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Vocabulary Word

Word: elaboration

Definition: addition of details; intricacy

Sentences Containing 'elaboration'

A similar "two"-part elaboration is provided by the Buddha in SN 48.9, again in the context of the Five Spiritual Faculties, when he states: What constitutes "unskillful" or "unwholesome" ("akusala") and "skillful" or "wholesome" ("kusala") qualities is taken up in the Abhidhamma Pitaka and the post-canonical Pali commentaries.
A version of the detailed elaboration familiar to us is laid out by the 14th century cleric John of Hildesheim's "Historia Trium Regum" ("History of the Three Kings").
An ancient Hawaiian war-club or spear-paddle, in its full multiplicity and elaboration of carving, is as great a trophy of human perseverance as a Latin lexicon.
An international mission in 2008, organized by the International Commission of Jurists and the Due Process of Law Foundation, admired the inclusive nature of the selection process, but received information from multiple sources about alleged irregularities in the elaboration of certain lists, and information concerning alleged political influence, which might serve to undermine the selection process.
By his contemporaries and after his death Stubbs was considered to have been in the front rank of historical scholars both as an author and a critic, and as a master of every department of the historian's work, from the discovery of materials to the elaboration of well founded theories and literary production.
Ebedjesu was struck by the care and elaboration bestowed upon the work.
From the beginning, mind's nature is free from the extremes of elaboration.
His main work was probably done about the beginning of the eleventh century, and seems to have taken an important part in the elaboration of trigonometry.
However, the prevailing academic view is that the Adam–God doctrine taught by Young and others was an elaboration of Smith's vague references to Adam's unique role in Mormon doctrine.
If we admire the several ingenious contrivances by which orchids and many other plants are fertilised through insect agency, can we consider as equally perfect the elaboration of dense clouds of pollen by our fir-trees, so that a few granules may be wafted by chance on to the ovules?
In contrast, the section on King Arthur, of whom little factual information has been established, puts to rest unverified notions regarding him by tracing the development and elaboration of his legend down through the ages.
In elaboration, the Court undertook an extensive survey of the Commonwealth case law, treatises on the law of contempt, the reports of various law commissions and committees, and legislation.
It avoided a detailed elaboration of the test because it opined that the test demonstrated its value in application.
Many of the "janya" rāgams are very popular on their own, lending themselves to elaboration and interpretation.
The broad arc of their cultural elaboration culminated around 800, during the Pueblo I Era, when they were building crescent-shaped stone complexes, each comprising four to five residential suites abutting subterranean "kivas", large enclosed areas reserved for rites.
The latter provides two theoretical bases, one of them in Luria (1966) and by default, the 4 PASS processes) and the other in Cattell-Horn-Carroll model (CHC) which is essentially an elaboration of fluid and crystallized intelligence (McGrew 2005).
The Peak-End rule is an elaboration on the Snapshot Model of remembered utility proposed by Barbara Fredrickson and Daniel Kahneman.
The representatives of each delegation agree on uniting their forces in order to promote the ideals of Linguapax by the means of projects concerning the revitalization and documentation of threatened languages, the investigation on intercultural and multilingual education, the formation of teachers and the elaboration of teaching materials about non-dominating languages and cultures.
The tool is as an elaboration of the three Porter generic strategies on which Bowman has noted his criticism.
There are generally considered to be four such "puruṣārthas", namely Each of these four canonical "puruṣārthas" was subjected to a process of examination and elaboration which produced several key works in the history of Indian philosophy, including the "Kamasutra" of Vātsyāyana (treating "kāma", particularly as "sexual gratification"), the "Arthashastra" of Kauṭilya (treating "artha" as "material pursuits"), the "Dharmaśāstras" of various authors, most notably Manu (treating "dharma" as "religious, social and personal ethics") and the principle "sūtras" of the six orthodox schools of philosophy or "darśanas", all of which are principally concerned with the attainment of "mokṣa", often referred to as the "parama-puruṣārtha" or "chief end of human life".
These five would therefore be the causal factors in the experience of the Real. Marvin Meyer writes: "The "five trees" in paradise are mentioned frequently in gnostic texts, ordinarily without explanation or elaboration.
They are mostly a formal and sober elaboration of carefully considered themes, and contain little beauty and less feeling.
They were published in 1852 as a revision of a more technically difficult 1837 series, which in turn were the elaboration of a set of studies written in 1826.

More Vocab Words

::: demure - (of a woman or child) grave; quiet and serious; coy; pretending to be demure
::: pedantic - bookish; showing off learning; marked by an excessive ostentatious concern for book learning; N. pedantry
::: epoch - period of time
::: smolder - smoulder; burn slowly without flame; be liable to break out at any moment; exist in a suppressed state; Ex. smoldering anger
::: stagnant - (of water) not flowing (often bad-smelling); motionless; stale; not developing; inactive; dull; Ex. stagnant industrial output
::: healthful - conducive to good health; Ex. healthful mountain air
::: vixen - female fox; ill-tempered woman; CF. shrew
::: glean - gather leavings; gather grain left behind by reapers; gather bit by bit (facts or information) often with difficulty
::: abridge - condense or shorten
::: emissary - agent (sent on a mission to represent another); messenger