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Vocabulary Word

Word: eclectic

Definition: selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; N. eclecticism

Sentences Containing 'eclectic'

"Fantasea" was critically acclaimed by music critics, who praised its eclectic range and Banks' versatility and delivery.
"It's definitely going to be an eclectic kind of vibe.
- Lichfield Gazette, July 2011 "enriched their audience with floods of melody in an eclectic yet well proportioned selection of musical delights."
An infrequent contributor to the journal, Isaac Rice chose topics that were nonetheless eclectic.
Balthasar is very eclectic in his approach, sources, and interests and remains difficult to categorize.
Both uniform and non-uniform members staff this section, providing an eclectic mix of internal services to the department and its members.
Casillas has spent the years following her retirement from competition developing her own eclectic martial art of Shen Chun Do, "the way of the warrior spirit".
Centazzo is an eclectic drummer, percussionist, pioneer electronicist and composer.
Due to this eclectic yet pop-like nature, Bird has often referred to it as his "jukebox album".
Even today KGF is a small centre of an eclectic Tamil-Kannada culture.
Glasgow galleries include the Burrell Collection, housing the extensive and eclectic collection of art left to the city by shipping magnate Sir William Burrell.
Harbin, the provincial capital, is a city of contrasts, with Chinese, Russian, and eclectic worldwide influences clearly apparent.
Having raised a large sum of money from the government, he built himself a palace there and constructed a number of other buildings in an eclectic variety of styles from around Europe.
He accommodates the changes suggested by others, mirroring the eclectic directions, and willingness to adapt, current at the turn of the twentieth century.
He created an impressive portfolio from neoclassic to eclectic, reflecting his unique brand of versatility and creativity.
His architectural styles were eclectic, but as he worked during the period of the Gothic Revival much of his output incorporates elements of the English Gothic style.
His works were by then featured in a more eclectic venue, the Bucharest-based "Noua Revistă Română".
However during recent years it become a decent point of interest for fine electronica music and modern art shows at an eclectic forest retreat.
In 1969 they recorded the ‘Basta’ LP, which included an eclectic and highly political collection of songs from different parts of the world, establishing the fundamental element of the New Chilean Song: its Internationalism.
In general residential styles range from large -story wood-frame dwellings to smaller bungalows, with an eclectic collection of imposing Queen Anne and Colonial Revival houses.
In terms of style, he represented a conservative bent of the eclectic style which more or less reconstructed various time-worn styles of history.
In this design he made use of a rather eclectic Neo-Renaissance style that refers to the economic and artistic prime of the city in the 16th-century.
It is a definitive and eclectic blend of a cappella southern gospel songs.
It was built after 1856 in Eclectic style.
It was influenced by several eclectic musical styles, including elements of pop, surf, and garage rock.
Keating practices in the historical eclectic and neo-classic mold, even when the building's typology is a skyscraper.
Known by the listeners as “Captain of the Air,” Ruwe featured an eclectic selection of whatever sort of music struck his fancy.
Peart also serves as Rush's primary lyricist, attracting much attention over the years for his eclectic style.
Proof has stated his admiration for Garcia's eclectic style, saying that Garcia "went against the grain".
Released on August 23, 2012 House of Cards, on Caldwell's Starmine Records label is an eclectic mix of all new Caldwell originals.
Rowan Shaeffer of "Counterculture", commented on the album's diversity, saying "to say that the is eclectic would be a gross understatement," citing Pink Floyd and Mr. Bungle as evident influences.
Sarajevo is internationally renowned for its eclectic and diverse selection of festivals.
The 25 room mansion is built in the eclectic Florida Boom style.
The album received favorable reviews, which commented on its "eclectic" and "introspective" nature.
The band is known for their impressive and eclectic live performances, which include unconventional instrumentation such as megaphones, multiple lead microphones, electronic drum kits, multiple keyboards, computers and more.
The band's style and lyrics are eclectic.
The Irish Festival Awards were set up in 2007 to honour the organisers and people behind the scenes that make every Irish summer such an eclectic celebration of music, art and performance.
The names of the A1s were an eclectic mix including: No.
The original church was burnt in a fire, but was rebuilt with the preservation of late classical and eclectic features.
The result was an eclectic mix of music, some electric, some acoustic, but all bearing the Soda Signature style.
The separate publication of this article, and contributions to the "Edinburgh Christian Instructor" and "The Eclectic Review", enhanced his reputation as an author.
The station's mandate had been to present significantly different programming than other radio stations in the Greater Toronto Area, but before Marsden's arrival the station's format had been highly eclectic.
The strip also contains many eclectic references to other cult television, film and literary mythologies alongside various religious traditions.
The theatre was built in place of an old hospital that was run by the Order of the Holy Ghost. The building is an example of the Polish Eclectic architectural style.
Their image was enhanced by their eclectic and often homemade clothing, and the very long hair worn by both male and female members of the band.
These range from the eclectic styles and hybrid forms of the colonial period to the tendency of more contemporary architecture to incorporate trends from around the world.
They are known for their unconventional song structures and eclectic instrumentation (including the use of a clarinet in many tracks).
When reviewing for "Calgary Sun", Mike Bell highlighted their eclectic nature and in conclusion said the album is "fittingly, fun and surprising".
Woodworth was strongly opposed to “epistemological tables of commandments” such as the strict and narrow approaches of Titchener and Watson, preferring a somewhat eclectic approach.
WRPL moved the studios back to the original location on East Morehead Street and changed to an eclectic album oriented rock format in the early 1970s.

More Vocab Words

::: exhilarating - invigorating and refreshing; cheering; V. exhilarate: make cheerful and excited; Ex. exhilarated by the ride in the sports car
::: modulate - tone down in intensity; change the intensity or tone of; regulate; change from one musical key to another; Ex. modulate from E to G
::: gadfly - animal-biting fly; irritating person
::: apprise - inform
::: hoary - white with age
::: contortions - twistings; distortions; V. contort: twist violently out of shape; CF. contortionist
::: humus - substance or rich soil formed by decaying vegetable matter; CF. soil
::: antediluvian - antiquated; extremely ancient
::: ichthyology - study of fish; CF. ichthyo-: fish
::: waft - move gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves; Ex. leaves wafting past the window