched beyond their elastic limit.
Among the track fastening products are elastic embedments of rails to dampen vibrations, and thus noise.
Because the outer layers remain elastic they attempt to return to their original shape; however, they are prevented from doing so completely by the now permanently stretched inner layers.
But in the middle of the day, being full of cracks, and the air also being less elastic, it had completely lost its resonance, and probably fishes and muskrats could not then have been stunned by a blow on it.
But since we see that he has broken the elastic and has not troubled to replace it, it is obvious that he has less foresight now than formerly, which is a distinct proof of a weakening nature.
Cone and plate rheometers can also be operated in an oscillating mode to measure elastic properties, or in combined rotational and oscillating modes.
Despite Lossberg's doubts about elastic defence, the circumstances he found on the Sixth Army front made resort to it unavoidable.
Due to the elastic nature of the tissue that supports the small airways airway resistance changes with lung volume.
Enomaly Elastic Cloud Computing software.
F., it gives the fine elastic steel of watch springs.
I had just finished my tea when he returned, evidently in excellent spirits, swinging an old elastic-sided boot in his hand.
If an elastic ball is thrown perpendicularly against the floor, it returns to the sender; if it is thrown against the floor at an angle -LRB- Fig.
If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal that is your success.
If the muscles are cold, they will be less elastic, and more stress will be transferred to the connective tissue.
In general, scattering due to inelastic collisions will be inelastic, but, since elastic collisions often transfer kinetic energy between particles, scattering due to elastic collisions can also be "in"elastic, as in Compton scattering (see below).
In our study of the atmosphere we saw that air can be compressed and rarefied; in other words, we saw that air is very elastic.
In time, this practice is said to make the joints more elastic.
It can be shown experimentally that whenever an elastic body in motion comes in contact with a body at rest, the moving body transfers its motion to the second body and then comes to rest itself.
It consists of a plastic plate worn over the swimmer's palm and attached over the back of the swimmer's hand with elastic cords.
It is composed of dense irregular connective tissue, and receives its name from the dense concentration of collagenous, elastic, and reticular fibers that weave throughout it.
It was pierced in the brim for a hat-securer, but the elastic was missing.
Landing loads were absorbed by elastic axle bending.
Local deformation and elastic strain are negligibly affected by this long-range divergence in relative displacement.
Member behaviour between Myp and Mp is considered to be elastic.
Neutrons undergo many types of scattering, including both elastic and inelastic scattering.
Normal red blood cells are quite elastic, which allows the cells to deform to pass through capillaries.
The "Metro-land" guide insisted that Metro-land was "a country with elastic borders that each visitor can draw for himself".
The change from storm and winter to serene and mild weather, from dark and sluggish hours to bright and elastic ones, is a memorable crisis which all things proclaim.
The dermis provides tensile strength and elasticity to the skin through an extracellular matrix composed of collagen fibrils, microfibrils, and elastic fibers, embedded in proteoglycans.
The explanation of this well known fact is found in a further study of the elastic balls -LRB- Fig.
The fact that air is elastic has added materially to the comfort of the world.
The lamps across his streets had a portentously elastic swing with them.
The middle coat is composed of a thick layer of connective tissue with elastic fibers, intermixed, in some veins, with a transverse layer of muscular tissue.
The muscle, more elastic than the connective tissue, responds immediately, lengthening to its limit.
The operator wears a harness—the Steadicam "vest"—which is attached to an iso-elastic arm.
The steam may bloat the body to twice its normal size and slow circulation, but tissues are elastic and porous enough to prevent rupture.
The strain is proportional to the stress applied within elastic limit; therefore the expansion at the outer layers is less than at the bore.
The texture is firm and dense but a little elastic and white to ivory-white in colour.
The thrusting tips must be elastic and compressible.
The tube is subjected to internal pressure of sufficient magnitude to enlarge the bore and in the process the inner layers of the metal are stretched beyond their elastic limit.
The white fibrous element is in considerable excess, and the elastic fibers are in much smaller proportion in the veins than in the arteries.
To him whose elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the sun, the day is a perpetual morning.
Tunica media is made up of smooth muscle cells and elastic tissue.
When an electron is the incident particle, the probability of inelastic scattering, depending on the energy of the incident electron, is usually smaller than that of elastic scattering.
When loaded to beyond the elastic range, ECC maintains crack width to below 100 µm, even when deformed to several percent tensile strains.
When the muscle is fully stretched, the stress reaches the connective tissue, which is not elastic and does not immediately lengthen.
Whether elastic or inelastic scatter occurs is dependent on the speed of the neutron, whether fast or thermal, or somewhere in between.
While it is true that air is easily compressed, it is also true that air is elastic and capable of very rapid and easy expansion.

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