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Vocabulary Word

Word: dysentery

Definition: inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract

Sentences Containing 'dysentery'

A dysentery epidemic spread through the Allied trenches at Anzac and Helles, while the Ottomans also suffered heavily from disease which resulted in many deaths.
After Francis Drake died of dysentery in 1596 at sea, he was said to be buried in a lead coffin near Portobelo Bay.
After returning to Damascus in July 1149, Mu'in ad-Din "ate a hearty meal, as was his usual custom, and was seized thereafter by a loosening of the bowels...From this resulted in the disease known as dysentery..."
After serving as an assistant physician in Oslo he took the doctor medicinae degree in 1935 with the doctoral thesis "Studies on the Dissociation of the Dysentery Bacilli".
Aimee Semple McPherson held the largest outdoor baptism to date before 10,000 spectators in the Idora Park swimming tanks after returning from the "Orient" following the death of her husband, Robert James Semple from dysentery.
Because she has dysentery, Mary leaves for Nairobi to see a doctor; while she is gone Ernest kills a leopard, after which the men have a protracted "ngoma".
Between 1812 and 1820 a cholera-like disease spread throughout the region, a fatal form of dysentery, as well as ague and bilious fevers.
He suffered from dysentery for twenty days and then died.
In 1259 Möngke died of cholera or dysentery during the battle of Diaoyucheng that was defended by Wang Jian.
In prison he was tortured by being made to eat salty food without adequate drink and by restricting the oxygen in his dirty, crowded and unventilated cell; he contracted dysentery and died.
Included among this may be as many as Many soldiers became sick due to the unsanitary conditions, especially from enteric fever, dysentery and diarrhoea.
It will kill the causative agents of typhoid, gastroenteritis (some agents), rabies, enteric fever, cholera, several forms of meningitis, whooping cough, gonorrhea and several types of dysentery.
Old wives' tales often discourage unwanted behavior, usually in children, or for folk cures for ailments ranging from a toothache to dysentery.
Pierce then informs Radar that rabies and dysentery are two of the most prevalent diseases in Korea, and that the dog needs to be tested to see if it is a carrier.
She stayed with the Nidevers upon her return to civilization, but contracted dysentery and died only a few weeks later.
The death metal band Wayd was founded in 1994 when thrash metal band MARION and death metal band DYSENTERY fused together.
The English also began to fall sick rather early into the siege, and it is estimated that one sixteenth of the besiegers died from dysentery and smallpox.
The Indian basil peepal works wonders in treating dysentery.
The vessel returned successfully to Naples in 1868 but de Filippi died in Hong Kong from dysentery during the previous year.

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