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Vocabulary Word

Word: dominate

Definition: control; rule; enjoy a commanding position in; overlook from a height;

Sentences Containing 'dominate'

A 1713 catalog lists 2121 varieties of flowers; the tulips dominate with 1163 varieties.
After it had passed, Gaelic Irish language and customs came to dominate the country again.
and it continued to dominate the New Zealand domestic appliance market through the era of Government protectionism.
Before killing Willoughby, Afdal confirms that he started the feud to gain control of the wells that dominate the caravan routes in the region.
Booth was able to dominate the fight from the bell and Hunter made the decision not to come out for the 5th round handing victory to the champion.
But no good portrait is without some of the qualities of all these points of view, whichever may dominate the artist's intention.
By the 1940s, the spellings "hoagie" and, to a lesser extent, "hoagy" had come to dominate less used variations like "hoogie" and "hoggie".
Cliffs and steep and treacherous ledges dominate the valley area.
Cork were defeated in the provincial championship for the next few seasons as Limerick and Tipperary came to dominate the competition.
Cubism in all its phases would dominate paintings of Europe and America for the next ten years.
Due to the infancy of the film industry, BAW managed to dominate box office with minimal competition over the following years.
Even after 1945, the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) continued to dominate the votes.
Grief-stricken though Collins was, he did not give up his determination to dominate the transatlantic trade.
He also feared also that it would be used by the major powers to dominate smaller countries.
He began to dominate opening partnerships with Sutcliffe, in contrast to prior seasons when he was the junior partner.
He unmistakably provided the spiritual impulse for the painters of nature that would later dominate The Hague school.
He warned the media: The Gliders planned to dominate Mexico early, playing as aggressively against them as they had played against the Netherlands.
Hills, Cliffs, and Valleys dominate the region.
In his autobiography, Panzram wrote that he was "rage personified", and he would often rape men whom he robbed, not necessarily because he was homosexual, but to dominate and humiliate them.
In the north, the Shans who came down with the Mongols came to dominate Kachin hills and Shan hills, and went on dominate much of western and central mainland Southeast Asia.
Instead this was replaced with the "Dominate or Destroy" structure instead.
It is frugivorous and, as is often the case in Columbidae, might have played an important role in the reproduction of the trees which dominate its habitat.
It is one of the few months to be named for a god, Mars, whose festivals dominate the month.
Large brick hoppers dominate the harbour.
Mary's players continued to dominate the county sides for many years.
Morillo returned to Caracas and Morales was given troops to dominate eastern Venezuela, which he did successfully.
Native grass species such as Danthonia species and Stipa species as well as groundcovers dominate the central and eastern portions of the park.
On the way they find a kingdom where children cruelly dominate adults (OVAs 1 and 2).
Small and middle-sized businesses dominate the economy of Obwalden.
Steiner saw theocracy, conventional shareholder capitalism, and state socialism as attempts by, respectively, cultural, economic, and governmental institutions to dominate the others.
Still, very large companies dominate the business landscape.
The castle and its dependances dominate the village of Béduer and overlook the valley of the River Célé.
The Galtee Mountains and River Suir dominate the landscape here.
The gloomy building rose from the bosom of the ocean with imposing majesty and seemed to dominate the scene.
The idea really appeals to me as we both dominate one of the surfaces.
The light masses instead of the dark masses dominate the pictures, which have great brilliancy.
The Petén and Usumacinta Mayan style dominate in the Chiapas and Guatemala highlands.
The Phi Pan Nam Mountains dominate the landscape of the district; the Yom River, which has its sources in the range, is an important water resource.
The Qizilbash factions increasingly came to dominate Iran.
Then, in the Middle Ages, came a small band of Yemeni tradesmen who came to dominate the desert trade routes.
These companies dominate the world market.
These trees dominate the surviving vegetation through most of Mallee, except for swamps and areas along waterways, and the very rare stands of intact "Casuarina".
This resulted in a very strong team which was able to dominate the competition.
This was a huge hit and allowed Nintendo to dominate the card market.
Though his original intention was to preach to frontiersmen, his interests and concern for Indians quickly began to dominate his work.
Two main campuses possessing a variety of architectural styles dominate the school's layout.
Unlike the premiere of "The Sleeping Beauty", "Swan Lake" did not dominate the repertory of the Mariinsky Theatre in its first season.
Vegetables dominate the crops grown at Swanton.
While they are not very powerful in Sudan, they politically dominate Chad.
Woodlands dominate most of the landscape.

More Vocab Words

::: phalanx - formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears; group of men packed together (for attack or defense)
::: outspoken - candid; blunt
::: rider - amendment or clause added to a legislative bill
::: mortician - undertaker; CF. death
::: inculcate - teach (ideas or principles); instill
::: polemical - (polemic) aggressive in verbal attack; disputatious (rather than simply expressing opinions)
::: sullen - silently showing ill humor or resentment; dark; gloomy
::: patrimony - property inherited from a father
::: enact - make (a bill) into law
::: nimble - quick in movement; agile; quick in understanding; Ex. nimble climber/mind