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Vocabulary Word

Word: dossier

Definition: file of documents on a subject or person; file; CF. bundle of papers labeled on the back

Sentences Containing 'dossier'

"The James Bond Dossier" includes most of the Bond fiction cycle, excepting "Octopussy and The Living Daylights" (1966), the final collection of 007 short stories, which was published after the "Dossier".
"The James Bond Dossier" was the first, formal, literary study of the James Bond character.
A second inquiry by Lord Butler of Brockwell did review the intelligence on weapons of mass destruction and the production of the dossier.
Although written in Amis’s usual accessible, light-hearted style, "The James Bond Dossier" is neither patronising nor ironic — it is a detailed literary criticism of the Ian Fleming canon.
Although, as noted elsewhere, Amis wrote three books related to the James Bond franchise, and may or may not have contributed to one of Fleming's novels, "The James Bond Dossier" would end up being the only book of this type to be published under Amis's own name.
Amis reserves his most serious criticism for what he considered to be academically pretentious rejections of the Bond books, a theme implicitly informing much of the "Dossier".
Amongst other things, the "Butler Report" concluded that: "... the fact that the reference the 45 minute claim in the classified assessment was repeated in the dossier later led to suspicions that it had been included because of its eye-catching character".
Andrew Gilligan claims that the "Butler Report" vindicated his original story that the dossier had been ""sexed up"".
Concerns about James Kakoza's education background have been a matter of speculation for quite a long time until recently, Tuesday 24 August 2010 when a Ugandan tabloid "The Red Pepper" recently released a dossier complete with scanned copies of the ministers academic papers describing the minster as a "grade F" Hero.
Dossier 51 () is a novel by Gilles Perrault. In 1978 it was made into a French film, directed by Michel Deville.
For the first six evolutions, the team with the lower score was forced to vote off a player, and then headed into the dossier room to select a replacement.
Géricault posed models, compiled a dossier of documentation, copied relevant paintings by other artists, and went to Le Havre to study the sea and sky.
He also added that if elected, his administration would bolster Iran’s international relations and would find a “political solution” to closing the “dossier once and for all”.
His novels of this period include "Ladies Day/This Crowded Earth" (1968)(sf), "The Star Stalker" (1968)and "The Todd Dossier" (1969) (the book publication of which bears the byline "Collier Young").
In 1962, when a British resident of the United States, Mary Hardwick Hare, presented a dossier proving that support for such an event was overwhelming, the ITF was persuaded that a team championship played over one week in a different venue each year was a 'good idea'.
In May 2003, the defence correspondent of the BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme, Andrew Gilligan, quoted a government official who stated that the British Government had ""sexed up"" a dossier concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, against the wishes of the intelligence services.
In one hundred and sixty pages, "The James Bond Dossier" methodically catalogues and analyses the activities and minutiae of secret agent 007: the number of men he kills, the women he loves, the villains he thwarts, and the essential background of Ian Fleming's Cold War world of the 1950s.
In the event, the "Dossier"’s publication was delayed a year, because Jonathan Cape asked Amis to include discussion of "The Man With the Golden Gun".
Kingsley Amis had several motives for writing the "Dossier".
See also "The Todd Dossier" under the Bibliography section above.
The book resembles a dossier (file) containing notes, memos, wiretap transcripts, expense reports and interoffice correspondence (including administrative details, even some bickering) written in various personal styles.
The book/dossier concludes with an irrelevant administrative memo, there is no remorse whatsoever about the tragic consequences of the investigation.
The Conservative Party Chairman Norman Tebbit, with the help of an academic lawyer, assembled a dossier of the BBC's coverage of the American bombing raid on Libya in which he claimed that the reporting was heavily biased against the Americans.
The defendants had collated a dossier of evidence that outlined alleged links between EDO Corp and war crimes which included statements given by witnesses and bombing victims from Palestine.
The James Bond Dossier (1965), by Kingsley Amis, is a critical analysis of the James Bond novels.
Written at the Bond-mania’s zenith in the 1960s, "The James Bond Dossier" is the first, thorough, albeit tongue-in-cheek, literary analysis of Ian Fleming's strengths and weaknesses as a thriller-writer.

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::: drone - idle person who lives on other people's work; male bee
::: compilation - listing of information in tabular or book form; compiling
::: deputize - work or appoint as a deputy; N. deputy: person who has the power to take charge when the leading person is away
::: exorcise - drive out evil spirits
::: careen - lurch; sway from side to side; move with irregular swinging movement; stagger
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