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Vocabulary Word

Word: dynamo

Definition: generator for producing electricity; energetic person

Sentences Containing 'dynamo'

As has been said, the arrangement of the preceding Section is a dynamo in miniature.
Every dynamo, no matter how complex its structure and appearance, consists of a coil of wire which can rotate continuously between the poles of a strong magnet.
The current obtained from such a dynamo alternates in direction, flowing first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.
In the construction of the motor, continuous motion in one direction is obtained by the use of a commutator -LRB- Section 310 -RRB-; in the construction of a dynamo, continuous current in one direction is obtained by the use of a similar device.
The power and efficiency of a dynamo are increased by employing the devices previously mentioned in connection with the motor.
A small dynamo, such as is used for lighting fifty incandescent lamps, has a horse power of about 33.5, and large dynamos are frequently as powerful as 7500 horse power.

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