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Vocabulary Word

Word: egotism

Definition: tendency to speak or write of oneself excessively; conceit; self-importance

Sentences Containing 'egotism'

"It seems to me that I have done you full justice in the matter," I remarked with some coldness, for I was repelled by the egotism which I had more than once observed to be a strong factor in my friend's singular character.
Even George Santayana, an American philosopher whose life and work betray some similarity to Nietzsche's, dismissed Nietzsche in his 1916 "Egotism in German Philosophy" as a "prophet of Romanticism".
Fred and Velma discover he is actually a robot, controlled by none other than Scooby's nephew, Scrappy-Doo, who the gang abandoned years ago due to his egotism.
He said, "If you want to make a major change in the country, power must be obtained, but not getting it for itself −what would be simple egotism and ambition−, but to change things, and once installed there, and with the support of a unpolluted reputation earned day by day, then, and only then, take on any real and profound change that will be possible with the support of public consensus, with which we will have an undoubted success and beneficial to the poorest of our country."
In most books, the I, or first person, is omitted; in this it will be retained; that, in respect to egotism, is the main difference.
On the eve of departure I carry my egotism so far as to say,`Do not forget me, my kind friends, for probably you will never see me again.'''
Sculptor Janet Scudder had DWM's roles as subjects for sculpture in mind when she wrote, "I won't add to this obsession of male egotism that is ruining every city in the U.S. with rows of hideous statues of men-men-men- each one uglier than the other-standing, sitting, riding horseback-everyone of them pompously convinced that he is decorating the landscape."
The eyes were large and mild; and--this may seem egotism on my part--I fancied even that there was a certain lack of the interest I might have expected in them.
Weymouth considered superimposing Eno's face on top of all four portraits to insinuate his egotism—the producer wanted to be on the cover art together with Talking Heads—but decided against it in the end.
While Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson admired the play's "satire on Norwegian egotism, narrowness, and self-sufficiency" and described it as "magnificent", Hans Christian Andersen, Georg Brandes and Clemens Petersen all joined the widespread hostility, Petersen writing that the play was not poetry.
``Bravo,''cried Chateau Renaud;``you are the first man I ever met sufficiently courageous to preach egotism.
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