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Vocabulary Word

Word: ecstasy

Definition: rapture; very strong feeling of joy and happiness; any overpowering emotion; ADJ. ecstatic: causing or experiencing ecstasy

Sentences Containing 'ecstasy'

"Ecstasy and Wine", however, was released without the band's consent and Kevin Shields retrieved 10,000 LP copies from the manager of Lazy Records soon after its release.
"Ecstasy" was released on 25 November 1987 on Lazy Records.
"Ecstasy"s recording was plagued by technical and financial errors, which impacted the eventual release of the album.
All of "Ecstasy"s seven tracks were written and composed by Kevin Shields, with Colm Ó Cíosóig credited as the co-writer of three tracks—"The Things I Miss", "Clair" and "(Please) Lose Yourself in Me".
All personnel credits adapted from "Ecstasy"s liner notes.
Almost ten years after creating the "Visions of Ecstasy" soundtrack, Severin released an album entitled "Visions", featuring four tracks derived from the original pieces written for the film, plus another five instrumentals.
Benson remarked that Tara's story arc is significant within the episode, starting out with ecstasy but soon recognizing the illusory circumstances surrounding her bliss and that "life can't be perfect all the time".
Bittersweet and unplugged, his music surveys love, anger, ecstasy, depression, fear, loneliness, regret, and contentment.
But, in our youthful ecstasy, I don't think that we really looked before us or behind us; or had any aspiration beyond the ignorant present.
Carter later admitted that Ryan released him because of alcohol and drug abuse, including large amounts of ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana, and credits his former coach with helping him turn his life around as a result. Minnesota Vikings.
Comedown refers to the after effects of heavy recreational stimulant use , usually (although not limited to) ecstasy, amphetamine, methylphenidate and cocaine.
cried Mr. Peggotty, rolling his head in an ecstasy at the idea; 'Lord, as if I should do anythink else!--"If you please, I am steadier now, and I have thought better of it, and I'll be as good a little wife as I can to him, for he's a dear, good fellow!"
Each order, or lineage within an order, has one or more forms for group dhikr, the liturgy of which may include recitation, singing, music, dance, costumes, incense, "muraqaba" (meditation), ecstasy, and trance.
Ecstasy is the second mini album by the alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine, released on 25 November 1987 on Lazy Records.
Eileen worked with producer and musician Steven Severin who had provided music for the film "Visions of Ecstasy" for Nigel Wingrove.
He prayed, and prayed aloud, no longer terrified at the sound of his own voice, for he fell into a sort of ecstasy.
I know not whether it was the dumps or a budding ecstasy.
I want to praise that sensation, celebrate that feeling, and recreate the ecstasy that comes with a total mind-blowing, body-shaking orgasm."
In 1982, he produced, and played bass on, the Lydia Lunch EP "The Agony Is the Ecstasy" and in 1983 co-wrote the song "Torment" with Marc Almond on the latter's LP "Torment and Toreros" (by Marc and the Mambas).
In 2005 Ellis purchased ecstasy tablets from a drug dealer who was under surveillance by the New Zealand Police.
In a separate review of "Ecstasy and Wine", AllMusic writer Bradley Torreano described "Ecstasy" as the point where the band "started moving toward Cocteau Twins territory, using guitarist Bilinda Butcher's airy voice to define their image" and when "Shields and Butcher exploring the guitar landscapes that would later become their trademark".
Jackson sings over the light sound of rain and thunder, representing climax and ecstasy.
Lavety failed a drugs test for the recreational drug ecstasy in 1995.
Most of the tracks are performed by Cardiacs, but the album also features two tracks performed by Cardiacs spin-off projects: The Sea Nymphs ("Christ Alive") and Tim Smith's Extra Special OceanLandWorld ("Veronica In Ecstasy").
Near the end of Tara's song, she sings, "Lost in ecstasy / Spread beneath my Willow tree / You make me / Com — plete", as Tara levitates off the bed while Willow tacitly performs cunnilingus on her.
Oh, my friend, the agony in that shrouded face was ecstasy to see!
Olivetti was later killed by The Hassassin during his mission to track down four kidnapped Cardinals at the "fire altar of science" which was the Ecstasy of St Theresa and the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria.
Part of the 1961 novel was adapted to film in "The Agony and the Ecstasy" (1965), starring Charlton Heston as Michelangelo and Rex Harrison as Pope Julius II.
Perhaps indeed he or she to whom the free exhilarating ecstasy of nakedness in Nature has never been eligible (and how many thousands there are!)
Rapture-Palooza (also known as Ecstasy) is a 2013 American fantasy-comedy film written by Chris Matheson and directed by Paul Middleditch.
Rolling is a 2007 independent drama film about a diverse group of characters who are linked by the drug MDMA ("ecstasy").
Rothko observed that color was "only an instrument;" his interest was "in expressing human emotions tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on."
Shields used a twelve-string electric guitar during the "Ecstasy"s recording sessions and was influenced by The Byrds during the writing process, which resulted in the guitar tones being "too jingly jangly".
Started in the early sixties with films such as "It Started in Naples" by Melville Shavelson with Clark Gable, and "The Agony and the Ecstasy" by Carol Reed, with Charlton Heston.
T-Rick's gnome is smashed, revealing that it contains a large amount of ecstasy tablets, which are quickly consumed by the partygoers.
The Agony and the Ecstasy (1961) is a biographical novel of Michelangelo Buonarroti written by American author Irving Stone.
The album was later combined with My Bloody Valentine's preceding single, "Strawberry Wine", and reissued on the compilation album "Ecstasy and Wine" (1989), which was released on Lazy Records without the band's consent.
The Cherry Bombz released two EPs: "The Cherry Bombz" (1985) and "House Of Ecstasy" (1986) as well as a live album, "Coming Down Slow" (1986).
The contents of the album were later combined with the band's preceding single, "Strawberry Wine", and reissued on the compilation album "Ecstasy and Wine", released in February 1989 on Lazy Records.
The other students would faint or run out of the room in ecstasy.
The recording sessions for "Ecstasy" took place a week after the recording sessions for "Strawberry Wine".
The third Cardinal was branded with the Fire symbol and was burned alive at the third altar of science which was the Ecstasy of St Theresa at the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria.
This sudden ecstasy on the part of Mr. Peggotty was so delightful to her, that she could not leave off laughing; and the more she laughed the more she made me laugh, and the greater Mr. Peggotty's ecstasy became, and the more he rubbed his legs.
To see her lay the flowers against her little dimpled chin, was to lose all presence of mind and power of language in a feeble ecstasy.
Two paintings, "Diana with cupids" and "Ecstasy of the Magdalen" are found in the "Palazzo Spalletti-Trivelli" in Bologna.
Upon its release, "Ecstasy" received moderate critical acclaim.
When he was older, traveled across the US to New Jersey where he attended Rutgers University but was unable to complete his first year due to his problems with substance abuse, including crack cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine and alcohol, as well as abuse of anabolic steroids.
Works of Art Discussed in "The Agony and the Ecstasy".
Writer Colin Larkin described "Ecstasy"s sound as "bubblegum pop with buzzsaw guitars", which was similar to their prior releases and further diverged from their earlier post-punk and gothic rock sound.
``Very well, very well,''said the major, who was in ecstasy at the attention paid him by the count.

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