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Vocabulary Word

Word: eccentric

Definition: irregular; odd; unconventional; whimsical; bizarre; not concentric

Sentences Containing 'eccentric'

'Because his brother was a little eccentric--though he is not half so eccentric as a good many people--he didn't like to have him visible about his house, and sent him away to some private asylum-place: though he had been left to his particular care by their deceased father, who thought him almost a natural.
A particularly eccentric feature introduced in the Falcon Framework was mouse gestures using the middle mouse button.
After a hard contest with that eccentric action of thought which had last perplexed him, he had got the better of it.
After that success, Low published many cartoons depicting Hughes' forceful and eccentric personality.
Alexei Sayle stars as Billy Balowski, an eccentric taxi driver and brother of the students' landlord Jerzei.
All had severe eccentric mitral regurigitation (MR).
Along with Sir John Bussy and Sir William Bagot he was appointed one of the eccentric Richard's 'continual councillors' who gained an unsavoury reputation.
Although witnesses feel that his claim is little more than the boasting of a rich eccentric, Fogg is in fact undertaking a secret mission on behalf of his Eridanian colleagues.
Amahl then talks with King Kaspar, who is childlike, eccentric, and a bit deaf.
And did the eccentric person commit any new originality?''
Associates referred to him as "eccentric" and an "enigma."
At the turn of the century, the Safe's membership is updated and Larionov brings to the band some elements of the eccentric show.
But by now the eccentric and foolish DeSniff has tasted power and he wants to time travel too.
Compared to the outgoing model, the average new design of the French line is less eccentric.
For a point "P" orbiting in an ellipse, the eccentric anomaly is the angle "E" in the figure to the right.
Glynn was eccentric in manner and dress.
He may seem eccentric but he really listens to his patients - he's very straight forward and not at all stuck up.
Her eccentric style sets her apart from her peers.
In 2007 he appeared as a regular cast member in the ITV series "Kingdom", playing the eccentric Sidney Snell, returning for a third series in 2009.
In a typical book or episode, the enthusiastic zebra "trots into trouble" through his slightly eccentric behaviour.
In celestial mechanics, eccentric anomaly is an angular parameter that defines the position of a body that is moving along an elliptic Kepler orbit.
In Paris, the LeFever Parfumaire is concerned about their eccentric leader, Marcel, who equates smell as the most important factor in the forward movement of the evolutionary process.
Indeed, from the direction of the Metropolitan Station no one was coming save the single gentleman whose eccentric conduct had drawn my attention.
Jemmy Hirst (1738–1829) was an English eccentric.
Jonathan Bernstein in the British newspaper "The Observer" writes "What could have been, at best, an eccentric diversion and, at worst, a shuddering embarrassment, succeeded on every level [...]
Krag settled in Copenhagen, where he was part of the Norwegian colony that frequented the café Bernina, known for his eccentric behaviour and being a night owl.
My pockets had always puzzled Weena, but at the last she had concluded that they were an eccentric kind of vase for floral decoration.
Next came a comic western, "The Missouri Breaks" (1976), a ramshackle, eccentric story of a horse thief (Jack Nicholson) facing off with an eccentric bounty hunter (played by Marlon Brando).
One day, when she is alone in the shop, a rich and eccentric American theatre promoter, Hiram Bent, bumbles in.
Penny said she is a bit eccentric and that her ambition was to make every teenager's dream come true.
Robert Glynn, afterwards Clobery (5 August 1719 – 6 February 1800) was an English physician, known as a generous eccentric.
Seaside dress was seen as more daring, frivolous, eccentric, and brighter.
She has an extremely eccentric personality, and is very friendly and motherly towards her students, even Usagi.
Such a thing is really out of rule eccentric or stupid.
The compression volume is defined by the trochoidally rotating rotor mounted on an eccentric drive shaft with a typical 80 to 85% adiabatic efficiency.
The eccentric anomaly is one of three angular parameters ("anomalies") that define a position along an orbit, the other two being the true anomaly and the mean anomaly.
The eccentric bookseller John Dunton, from whom our only knowledge of him is derived, has left a flattering account of his abilities.
The Great Dictator has fallen and a power vacuum sparks a chess game of eccentric players scheming for control.
The kennel, to make amends, ran down the middle of the street when it ran at all: which was only after heavy rains, and then it ran, by many eccentric fits, into the houses.
The planet, designated Mu Arae b, was thought to be in a highly eccentric orbit of around 743 days.
The true anomaly and the eccentric anomaly are related as follows.
There was nothing of presumption or folly in Bingley that could provoke his ridicule, or disgust him into silence; and he was more communicative, and less eccentric, than the other had ever seen him.
These offerings of affection were of a most various and eccentric description.
This planet takes 380.85 days or 12.5 months to revolve around the star with an eccentricity of 0.75, one of the most eccentric of any known extrasolar planets.
This was achieved through – in Nomura's words – Lulu's "eccentric" hair and dress.
Thus it does not surprise anybody that the eccentric singer never, not even once, tries to make contact with his fellow Jews who took refuge in his house.
``Because, my dear fellow, you understand one must never be eccentric.
``Doubtless you wish to make me appear a very eccentric character.
``He was an eccentric being, and did not believe in the existence of gratitude.''
``In reality,''observed Albert,``he seemed to me somewhat eccentric; were he at Paris, and a frequenter of the theaters, I should say he was a poor devil literally mad.

More Vocab Words

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::: divulge - reveal
::: ossify - change or harden into bone; become hard and unchanging in one's ideas
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::: forebears - (forbears) ancestors
::: colloquy - informal discussion; conversation
::: efficacy - power to produce desired effect; ADJ. efficacious: effectual
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::: prototype - original work used as a model by others