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Vocabulary Word

Word: drastic

Definition: strong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures

Sentences Containing 'drastic'

"Kinetic Faith" was a drastic departure from the music on Bride's first three albums, abandoning the previous classic metal, speed metal and thrash metal roots.
"Signals" also represented a drastic stylistic transformation apart from instrumental changes.
A CD/MP3 reissue of this limited edition vinyl album, "Drastic Cinematic – Director's Cut", debuted on July 1, 2011 through Bubblegum.
A drastic reduction in the work force may cause the colony to revert to the caste structure of a young colony, which does not have soldiers.
According to the "Washington Post", the "severe" limitations this imposed on state funding forced local governments and most school districts in California to make "drastic cutbacks".
Asbjørn Sunde even suggested that Johansen be assassinated but received no support for such a drastic measure.
Bachelard saw how seemingly irrational theories often simply represented a drastic shift in scientific perspective.
Beyond the clearance of the forests, few infringements were made into Harringay lands save for the New River, the building of which presaged the more drastic developments to come.
By the 1931 Census the population had fallen again by 2 to 148, but the 1951 Census shows a drastic decrease with a population of 108.
Despite the drastic differences between pieces, Abstract Expressionism shares several broad characteristics.
Drafted and implemented in 2005 while John Negroponte served as the DNI, it describes the drastic overhaul the United States (US) intelligence community will carry out.
Drastic Cinematic is an LP by the American synthpop/electro pop band Hyperbubble from German label Pure Pop For Now People.
Drastic measures were required to increase the number of students and the legislature passed an act in February 1874 to provide for 124 scholarships of $200.
Dundee and Livingston subsequently went into administration, while Hibs and Dunfermline both took drastic measures to balance their finances, cutting their player budgets severely and selling assets.
Environmental impact. The draining of the "Donaumoos" caused some drastic environmental side effects.
From late 2000 onwards, Dortmund Airport has experienced a drastic increase in air traffic.
He took many drastic steps to bring to leaders to bar, when the current law of the country was found inadequate to try the leaders he had the new "Criminal Law Special Provision Act of 1962" drafted and passed by parliament.
However, due to ongoing gentrification of the area, West End is seeing drastic changes and much of its community emphasis is starting to fade.
However, wishing to avoid any unwanted publicity and not willing to take any drastic measures, at the suggestion of Kamban, the King orders Ambikapathi to go to the distant Pushpaga Theevu, apparently to propagate the greatness of Tamil.
In 1991 Michael Manring did an instrumental version of the song on his album "Drastic Measures".
In addition to being faced with the drastic social experiment and its consequences, which they come to reevaluate as individuals soon after the President dies, humans are faced with the threat of complete annihilation, as the cold progresses down toward the ocean floor.
In captivity, we have determined that a pH outside the range of 7.0–7.4 has drastic effects on the health of hatchlings, leading to life threatening skin problems.
In response to Suharto saying, "We want your understanding if it was deemed necessary to take rapid or drastic action East Timor," Ford replied, "We will understand and not press you on the issue.
In the late 1990s, as the computer-magazine field underwent a drastic pruning, the magazine shrank to approximately 300 and then 200 pages.
It is estimated that the total output of mines and factories in 1921 had fallen to 20% of the pre–World War level, and many crucial items experienced an even more drastic decline.
It was launched by at a press conference on 14 September 1966 by Maurice Holmes, chairman of the London Transport Board. Describing the plan as a "drastic recasting" of bus services, Holmes explained that the new system could not be brought in "overnight", but would take between 10 and 15 years to complete.
Legilimency is the magical skill of extracting feelings and memories from another person's mind — a form of magical "telepathy" (although Snape, an able practitioner of the art, dismisses the colloquial term, "mind-reading", as a drastic oversimplification).
Mixed-sex sibling pairs often experience more drastic decreases in intimacy during adolescence while same-sex sibling pairs experience a slight rise in intimacy during early adolescence followed by a slight drop.
On his way to the locker room, Rodriguez punched the wall in frustration and shattered his wrist. Rodriguez is currently recovering from this drastic injury and has not made a comeback yet.
Other historians, particularly Slovaks and Romanians, argue that the drastic change in the ethnic structure hypothesized by Hungarian historians in fact did not occur.
Reagan also called for a drastic cut in "big government" programs and pledged to deliver a balanced budget for the first time since 1969.
Sierra de San Pedro Mártir a rugged mountain range with drastic topological changes covered with pine forest and surrounded by large deserts.
Starting in the 1920s, the city government decided to take drastic efforts to revitalize Cincinnati.
Stevens left the Conservatives and formed the Reconstruction Party of Canada, after Bennett refused to implement Stevens' plan for drastic economic reform to deal with the economic crisis.
Terminal 2, formerly known as the "Central Terminal," opened in 1954 as the main airport terminal. After a drastic rebuilding designed by Gensler, it replaced Rotunda A as SFO's international terminal in 1983 and was closed for indefinite renovation when the current international terminal opened in 2000.
The Australian of the Year 2007, environmentalist Tim Flannery, predicted that unless it made drastic changes, Perth in Western Australia could become the world’s first ghost metropolis, an abandoned city with no more water to sustain its population.
The district held that the measure was "so drastic and far-reaching that it was 'a revision' of the state Constitution and not a mere amendment".
The hives are a histamine reaction in response to cold stimuli, including a drastic drop in temperature, cold air, and cold water.
The most drastic change has been the shrinkage of the publication due to contractions in the computer-industry ad market and the easy availability of the Internet, which has tended to make computer magazines less "necessary" than they once were.
The most drastic means of controlling the temple estates was to completely revise the distribution of their property nationwide, which might extend to closing down certain temples.
The operation, one of the most drastic in the Europe, filled up many Italian concentration camps, such as Rab, Gonars, Monigo, Renicci di Anghiari and elsewhere.
The post-apocalyptic scenario humanity faces within his dream involves drastic global cooling.
The public came to dislike him, as he took increasingly drastic measures against his enemies.
There were mixed reviews among economists about the provisions of the bill, with some criticising it as "too drastic".
These drastic austerity measures covered the royal household as well as civil servants; fair taxation covered all subjects.
This Awakening led to drastic changes in society; industrial machinery was largely replaced by technology driven by magic, spells, and "goetic forces" instead of fossil fuels and electricity.
This convinced Piłsudski and his supporters that more drastic measures had to be taken in dealing with the opposition.
This led to a drastic reduction of jobs and the resulting wide range of local problems; in many regions in PGR were the only employer, the new owners after restructuring usually significantly reduced the employment.
When First Great Western proposed their new Winter 2006 service there were many complaints as it would have seen a drastic reduction in trains calling at Ivybridge.
With help from his third sister, a film producer and PR specialist, he embarked on this drastic career change.

More Vocab Words

::: constitution - constituting; system of laws; composition of something; physical makeup or structure of a person; Ex. men with strong constitutions
::: morose - ill-humored; sullen; sullenly melancholy
::: tipple - drink (alcoholic beverages) frequently; N: alcoholic drink
::: asunder - into parts; apart; V. sunder
::: industrious - diligent; hard-working; N. industry
::: negate - cancel out; nullify; cause to have no effect; deny; N. negation
::: fanaticism - excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause; N. fanatic; ADJ. fanatic
::: prowess - extraordinary ability; military bravery; Ex. prowess in battle
::: sentimental - swayed by sentiment; appealing to the sentiments
::: inamorata - woman whom a man loves