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Vocabulary Word

Word: effective

Definition: effectual; producing a strong response; striking; in operation; in effect; Ex. effective speech/photograph

Sentences Containing 'effective'

Behavioral treatments have been shown to be effective.
Bromide can be regarded as the first effective medication for epilepsy.
Card's resignation was effective April 14, 2006.
Competencies in this category should demonstrate pertinent behaviors for effective management to be effective.
Conversely, for treating reflux, smaller and more frequent doses are more effective.
Division into these divisions is effective, but debatable.
Eden was for all his abilities not a very effective public speaker.
Effective Date of Registration as Citizen.
Effective for bittering, flavour and aroma.
Even for boils, this remedy will prove to be quite effective.
Gardner was an effective presence in front of the net, and was a skilled scorer.
He resigned his commission effective July 1899.
He returned to combat duty and proved himself effective again.
He was a very effective president, as Dines recalled.
He was not as effective against other top players as he was against his teacher.
He was particularly effective on difficult batting pitches.
His amulets were believed to be effective.
His playing style would go on to be effective against anyone.
His resignation was announced on 25 March and effective from 5 April.
His retirement was effective as of June 22, 2000.
However, it has not been shown to be effective in humans in a clinical trial. Marketing.
I tried to speak, but the gag was effective; I could not make a sound.
It is effective first line of treatment against: Other uses.
It is more effective for the customer when he searches for a specific item.
It was designed to be effective against soil pests.
Iveković has also been effective in her sculptures.
Likewise, ablation is not an effective option, either.
Of these metal surfaces, copper and zinc have been found to be most effective.
Ondansetron (Zofran) is effective for nausea and vomiting.
Subsequently, it became effective on 5 July 2004.
The change of name became effective on 25 November.
The darts are also effective against armour.
The departure became effective on August 2009.
The DP had a reputation as an effective light support weapon.
The last section of the act provided that it was not effective for Northern Ireland.
The leaves of Peepal are highly effective in treating heart disorders.
The proclamation becomes effective only after Congress has concurred.
The registration was effective from 24 December 2007.
Then we tried to make it the hidden track, and that wasn't effective.
There is currently no effective treatment.
These changes will be effective by the local elections in 2014.
They are also most effective when using a niche strategy.
They are the most effective reversible methods of contraception because they do not depend on patient compliance.
This is a principled campaign ad, and a very, very effective one."
This method can be more effective than product placement.
This method proved to be very effective.
This tactic was especially effective in cities.
This takeover was effective as of September 29, 2011.
Tie-wraps double as an effective restraint.
With an effective temperature of 5627 K, Kepler-10 is cooler than the Sun.

More Vocab Words

::: remit - transmit (money) in payment; free someone from a debt or punishment
::: confidant - (confidante) trusted friend (to whom one tells one's secret)
::: parched - extremely dry; very thirsty; V. parch: make or become extremely dry (by exposure to heat)
::: lurid - wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome; horrible; Ex. lurid details of the murder
::: prolific - producing offspring or fruit in abundance; fertile; fecund; abundantly fruitful; producing abundant works; Ex. prolific writer
::: inroad - hostile invasion; advance that lessens the quantity or difficulty of something; Ex. The long illness made serious inroads on his savings; CF. raid
::: musky - having the odor of musk; N. musk: odorous substance secreted by an Asian deer
::: psychosomatic - of the influence of the mind on the body (esp. with respect to disease)
::: sophisticated - worldly wise and urbane; refined; complex; N. sophistication; V. sophisticate
::: forgo - (forego) give up; do without