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Vocabulary Word

Word: egregious

Definition: notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking

Sentences Containing 'egregious'

A year later, the Farmer-led board concluded in "Gummed Products Company" that employers could lie to workers so long as those lies were not so egregious that they "lowered campaign standards" to the point where worker wishes could no longer be determined.
An egregious attempt occurred with the California gold rush, the first two years of which saw the deaths of thousands of Native Americans.
Arsenic, lead and copper were among the most egregious pollutants found in Hayden.
Further unfavorable critiques from culture historian Jacques Barzun noted, "The estate and its denizens are meant to be as picturesque as the persons and the plot, but all succeed only in being as egregious and improbable as Philo Vance and his antics.
He states that the most egregious root samaya to violate is the commitment to one's guru.
In 1962, the board adopted a four-part test in "Hollywood Ceramics Co." to determine what constituted an egregious fabrication.
On August 22, 2008, the CIA released a statement on its website regarding the allegations in Suskind's book: When asked why the CIA had made an exception to its general practice of not commenting on books, a spokesman wrote that it was because "the allegations were so egregious—including the suggestion that the agency broke the law—that we felt a response was both necessary and appropriate".
Paul Farmer later wrote that "A US District Court found that his regime engaged in a ‘systematic pattern of egregious human rights abuses’.
She gives an analogy for the reader regarding those who would discuss and comment on the phenomenon of the Internet based community without prior experience: "Journalists who don't use the Net themselves routinely make such egregious technological and cultural errors that you can only compare the results to what would happen if they were assigned to write about the interstate highway system based on their experiences at sea... f the police told you that prostitutes routinely and openly solicited truckers and other visitors to roadside rest areas and that therefore they were risky places for families to visit, you would probably believe them and write the story...
The Bush administration removed this analysis and replaced it with the following: This alteration, which suggested that there was scientific uncertainty on the ABC issue, prompted an editorial in the New York Times describing it as an "egregious distortion" and a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services from members of Congress.
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