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Vocabulary Word

Word: efficacy

Definition: power to produce desired effect; ADJ. efficacious: effectual

Sentences Containing 'efficacy'

4) Testing of Existing Phytophthora Control Compounds: Efficacy testing will determine if a compound has the potential to be utilized to control SOD.
A very interesting experiment for the testing of the efficacy of non conductors may be easily performed.
Acupuncture, acupressure, laser therapy and electrostimulation have no demonstrated efficacy for smoking cessation.
Also, currently no scientific evidence for the products claimed efficacy has to be provided by the manufacturer in the US.
Antimicrobial efficacy of copper alloy touch surfaces.
Chlophedianol was approved for OTC status in 1987 by the FDA OTC monograph process and its safety and efficacy data are limited.
Claims of vitamin C's efficacy in treating the common cold have been criticized by many researchers.
Clinical studies have demonstrated the device's efficacy in the treatment of ear blockage caused by Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Otitis Media with Effusion.
Community reinforcement has both efficacy and effectiveness data.
DES CARTES insinuated that doctrine of the universal and sole efficacy of the Deity, without insisting on it.
Efficacy on brass, bronze, copper-nickel alloys.
Eysenck's study on the efficacy of psychotherapy found that psychotherapy generally did not seem to lead to improved client outcomes.
Fortunately, years of thorough study of the parameters influencing vaccine efficacy allow parallels to be drawn for protein therapeutics.
Four subgroups created were responsive (high risk, high efficacy), avoidance (high risk, low efficacy), proactive (low risk, high efficacy) and indifference (low risk, low efficacy).
Freud believed that the therapist's role contributes a lot in dream work's efficacy.
However, peptides derived from HR1 have little viral inhibition efficacy due to the propensity for these peptides to aggregate in solution.
I wonder who first discovered the efficacy of poetry in driving away love!''
In 2011 a report was released which highlighted the charity's concerns over the efficacy of legal protection of animals in zoos in England.
In a comparative study evaluating the efficacy of troxipide (100 mg t.i.d.) with Ranitidine (150 mg b.i.d.
In multiplying this sort of rude produce, therefore, the efficacy of human industry is not only limited, but uncertain.
In order to achieve efficacy, physicians will use broad spectrum antibiotics.
It cannot reasonably be supposed, that those remote considerations, which are found of so little efficacy with regard to one, will have a more powerful influence with regard to the other.
Its efficacy for reducing maternal deaths due to obstetrical hemorrhage is being researched.
Low cholesterol diets are often used, but there is no evidence of efficacy.
Multiple other side effects occur rarely; typically also at similar rates with only placebo in the large statin safety/efficacy trials.
Now, I say, is the time when the virtue that is in thee is ripe, and endowed with efficacy to work the good that is looked for from thee."
NS-2710 is a potent but non-selective partial agonist at GABAA receptors, although with little efficacy at the α1 subtype and more at α2 and α3.
Numerous studies later showed substantial evidence in support of the general efficacy of psychotherapy,).
Others doubt that gun controls possess any preventative efficacy.
said Mr. Crunches looking about, as if he rather expected to see the loaf disappear under the efficacy of his wife's petitions.
Stainless steel S30400 did not exhibit any antimicrobial efficacy.
Studies have investigated its efficacy for cognitive disorders including stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.
Studies of the efficacy of cannabis in treating multiple sclerosis have produced varying results.
Studies that test common factors theory tend to investigate possible differences in outcomes in psychotherapy efficacy studies, and the nature of the approaches being compared.
The antimicrobial efficacy of various copper alloys against "Clostridium difficile" was recently evaluated.
The devoutest person could have rendered no greater homage to the efficacy of an honest prayer than he did in this distrust of his wife.
The efficacy of such a program has not been studied in adults with fibromyalgia.
The latter also has implications for media selection and disinfectant efficacy studies
The performance is regarded to be of the highest religious efficacy.
The plenty and cheapness of good land are such powerful causes of prosperity, that the very worst government is scarce capable of checking altogether the efficacy of their operation.
The third, those in which the efficacy of industry is either limited or uncertain.
The West Haven classification was formulated by Prof Harold Conn and colleagues at Yale University while investigating the therapeutic efficacy of lactulose.
Therefore an ordination ceremony that concerns only the individual himself does not correspond to the understanding of ordination held by the Roman Catholic Church and is subsequently without efficacy.
These circumstances, as they are altogether independent of domestic industry, so they necessarily render the efficacy of its efforts more or less uncertain.
They emphasize the efficacy of the firm's internal operations as its main commercial legacy.
This alteration was found to retain 5-HT2A affinity and selectivity, but reversed activity from an antagonist to a moderate efficacy partial agonist.
This is in opposition to the medical model, which proposes that the efficacy of psychotherapy is because of specific, critical ingredients in treatment for specific problems (Imel Wampold, 2008).
Though these two systems are overlapping, "Agamic" tradition ensures the perpetuation of the Vedic religion's emphasis on the efficacy of ritual as per Davis.
Well-designed, stringently controlled research should be done to evaluate the efficacy of alternative therapies.
``I have confidence in the remedy I propose, and only ask you to permit me to assure you of its efficacy.''

More Vocab Words

::: propensity - natural inclination
::: disembark - debark; go ashore (from a ship); unload cargo from a ship; CF. embark
::: tactile - pertaining to the organs or sense of touch
::: concession - an act of yielding; conceding; something conceded; point, right, etc. given unwillingly; privilege of maintaining a business in a certain place; Ex. oil concessions in the North sea; CF. concessionaire
::: compulsive - resulting from compulsion
::: agglomeration - collection; heap; V. agglomerate: gather into a rounded mass; N. aggolmeate: jumbled mass; heap
::: cataract - great waterfall; eye abnormality (causing a gradual loss of eyesight)
::: whine - complain (in a sad voice); make a high sad sound (as in pain or supplication)
::: prance - move about in a spirited manner (proudly and confidently)
::: rebus - representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols; puzzle in which pictures or letters stand for words; Ex. ``R U 18'' is a rebus for ``Are you 18''.