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Vocabulary Word

Word: draught

Definition: current of air (through a room or to a fire); act of pulling roads; act of swallowing liquid or amount of liquid swallowed at a time

Sentences Containing 'draught'

"Defence" and "Minotaur" had an overall length of , a beam of and a mean draught of . "Shannon" had more beam and one foot less draught than her sister ships to evaluate the theory that she might be faster with these proportions than her sisters.
"Lion" was significantly larger than her predecessors of the . She had an overall length of , a beam of , and a draught of at deep load.
"Unicorn" had an overall length of , a beam of , and a draught of at deep load.
"When you go out close the door, for there is a decided draught."
'Trot, my dear,' said my aunt, when she saw me making preparations for compounding her usual night-draught, 'No!'
A dish of their meat was a good mouthful, and a barrel of their liquor a reasonable draught.
A lower case "half half" is a generic Guinness draught.
Again the abbe had been obliged to swallow a draught of water to calm the emotions that threatened to overpower him.
Before the conquest of the Spaniards, there were no cattle fit for draught, either in Mexico or Peru.
Defarge refreshed himself with a draught of wine but, he took less than was given to the stranger, as being himself a man to whom it was no rarity and stood waiting until the countryman had made his breakfast.
Draught is available in pubs throughout Galway, Dublin, Cork and Roscommon.
Exactly whose the idea was I no longer remember, but I am certain that draught bitter was only 13p a pint.
Hatred is blind, rage carries you away; and he who pours out vengeance runs the risk of tasting a bitter draught.''
He preferred to go and sit upon the stairs, in the dark and a strong draught, until he was again sent for.
He stopped, held out his glass for more, and took it off at a draught.
He walked up to the sideboard, and tearing a piece from the loaf he devoured it voraciously, washing it down with a long draught of water.
Her total length was 85.1 meters, with a beam of 11.4 meters and a draught of 6.9 meters.
Horses were kept in the old stables to pull the barges up-river and the blacksmith was on hand to repair the barges and shoe the draught horses.
In pubs where Tooheys New is not available, Carlton Draught may be substituted.
It is a pure, clear, and wholesome draught; sweet, rich, and generous of its store; that injures not, neither destroys.
It is in "a class intermediate between the light harness horse and the heavy draught horse".
It originated from crossing Thoroughbred, Connemara pony and Irish Draught horses.
Its low draught was also insufficient for the passage of boats at high tide.
My object here is simply to project the draught of a systematization of cetology.
One of these, Alexander Herzen, described Granovsky's lectures as "a draught of freedom in Nicholas I's Russia".
She drank out of a golden cup, above a hogshead at a draught.
Shorthorns were used as draught animals in bullock teams, were good milkers and provided good meat.
Such gruel sustains life here, I thought; so, shutting my eyes, and excluding the motes by a skilfully directed undercurrent, I drank to genuine hospitality the heartiest draught I could.
The animal heat is the result of a slow combustion, and disease and death take place when this is too rapid; or for want of fuel, or from some defect in the draught, the fire goes out.
The beer is available kegged on draught, or in bottles.
The completed ship was in length, a beam of and a draught of . Her gross tonnage was 9,500.
The Dales, a draught pony, preserved the bone, feather, and pulling capabilities derived from the Shire and Clydesdale breeds but in a smaller and therefore more economical package.
The Darwin Stubby is available by NT Draught in the Northern Territory.
The marchioness drained the glass at a single draught, and then turned on her pillow, repeating,``The notary, the notary!''
The savages in South Africa match their draught cattle by colour, as do some of the Esquimaux their teams of dogs.
The ship was long, had a beam of , a draught of , and had a displacement of 4,530 tons.
The ship was long, with a beam of . She had a depth of , and a draught of . She was assessed at 7,359 GRT, 5,008 NRT.
The ship was long, with a beam of and a draught of . History.
The ships of the class were long, had a beam of , a draught of , and had a displacement of 3,464 ton.
The ships were long between perpendiculars and had a beam of . Forward, the ships had a draught of , but aft they drew . They displaced from and had a burthen of 1,322 tons.
These ships had twin screws and had forced-draught coal burning boilers, that is they burned pulverised coal in an artificially augmented airstream.
They had a shallow draught (8 feet, 2.43 metres).
This offered the same level of draught for a reduced level of exhaust back-pressure or, alternatively, increased draught with no performance loss elsewhere.
This whole book is but a draught--nay, but the draught of a draught.
Villefort looked for an instant with a gloomy expression, then, suddenly, taking it up with a nervous motion, he swallowed its contents at one draught.
When they find an inch of mud in the bottom of a glass, they stir it up, and then take the draught as they would gruel.
``Come, Barrois,''said the young girl,``take some of this lemonade; I see you are coveting a good draught of it.''
``Good,''she exclaimed, approaching the table,``she has taken part of her draught; the glass is three quarters empty.''
``In a month you will find on the table, at which we shall be then sitting, good pistols and a delicious draught; but, on the other hand, you must promise me not to attempt your life before that time.''
``See,''he exclaimed,``there remains still some of the magic draught.
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