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Vocabulary Word

Word: dominant

Definition: exercising the most influence; high and easily seen; stronger than the other part of a system; not recessive

Sentences Containing 'dominant'

Ahmadis are a minority with dominant majority of other Islamic sects.
Alabama was not quite as dominant in 1976 as it had been the previous five years.
At least one parent must be dominant white and it does not "skip" generations because it is not recessive.
Autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive forms of the disease have been reported.
Because the facility would have been built over the tracks, one of the dominant features would have been a grand staircase.
Below Great Plains grassland and steppe vegetation is dominant.
Birch is the most dominant plant in the region, and in places is quite tall.
But as all groups cannot thus go on increasing in size, for the world would not hold them, the more dominant groups beat the less dominant.
But if the conferva or parasitic fungus exceeds its allies in the above respects, it will then be dominant within its own class.
Cotton became dominant in the lower South after 1800.
Curlers from outside of Scotland have been dominant in this bonspiel.
Dominant white horses typically have white noses that can be subject to sunburn.
Dominant white is rare, but has occurred in many breeds.
Dominant white is, as the name implies, a genetically dominant color.
During the Classic period the dominant Civilization was the Maya.
Flutes are dominant in much of the songs, as four members of the band played that instrument.
Genotype Z of H5N1 is now the dominant genotype of H5N1.
He is not at all a dominant man or a patriarch.
His obituary in "The Guardian" described him as "the dominant cartoonist of the western world".
However the identity of the dominant species differs between sites.
In cattle, the polled allele is genetically dominant to that for horns.
In sheep, the allele for horns in both sexes is partially dominant to that for being polled in both sexes, and both of these are dominant to that for polling in the female only.
In the canyons areas, encenillo tree and tibouchina are the dominant species.
It is a dominant of the city and a national cultural monument.
It is inherited, carried on "dominant resilient genes".
It is the dominant ethnolect of Persian spoken by the Aymāq people.
It starts in the dominant major but concludes in the dominant minor, setting up a bright contrast with the closing refrain of the exposition.
Material culture has not differed from the dominant society except in dress.
Most genetic studies agree on an autosomal dominant model of inheritance.
Most of what you see, he claimed, is likely to be a product of the dominant culture in a region.
No horse has been identified as homozygous dominant white, and researchers have suggested that at least some forms of dominant white results in nonviable embryos in the homozygous state.
Over time, flowers became more dominant.
Rococo, a decadent form, replaced baroque as the dominant style.
Sail systems were the dominant form of propulsion until the 19th century.
The arms industry was dominant in the Yugoslavian economy.
The dominant culture has the most influence in shaping a landscape.
The dominant players tend to be the national ccTLD and .com.
The dominant species are sugar maple, birch and beech.
The dominant styles of Japanese professional wrestling were set in place by the two dominant promotions in Japan.
The dominant tree species is the ponderosa pine.
The dominant wind direction usually has the bigger force and speed.
The reason for this was the rise of Holland as the dominant part of the Netherlands and its language, Dutch, as the dominant language in judicial, administrative and religious affairs.
The relations and projects play a dominant role.
The tormenting humour which was dominant there stopped them both.
The untrained ear is not conscious of overtones and recognizes only the strong dominant fundamental.
These mutations can be inherited from one parent, autosomal dominant, or from both parents, autosomal dominant.
They are homozygous for the dominant "SB1" allele at the "Sabino 1" locus, which has been mapped to "KIT".
They would remain the dominant Test nation for the rest of the decade.
Thus the larger genera tend to become larger; and throughout nature the forms of life which are now dominant tend to become still more dominant by leaving many modified and dominant descendants.
Within his cultural research, Cosgrove differentiated between dominant cultures and alternative cultures.

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