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Vocabulary Word

Word: economy

Definition: efficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources

Sentences Containing 'economy'

"Seat apportionment on council:" Economy and infrastructure.
After the war, the local economy dipped.
Among them are the following: Economy and infrastructure.
Architecture outside the monastery: Economy.
As the city's formal economy grows, this puts pressure on the informal economy.
Coal mining is central to the economy of the region.
District's economy is based on agriculture.
Economy is a subject which admits of being treated with levity, but it can not so be disposed of.
Economy of scale by size is replaced by economy of scale by number.
Geography climate, economy, flora and fauna.
He divided Economy into "positive economy" (the study of what is, and the way the economy works), "normative economy" (the study of what should be), and the "art of economics" (applied economics).
He is a change agent for a knowledge economy and Catallaxy.
However, most of its economy is based on industry.
I had settled my little economy to my own heart’s content.
In 2007, the economy in the West Bank improved gradually.
It borders Cambodia to the East. Economy.
It will save me a world of trouble and economy.
It would also be expensive, and the Argentine economy was poor.
Its economy is based on the oil industry.
Its economy was based on agriculture, fishery, and hunting.
Much farmland was damaged, and the economy deteriorated.
Prior to this, population and the economy had stagnated.
Sarajevo's fraternity cities include: Economy.
Share of the Brazilian economy: 0.1% (2005).
Share of the Brazilian economy: 4% (2005).
So the bottom line here is, you can't do it by growing the economy alone.
Some kondha tribes lives in Gajapati district. Economy.
The arms industry was dominant in the Yugoslavian economy.
The author’s economy, and happy life, among the Houyhnhnms.
The economy is based primarily on agriculture.
The economy of Bargarh is largely dependent on agricultural products.
The economy of the area is mainly farming.
The economy of the district is based on timber industry.
The economy of the village is complemented by stockbreeding.
The economy there is based on agriculture and fishery.
The effect of the festival on Sheffield's economy is worth millions of pounds.
The following members are chosen: Economy.
The Kilometer chart from Thiruvambady is given below: Economy.
The largest lake in Vegårshei is Vegår. Economy.
The more contact that the Lacandón had with other people, the more their economy morphed.
The town economy depends on agriculture.
The town economy was dominated by agriculture and forestry.
The village has a agriculture based economy.
There's an economy of language that comes in here.
These are the towns and villages in each district: Economy.
These are the towns in each district: Economy.
These projects had a visible impact on the economy and the economy grew every year under James' leadership.
This brings about a number of problems for the Japanese economy.
Tourism is the most significant segment of the Nainital's economy.
While most of the economy is centered on the oil industry, tourism is growing.

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