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Vocabulary Word

Word: domicile

Definition: home; V. ADJ. domiciled: having one's domicile; Ex. He is domiciled in Britain.

Sentences Containing 'domicile'

After her death, Maillet married the poet Jenny Grimault Touzin, already too ill to be moved from her domicile.
After the peace treaty, they returned via Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Mainz, Braunschweig, Hanover to Hamburg which became the domicile of the troupe.
B. Domicile Rules : Telangana is regarded as a unit as far as recruitment to subordinate services is concerned; posts borne on the cadre of these services may be reserved for being filled up by persons who satisfy the domicile conditions as prescribed under the existing Hyderabad Mulki Rules.
Harsewinkel is also the home and domicile of Europe's leading combine harvester manufacturer CLAAS.
Many modern astrologers take little heed of essential dignities, with the exception of domicile rulerships (see article on ruling planets.)
Marshall also stated that, in the days after the story broke, Edwards provided Hunter and her baby with a new and secret domicile to prevent media reporters from finding her.
North Sami, Inari Sami and Skolt Sami are semi-official in the Sami Domicile Area.
The Domicile of the EFF was "Paul Kohner Talent Agencys" and president was Ernst Lubitsch, because he was the most famous European filmmaker in Hollywood.
The most important dignity was domicile rulership; slightly less important was exaltation.
They passed through the intervening streets as quickly as they might, ascended the staircase of the new domicile, were admitted by Jerry, and found Lucie weeping, alone.
To earlier astrologers, such as Ptolemy and Vettius Valens, domicile rulership, exaltation, triplicity rulership and bounds rulership were all of equal strength in influence.
When we had engaged this domicile, I bought some cold meat at an eating-house, and took my fellow-travellers home to tea; a proceeding, I regret to state, which did not meet with Mrs. Crupp's approval, but quite the contrary.

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