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Vocabulary Word

Word: elaborate

Definition: work out carefully; add more detail or information; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'elaborate'

"I felt angry at having been tricked by so elaborate a story as that which he had told me.
An elaborate mosaic reredos was added in 1897 below the east window at a cost of £1,000 (£ as of )).
An ode is a form of stately and elaborate lyrical verse.
Anton Corbijn designed the elaborate stage design, the first time he had ever done so.
At this time elaborate Valentine greeting cards were imported from Europe and not affordable to many Americans.
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra are featured in the elaborate finale number.
Elaborate classical lighting fixtures are located on exterior.
For the benefit of the illiterate, an elaborate iconographic system developed to conclusively identify scenes.
For the rest of the Old Kingdom, tomb and temple were joined in elaborate stone pyramid complexes.
He is shown to be skilled with engineering and technology, confronting Batman and Robin with unique and elaborate deathtraps.
He then went on to elaborate these two points.
He would then elaborate on the saving grace of Jesus Christ and repentance.
Her much-anticipated and collectible perfumes are famous for their elaborate packaging and bottle designs.
Her numbers were remembered for sexually provocative lyrics and elaborate choreography.
In more elaborate quantization designs, both the forward and inverse quantization stages may be substantially more complex.
In September 2013, it was revealed that Andersen was the victim of an elaborate hoax.
In the Middle Ages, knighthood was often conferred with elaborate ceremonies.
It has been alleged that Rodenstock is the perpetrator of an elaborate wine fraud.
It is definitely not human, having no hair, no fingernails, and most tellingly, an elaborate double heart.
Jay's elaborate Valentine's surprise for Gloria keeps getting held up.
Looking at the numerous pictures of arms in this elaborate work, at first sight they appear to have hatchings.
Meissonier worked with elaborate care and a scrupulous observation of nature.
NASCRAG's elaborate scorekeeping system is currently handled by Jim Carter.
On his arrival Julius Caesar found an 'elaborate and well-organised tribal civilisation.
Permission was granted them (1331) to build a new synagogue in their quarter, but it was not to be too elaborate.
She performs an elaborate solo dance on a riser.
So here, after all my elaborate preparations for the siege of the White Sphinx, was a meek surrender.
Some epochs and cultures have had very elaborate greeting rituals, for example, greeting of a sovereign.
Some of the original yellow stone remains visible on the face of the barracks, ornamented with elaborate reliefs.
Sometimes they cast him for a`speaking part,'but not an elaborate one.
The apocryphal "Acts of Peter" gives a more elaborate tale of Simon Magus' death.
The building is notable in the village for its third floor Palladian windows and its elaborate cornice.
The church also has Heaton, Butler and Bayne stained glass and an elaborate reredos.
The early works featuring Morgan do not elaborate on her nature, other than describing her role as that of a fairy or magician.
The elaborate design of the station was very well accepted by passengers from the beginning.
The elaborate designs are executed with supreme artistic skill.
The front door is sheltered by an elaborate Italianate portico that is a c. 1870s modification.
The highest ranking were paraded through elaborate show trials.
The iconography of this portal is the most elaborate of the five missions.
The mad dream has been almost too long as well as too elaborate in its absurdities.
The man's business was a small one, and there was nothing in his house which could account for such elaborate preparations, and such an expenditure as they were at.
The more developed and elaborate formal gardens contain statuary and fountains.
The patrician's aristocracy had elaborate dinners, with parties and wines and a variety of comestibles.
The video for Ballad featured an elaborate storyline where Ayumi and her boyfriend get in a motorcycle accident.
These were the most elaborate temple ceremonies, accompanied by the recitation of hymns and the performance of musicians.
They develop an elaborate plan together to catch masses of ghosts.
This art form is most prominently seen in churches and mosques with elaborate stained glass windows.
This threat can be met with a dwarven military, (sometimes quite elaborate) traps, or a combination of both.
Through the use of peyote, the Huichol create the elaborate designs used in their artwork.
`Why does he mix such elaborate and picturesque drinks for the nigger hands on the boat?'

More Vocab Words

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::: inhibited - (of a person) unable to express what one really feels
::: furrow - long shallow trench made by a plow; deep wrinkle in the skin; V.
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::: prurient - having or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire
::: hedonist - one who believes that pleasure is the sole aim in life; CF. hedonism: practice of living one's life purely for pleasure
::: doctrine - teachings in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught; dogma; tenet; ADJ. doctrinal
::: oligarchy - government by a privileged few
::: deprecate - express disapproval of; deplore; protest against; belittle; ADJ. deprecatory