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Vocabulary Word

Word: ecosystem

Definition: ecological community together with its environment

Sentences Containing 'ecosystem'

A characteristic of horticultural communities is that useful trees are often to be found planted around communities or specially retained from the natural ecosystem.
A research project was started in 2009 in order to study ecosystem impact and long-term recovery.
A review in CRM Search identified HubSpot's "Strengths" as the sophistication of its Call to Action (CTA) tool and its online ecosystem, the HubSpot Marketplace.
A seral community (or sere) is an intermediate stage found in ecological succession in an ecosystem advancing towards its climax community.
Although, the impact of the Black Musk Deer on an ecosystem is not 100% understood, it is believed to have had an impact on the vegetation being that that they consume mostly grass other plants.
As a result, efforts have been undertaken to check the deterioration of the lake and its surrounding ecosystem.
As photosynthesis has not taken place in the dark vessel, it provides a measure of ecosystem respiration.
As the local plants have not developed defensive compounds against leafcutters and Africa does not have parasites evolved to infect them, the results for both the ecosystem and agriculture would be devastating.
During night, this technique measures all components of ecosystem respiration.
Ecologists, including the World Wildlife Fund, have raised significant concerns about damage to the Danube Delta ecosystem.
Ecosystem Zones in the park are grasslands, shrublands, riparian, foothills-conifer, and caprock.
Estimates of ecosystem respiration, the total carbon dioxide produced by the ecosystem, can also be made with gas flux measurements.
Extensive development in the Passaic River Basin has resulted in flood damages and ecosystem degradation.
For an example of the latter, consider spam, which thrives in the email ecosystem and could not exist outside it.
Generally with time (thousands of years) soils become deficient in P leading to ecosystem retrogression.
Gross primary production can be estimated from measurements of net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of carbon dioxide made by the eddy covariance technique.
However, the action of rock climbers has proven destructive to the ecosystem, in addition to being dangerous to the climbers themselves.
In a model ecosystem with a terrestrial-aquatic interface, sorgum seedlings were treated with mirex at 1.1 kg/ha.
In nature, Abbey is both an individual, solitary and independent, and a member of a greater ecosystem, as both predator and prey.
It is an important component of acacia savannas with of annual precipitation in East Africa, which includes the wetter parts of the Serengeti ecosystem.
Loss of the habitat and nutrients provided by kelp forests leads to profound cascade effects on the marine ecosystem.
Meinesz believes that one of the worst cases of a single invasive species causing harm to an ecosystem can be attributed to a seemingly harmless jellyfish.
Native species of tarantula, as well as reptiles, also exist in the fragile and arid ecosystem.
Net primary production is the rate at which all the plants in an ecosystem produce net useful chemical energy; it is equal to the difference between the rate at which the plants in an ecosystem produce useful chemical energy (GPP) and the rate at which they use some of that energy during respiration.
Now that the jellyfish have exhausted the zooplankton, including fish larvae, their numbers have fallen dramatically, yet they continue to maintain a stranglehold on the ecosystem.
Protection by Olympic National Park, has allowed these rain forests to retain old growth trees, which supports a varied ecosystem.
Small-scale agriculture had only a minor impact on the region, and the prairie remained primarily a plain/prairie ecosystem.
Sumapaz Páramo (Spanish Páramo de Sumapaz - meaning "Utterly peaceful moorland" ) is a large páramo ecosystem located in the Altiplano Cundiboyacense mountain range, considered the largest páramo ecosystem in the world.
The availability of phosphorus in an ecosystem is restricted by the rate of release of this element during weathering.
The best solution is generally dependent on the particular species or ecosystem that is being considered.
The burning of the shrubs leads to habitat loss of many species and can be very detrimental to the ecosystem as a whole.
The cliff's unique ecosystem hosts lichens, as well as cedar trees, some of which may be as much as five hundred years old.
The current state of the river ecosystem reflects the type of long-term degradation often associated with heavily urbanized watersheds.
The ecosystem around Goff's Caye is very important to fisheries by producing lobster, conch and finfish.
The ecosystem of Ragged Mountain is most threatened by development.
The health of the kelp forest ecosystem is significant in nurturing populations of fish, including commercially important fish species.
The Kaipara Harbour is a productive marine ecosystem, with diverse habitats and ecotones.
The more biodiverse the hardwood-forest ecosystem, the more challenges and opportunities its managers face.
The natural domain contributes: water quantity, quality, and ecosystem constraints.
The Ocala National Forest contains a high proportion of remaining inland scrub habitat and is noted for its sand pine scrub ecosystem.
The park was established in 1991 with the purpose of conserving the unique biodiversity of the local ecosystem and reducing the human pressures on the protected area.
The pollens found in the cores have revealed a complex ecosystem that changed over time.
The release of phosphorus from apatite dissolution is a key control on ecosystem productivity.
The second goal is to conserve the functions and native processes of the near-shore ecosystem.
There is a continued disappearance in the habitat, human intervention, and a great loss in vital ecosystem services.
Therefore, there is not a single monolithic ecosystem for the entire Rocky Mountain Range.
These activities, if effective, should restore the stream to a dynamic and functioning ecosystem resembling pre-1941 conditions.
This is a fairly recent phenomenon, but one which may eventually have grave consequences for the tree fern ecosystem in Hawaii.
This will have detrimental effects on the whole river ecosystem, particularly the turtles, fish and migratory birds.
With regard to the device's shortcomings, Klug mentioned "lack of USB or external storage, a still fledgling application ecosystem, and a few others."

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