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Vocabulary Word

Word: duration

Definition: length of time something lasts

Sentences Containing 'duration'

"Duration variation" refers to changes in how long the transit takes.
A difficult decision was made and the stamp-selling enterprise was shut down for the duration of the war.
A SIFS duration is a constant value and it depends on the amendments.
After a reorganization in September 1864, Harrow was left without an assignment for the duration of the war.
Also the duration of most songs made it boring to hear them."
Duration 4:28 Dancing Outtakes Dancing.
Duration: 14 November 2004 to 29 January 2005.
Duration: 1:40 Dancing in South Africa Dancing.
Duration: 3:43 Dancing Dancing Outtakes.
Duration: 4:29 Dancing Dancing in South Africa.
Duration: 4:53 Dancing Note: 13 cities have 2 segments.
Entrants are paired with partners randomly and then dance to music (whose duration varies).
He remained there for the duration of the year, scoring 11 goals and 40 points in 74 games.
He saw out the duration as a prisoner of war in Mainz, Germany.
His other hand must remain free for the duration of the ride.
In 1907 it was again lengthened to four years, the present duration.
In modern practice the dot increases the duration of the basic note by half of its original value.
In this case this is the extent, mode and duration of the working opportunity.
In tumors however, vascular lock is of a longer duration and can contribute to the effectiveness of the electrochemotherapy.
Incarcerated for the duration of the war, Villain was brought to trial in 1919.
It has been most unconsciously done, however, and I hope will be of short duration.
It must do this too in a reasonable time, regard being had to the very uncertain duration of human life, in the same manner as to the more certain duration of the machine.
It occurs regardless of whether a ‘peak’ is pleasant or unpleasant, and regardless of the duration of the experience.
It was launched on 27 September 2009 and is two hours in duration.
Its duration is too short to induce deleterious effects due to ischemia.
Klein retained the style "the Honourable" for the duration of his membership in the Executive Council of Alberta).
Members of this series are increasing in duration.
Most formations have been intermittent in their accumulation; and their duration has probably been shorter than the average duration of specific forms.
Packer declared that Redpath would be paid for the duration.
She and her family had to live under heavy surveillance for the duration of the trial References.
She remained there for the duration of the First World War.
Some authors have even supposed that, as the individual has a definite length of life, so have species a definite duration.
Some studies have found that the duration and direction of flights made while foraging for food are similar for both sexes.
Studies on pigs indicate that the duration of placenta expulsion increases significantly with increased duration of farrowing.
That then which is longest of duration, and that which is shortest, come both to one effect.
That year, he started a research group at RTI International where he remained for the duration of his career.
The concerto is one of Mozart's longest, with a duration of about 33 minutes.
The Doctor, in a low voice, asked,``Of how long duration?''
The duration of pulses is usually one hundred microseconds.
The duration of the loan period is considerably shorter — often corresponding to the useful life of the car.
The effects of the duration of an experience upon retrospective evaluation are extremely slight.
The frequency, severity, and duration of these crises vary considerably.
The frequency, severity, and duration of these crises, however, vary tremendously.
The onset and duration of these seasons vary somewhat according to location.
The score consists of duration, intensity and asymmetry.
The track lasts for a duration of (two minutes and 59 seconds).
This plunged the Earth into a 'nuclear winter' of five years duration.
Transit duration variation method (TDV).
Variations in substrate, topography, moisture, and snowpack depth and duration determine the vegetation community.
``She is happy then,''said her father drily;``and her residence there will probably be of some duration.''

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