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Vocabulary Word

Word: dynamic

Definition: energetic; vigorously active

Sentences Containing 'dynamic'

"The library is now a part of a complex and dynamic educational, recreational, and informational infrastructure."
'Dynamic Structures: Painted Vessels' also marked her 70th birthday.
A dynamic spectacle is dependent on the situation in which it is used.
Adapting that dynamic epic to comics proved a better solution than simply adapting the play.
Additionally, mixture ratios can be dynamic during launch.
Both thresholds should be realistic otherwise the dynamic of the E-Auction and the interest of suppliers are ebbing.
But the human being is mobile and dynamic, occupying both space and to time.
Currently they are using Adobe Dynamic Streaming for Flash.
Dynamic braking reduced wear and tear on brake shoes, reducing maintenance costs.
Dynamic equilibria can also exist in a single-phase system.
Dynamic growth rates are driving down costs and spurring rapid advances in technologies.
Dynamic Resolution Adaptation (DRA) is an audio encoding specification developed by DigiRise Technology.
Each of these may be encoded as low or high dynamic range.
Elysa Gardner, of "USA Today", said Williamson added "dynamic support" to the show.
Gomez describes Roemer as "a dynamic orator who could light up an audience with his first two sentences.
He later published the theory in "Dynamic psychology" (1918) and "Dynamics of Behavior" (1958).
Her passion and dynamic personality captivate viewers.
However, such filtering also limits the dynamic control system performance.
However, these tensions eased and the prison dynamic stabilized.
However, workarounds are possible by abusing dynamic constructs present in many formats.
In 1948, when the Series 60 was renamed the Dynamic the "Cruiser" tag was dropped from the Series 70 and it was once again named the Dynamic 76 and 78.
Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement
It also enables the analysis of nonlinear dynamic conditions.
It is from these dynamic interrelationships that new properties of the system emerge.
It is not sufficient to utilize multiple priority levels because priority itself is often dynamic.
It is one of the most dynamic economic area, the product of its large farming and ranching.
It was initially known as a dynamic address translation (DAT) box.
Lindy hop is generally considered a very dynamic form of dance.
Personality can be defined as a dynamic and organized set of personal traits and patterns of behavior.
Personality style is apparent "when these elements of personality are expressed in a characteristically repeated and dynamic combination."
Processes are always properties of dynamic systems; they are characterized by such system attributes as variables and parameters.
She is often praised for her vocals, which are highly dynamic, soulful and raw.
She might seem quiet and polite at first, but she can be very mischievous and dynamic.
Some attributes or aspects of vehicle dynamics are purely dynamic.
Some professional sports teams offer dynamic pricing structures.
Sports Photographer of the Year We're looking for the most dynamic, creative and technically impressive pieces of the year.
That is, the replication product (progeny) of a dynamic mutation has a different likelihood of mutation than its predecessor.
The duration of the waiting period has fundamental influence on the dynamic of E-Auction.
The dynamic assembly and disassembly of focal adhesions plays a central role in cell migration.
The dynamic behavior of vehicles can be analysed in several different ways.
The dynamic nature of the characters was a unique element of writing in the series at the time.
The future at PMO is as dynamic and challenging as ever.
The opening chorus is in a major key and displays continuous dynamic musical movement.
Their significant graphics system for visualization was DORE (Dynamic Object Rendering Environment).
There are several corollaries of the dynamic optimality conjecture that remain unproven:
These activities, if effective, should restore the stream to a dynamic and functioning ecosystem resembling pre-1941 conditions.
They can be broadly classified into two types: fluid dynamic bearings and hydrostatic bearings.
This intricate struggle of power and control makes the game highly dynamic.
Through his inspiring and dynamic leadership, the student body established the traditions and values of the school.
World War I did not stop the dynamic creation of art in France.

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